Bad Days are Going to End Soon – Part 2

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Days are passing like this every week swara sees from her window the same scenario and becomes sad and horrified..

Yug is continuously torturing her and she is not allowed to talk with her parents if she talks it is only in front of her parents.. and all the time she has been locked in the room..

But one day yug crossed all the limits he came drunk in swara‘s room and starts beating her and latter brutally raped her (guys I don’t think that it should be intimacy because it is not done with swara’s permission) swara’s become lifeless after that incident and always crying by remembering her parents..

One day the door of her room is not locked she goes outside and passing from a corridor when she hears yug talking with someone and becomes numb after hearing all that

Yug: Mr. sharma u know na how I destroyed the business of shekhar gadodia and again fix it by demanding his daughter’s hand.. his daughter is soo beautiful but that time she is only 17 years but now she going to be of 19yrs after 3 months but we have to wait for 1 yr more because there is a rule that girl should be of 20yrs for supplying the drugs in her (sorry guys its only my imagination)

Swara freezes after listening this and runs but yug sees her running and grabs her in the middle of corridor and takes her to her room and gave her a tight slap and starts beating her from belt.. swara’s starts shouting and begging to start.. yug stops and grabs her by her hair and said I told u na not to steps out from the room but u don’t listen to mee now you don’t get any food whole day..

After 2 months swara starts feeling dizzy and faints… a maid who takes food for swara tells about this to yug and he calls the doctor

Doctor said congratulation mr. yug ur wife is 1 month pregnant.

Yug become shocked after listening this but change his expressions and said thanks to the doctor..

After 1 hr swara gains conscious and sees that yug is sitting in front of her on a rocking chair and giving her a death glare..

He said how u became pregnant?? (gays yug is drunk that night that’s why he didn’t remember anything)

Swara becomes shocked after listening about her pregnancy and tears starts trolling from her eyes

Yug gets up and came near her and grabs her by her shoulder and pins her from the bed crown and said in a dangerous voice answer me damnit how u become pregnant??

Swara gets scared and told him about that nyt yug become numb but in the next second says that I don’t need that child we r going to abort him/her.

Swara shocked after hearing this and starts pleading please don’t do this to my child I didn’t say anything from the first day but please don’t do this she grabs his hand..
Yug jerk his hand and give her a tight slap and said don’t u dare to open your mouth in front of mee

And waisay bhi im going to supply you after your 2oth birthday so there is no need of this child..

Swara becomes shocked and freezes on her place after listening to her husband who is talking rubbish how easily she feels disgusted..
(I know guys swara has been raped but she somewhere in her heart she loves her husband and for a mother her child is everything)

Swara gains courage and stands and gives a tight slap to yug… before he could doo anything she gave him another slap and said u shameless creature u wild animal firstly u raped me after that u didn’t remember anything and then u r saying that u don’t need this child u know what u stoop soo much low and by saying this she spits on his face and pushed him yug who becomes shocked after seeing this side of swara become red due to anger and gave her a slap with full force that she fall down and her stomach hit with the table corner she start shouting due to immense pain and faints after sometime.. yug gave beat her with his boot and storms out from the room..
One maid calls the doctor.. doctor comes and said that her child is no more.

At night when swara wakes up she is feeling pain in her stomach the same maid who calls the doctor is sitting beside her and tells her about her miscarriage swara starts crying after listening this and hugs that maid tightly and after continuous sobbing swara sleep on the maid’s lap….

After that incident swara becomes more pale and lifeless she stays only her room and don’t talk with anybody only answer’s in yes or no..

Yug also didn’t came to meet her after that because he is bzy in his illegal business and spending nyts with other girls.. (Flashback ends )


Sanskar and his family become shocked and numb after hearing all this and shekhar and sumi were crying very badly after thinking about their daughter.

DP: but shekhar how do u come to know about all this?? Because yug don’t allows swara to meet you than how??

Shekhar: I told u na about maid who take care of our swara oneday she came to our house and gave us swara’s dairy (guys swara has an habbit of writing dairy)

Maid name is leelabai

Leelabai: saab this swara’s mam dairy I don’t have any time but plz read this dairy and plz saves your daughter before we can ask her anything she goes and when we read the dairy we become shocked and starts crying after reading all about our daughter’s miseries we were cursing ourselves for not being able to save our daughter pehlay bhii she saves us and our business and now also she is bearing all the torture because of us..

Shekhar: DP im cursing that day when we fulfill yug demands

Sanskar somewhere in his heart is feeling pain and sad after hearing all this but he kept quite

DP : after knowing all this did you not talk to yug??

Shekhar: DP we goes to his mansion and also begs him to leave our daughter we also threats him that if he didn’t leave our daughter we complains about him because we are having the proof that is swara’s dairy but he didn’t pay any attention and says do what u want to do I don’t care but im not snding your daughter.. Instead he beats swara with belt infront of us and we are unable to save her..

We goes to police station but the whole police is in his hand nobady listened to us and from last 5 months we didn’t hear any news about our daughter we even don’t knw that she is alive or not??

All become numb after hearing all this and becomes teary eyes..

So guys this is part 2 I hope you also like it too

What you think swara is alive or not?? If alive than how sanskar be able to save her?? What he is going to do?? Next part may be the last part… thankuu alll


  1. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    Ya I agree with rabia… is the dirty truth of our society…… glad that u have write smthng which many people don’t know….. awesome plz update soon

  2. Rabia



    Guys telly updates are not posting my ff from last 2 days i submitted 2 times my ff but no response if they didnt post then im not going to write or post any further ????

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