Bad Days are Going to End Soon – Part 1

Salam guys Rabia here this is my new concept I hope u all like it..


Swara gadodia age 20 a cute, naughty and bubbly chirpy girl but from last 2 years lost her all charm.. Married to yug Agarwal due to business problems her father faced and yug Agarwal gave him a proposal for helping in the business but in return he demanded for swara’s hand for him.

Shekhar Gadodia: businessman loves his daughter a lot but now helpless because when he gave hand of her daughter to yug he thought him as a well-mannered and kind hearted man but its all fake.

Sumi Gadodia: wife of shekhar and mother of swara.. a house wife

Dugra Prasad Meheshwari : A big businessman and best frnd of shekhar but stays in London from last 15 years

Sanskar Meheshwari : Age 27 son of DP he is also a business man like his father a very kind hearted and well-mannered man

Annupurna Meheswari : wife of dp and mother of sanksar she also a house wife

Yug Agarwal : age 29 a ruthless man and a business man but actually a drug dealer and running a business of human trafficking husband of swara
Story starts from:

One day shekhar receives a call and becomes happy
Sumi who is seeing all this asks him what happened??
Shekhar my frnd dp is coming back to india after 15 yrs he is shifting permanently
Sumi also becomes happy and said when they are coming??

Shekhar: tomorrow evening and they are going to stay in our house for 1 week so let’s start preparation for their welcome..
Sumi nodes and goes

Next day evening the doorbell rings and shekhar opens the door and becomes happy after seeing his frnd and hugs him tightly and said DP how r u my frnd u know I missed u soo much.

DP hugs him back and said shekhar im fine how r u I also missed u soo much and breaks the hug and says meet my family my wife and my son sanskar
Shekhar greets annupurna and hugs sanskar

They all go inside the house where sumi greets them all and blesses sanskar

After half an hr all the people are at dining table and eating dinner sudeenly dp asks shekhar where is your daughter swara I didn’t see her
Shekhar and sumi who listened this becomes sad and their eyes become teary..

DP who is waiting for the answer become shocked and ask in a tensed voice shekhar why are u crying what happened?? Annu and sanskar also become tensed after seeing the scenario..

Shekhar hug dp very tighly and start sobbing loudly sumi also starts crying and annu is consoling her and sanskar is looking to all with a confused look

Shekhar said while sobbing that im a very bad father dp I didn’t do anything to save my daughter from that animal.. he is not her husband but only a wild animal.

DP & AP become shocked after hearing about swara’s marriage because in their heart they want sanskar and swara’s marriage.. Sanskar also knows about their parents wish and he also have no problem regarding this soo he also becomes sad after listening this..

DP consoles shekhar and said tell me completely what happened to swara and where is she??
Shekhar starts telling him it starts 3 yrs before when my swara is only 17 yrs old and she in 2nd yr of her clg..

Flashback starts:
Shekhar was working on a very big project and it is very imp for his company and yug Agarwal is his business partner and very friendly with shekhar and aslo knows about shekhar’s family and comes at shekhar’s home several times and also very friendly with swara..
On the final submission of the project suddenly the day before submission at night shekhar’s office catch fire and all the imp documents related to that project destroyed.. and shekhar’s company is at the stake of bank corruptcy
Shekhar is very dishearted one day after the incident yug comes to shekhar’s home and said that uncle u r like my father I wanted to help you..
Sehkha: per beta how can I?? no this is not right
Yug : actually uncle I wanted to say u something.. uncle I like swara very much I know she is too young and there is 9 yrs age diff. between us but I want to marry her plz uncle accept my proposal in this way I can easily help u in your business..
Shekhar first stunned on his this demand than said yug beta I know u from past 5 five yrs u r very good and nice man but for this marriage proposal first I want to discuss with sumii.
Yug: u take your time I have no objection by saying this he leaves..
Shekhar discuss with sumi and swara firstly swra denies but after seeing her parents condition she accepts but she put 1 condition that she wants to completes her studies
Shekharf contacts yug and says yes to him and also tells him about swara’s wish
Yug happily accepts all demands of swara..
After 1 week they both got married and shekhar also get saves from bank corrutpcy
The 1 year of swara’s marriage passed happily yug and swara becomes best frnd but they didn’t intimate because yugs want to give complete space to swara and also to completes her study..
Every night yug gave her milk to drink by saying this that u r studing that why u should be strong and active..
One night yug gave milk to swara and said drink this and goes out by saying this that he have an important video conference..
Swara who is studing forgot to drink the milk and when she is going to drink milk the glass fell down from her hand (actually guys she don’t like milk)
She immediately cleans the floor and goes to sleep after 1 hr yug came back and sees that swara is sleeping and he closed the door and goes out..
At midnight swara wakes up due to some noises coming from the backside of the mansion because her room’s one window is situated with the back side..
She gets up and goes to the window the scenario which she saw freezes her on its place
There is a setup in the backside of mansion and many girls were tied up with ropes and standing in the middle of the ground and many people all are men were sitting around them..
The thing which shocked her more is her husband yug who is standing with the girls and having mike in his hand and bidding..
This is not the only shock but the other shock is that the one who choose any girl after giving the required price is giving a capsule to the girls to swallow and that capsule is containing drugs in it..
Swara who becomes numb after seeing the scenario by mistake broke one flowerpot due to sudden voice yug sees towards the direction and shocked to see swara standing..
After seeing yug swara runs inside the room and lock the door from inside and hides herself behind the bed..
Few minutes later the door knocked swara becomes scared and close her mouth with her both hands..
After few minutes later the door broke and yug came inside and call swara but no answer he starts searching her and then he sees her behind the bed he goes there and grabs her by her hairs and starts laughing eviling..
Yug: oo my sweet heart sooo you came to know about my real face not badd but how do you got to know I always gave u sleeping pills in the milk..

Swara becomes shocked after listening this..

Yug grabs her hair more tightly and asked in a dangerous tone how do u awake?? Answer mee
Swara: umm..wohh.. ac…… the glass fell down from my…why
She replied with great difficulty between sobbing..

Yug jerks her badly and she fell down

Yug sat on the bed and said to her now u got to know about my real face so from tomorrow u r not going to your clg.. and don’t u dare to tell about this to your parents because the moment u open your mouth the next moment your father business finished like before.. got it he says this by grabing her from her hairs and jerks her again and storms out from the room after taking her mobile and cutting the wire of landline..

To be continued…
Next will be posted by today’s night or tomorrow morning..


  1. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    ????I was going to write a story with similar characters but … I think I should not…… u r awesome …Rabia????

    • Rabia



      sorry for that but dont think that i stole your idea 😉 n thankuu
      actually today i got this idea and wrote it but my story is only of 2 episodes if you want to write you can i’ve no problem 🙂

  2. navi

    Its superb…
    i hv doubt sorry.. r u rabi who i who wrote ff..
    if not sorry.. bt ur ss is good

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