The bad boy’s nerd-intro


Hey friends since I was bored writing my previous ff ( the president daughter fell in love) I have written a new one .pls read it and comment on it .

He’s a bad boy ( kunj )
She’s a nerd ( twinkle )
They were best friends . What happens when he needs a tutor and she’s the only hope ? What can simple study sessions do ?

Episode 1
Twinkles pov

Life has changed a lot in these 3 years , from a simple to a complicated life . In theses 3 years I have gained a lot of popularity not because my looks but because of me being a bookworm whom people address as a nerd . I am not bothered until my good grades and my best friend is with me , kunj . He is the only friend of mine I have made in theses 3 years . We study in the same class though he has a lot of fan following especially girls but I am not less even I have fan following but they are only teachers , they love me because I score good grades . They are the only people who appreciate me for my good results. We were j. The high school so we had a school council . I was obviously not a part of it but kunj was however I was s mentor , these are students who are good in studies and can help other students who scored bad in a particular test . Mentors were always elected by the teachers that’s the reason I was selected to be one . For this week I had got kunj as my student . It’s surprising to me that how I became friends with such a person . My mom always said have friends who are smart and score good marks however kunj didn’t even stand one quality from her list this I never told her that kunj was my best friend .

“Hey twinkle where are you lost ” said kunj shaking my shoulder with his hand which had a golden color watch

” no where ” I said coming back into senses

” shall we begin the session ” I said in an energetic tone

” yes ” he said in a bored tone

We were at the library at the corner . I was continuously staring at kunj’s notebook checking his answers and explaining him where he went wrong . This lasted for
Nearly 3 hours , it was 6 now . We went down and sat In the car which was driven my kunj till our houses . We acutely stayed in the hoses opposite to each other . They were quite big and lavish .
To be continued……
Precap : twinj romantic scene

Credit to: Tammana

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