The bad boy’s nerd- episode 2


Hi guys I am back with the episode 2 . Thanks for commenting sorry could not revert back any. Pls keep commenting like this only

Episode 2
” Today is Friday the last day of the weekday that means the last day of school . Many people wait for this day but for me it was just another day as I didn’t matter to me much because has usually I prefer studying unlike those who spent these two days , Saturday and Sunday . Like their life’s last days . Shopping , watching movies , going to adventure parks is what they do . ” I said to myself with one hand I my chin holding with lovely and my eyes on the watch , checking the time . ” where is kunj ?” I questioned to myself . The answer was obvious , he must be busy with his girlfriend but the point is which one . I know kunj changes girlfriends like clothes but that’s not done . Every time I ask him not to do this , his answer could be straight and simple ” I don’t love anyone because all of them are so greedy hey only want my property .”

” I twinkle ” said kunj waving his hand and walking towards me and interrupting my thought process. ” you are late , you are 50 mins 2 seconds late ” I said with an angry tone
” sorry actually I had to met the principle he had some work for me .” Said said in a soft tone “ok , now let’s start .” We sat down on the chair and started with are session . There were only 20 mins more for the session to get over just then I heard someone scream ” aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….. Li….li…Zard ……LIZARD . At once both me and kunj stood on the table and held each other tightly . He had his one hand on by back and other on my waist . My hands were on his chest clutching his white shirt tightly . Everyone had gathered around because of the scream we made which I think could me heard till the roads which were kilometers away . We left each other and got down from the chair and explained everyone the incident. ” hey u nerd be away from my boyfriend ” said Ashely I an angry tone . ” I cheap person want to snatch my boyfriend, my kunj from me . She said not allowing to explain myself . Just then she held her hand high up to slap me and I closed my eyes and clutched my red top tightly .

To my surprise I didn’t get slapped and when I opened my eyes and to my surprise I saw kunj who held her hand tight preventing me to get slapped and he was yelling at her ” how dare you try to slap my Best Friend ” he said emphasizing the word BEST FRIEND. ” I are yelling at me for this nerd and you call her your best friend. You what i dump you .” She said with an irritated tone . ” excuse me before you dump me I dump you make up ki dukan .” He said clutching my hand and dragged me out of the library towards his car . I had a smile on my face for his today’s caring behavior .

Precap : the taste of freedom

Hi guys I hope you are not getting bored with this story if you want I will change the the story line .

Credit to: Tammana

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  1. Wowwwwwwwww……………
    ur ff is fab ….too good… loved it…taste of freedom seems to be confusing as if in what context it is used …..might been the last day of skool… or something other….waiting to get my ques answered through ur next episode…

    1. Taste of freedom basically means that twinkle will do something she has never done earlier. Since she is a nerd , she does
      Not do anything to enjoy her life so the next episode I will write will be on how twinkle is enjoying her life

      1. ohhhhhh so this is the precap it sounds more than interesting soooo plz update as soon as possible

  2. its so so so so so soooooooo good
    loved to see this side of Kunj and the line “make up ki dukaan” was so hilarious
    plzzzzzz keep updating fast

  3. amazing tammana

  4. nice . but wont u upload ur another ff ?

    1. Will surely post the other ff by tomorrow

  5. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    amazing…loved it…

  6. It was amazing..

  7. Osmmmmmmmm loved it so much do cont soon

  8. Tamanna really fabulous….Precap too good
    Ctd asap dear…luved it

  9. Awsmm buddy

  10. amazing

  11. this was amazing
    but please post of president’s daughter aldo

  12. fantastico!!!
    post next epi of your both ff’s asap

  13. Nice update

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