When A Bad Boy Fell For An Innocent Girl ~ Episode – 4 (Happy B’day Ramya)


Heyyy guyzzz so I’m back again….
Well I’m very happy with your responses…..
Thank you sooo sooo much yrrrrr……
And now…!!!!!
Happy b’day to u……..
Happy b’day to u……
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Happy b’day dear Ramyaaaa…..!!!!!!!!!

Wish u a very very Happy B’day my darlo….. love u sooooo sooo much dear……
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So now lets begin episode 4

Link for Episode 3 – Click Here

Precap – twinkle left from the party, dropped chinki,then her car was punctured , some drunk men came , tried to touch twinkle , kunj came and rescued her and now both are in car

Episode 4

He was driving the car…
“ so now are you planning to come to my house “ ( sarcastically )
“ no no…. I would i…” ( confused )
“ then when will you tell me where’s your house idiot ( in a loud voice )
“ why are you always angry and shouting “ ( innocently )
“ because I’m not a good boy.. I’m a bad boy…. Ok … now happy?? “ ( irritated )
“ ya just stop here only “
“ why you like on roads “
“ please, I’ll go myself… thanks…”
“ no need tell me where’s your house “
“ please try to understand … I’ll go from here “
“ ohhh….. I got it… but don’t worry , no one will judge you at this hour everyone is sleeping and I guess I’m better than those guys, so tell me where’s it “
Twinkle smiles a bit but then tells him the direction….. he drops her… she comes out… he was leaving but then she knocked the window…. He opened it…
“ ya what “
“ a smile “
“ what “
“ umm… I meant thanks for sav…….”
“ ya ya “
And without listening to her he turned the car and went……
“ I just can’t understand him…. is he having a serious mood swing problem , sometimes I think he’s good and at the other time he’s just the opposite , sometimes caring and sometimes so angry….. well I hope his wounds get healed soon…. “
And then she opens the door with the house keys that was there with her…and directly wnet to her room…..
She just lied on the bed and was thinking about what happened today….

“ uhhh it was a very dreadful night… but thanks to him….. I mean kunj .. today if he wasn’t there then I wouldn’t have been here…. God knows what would happen with me….”
“ ahhhh but wait wait….. he left from there when I said no… then how did he returned… was he waiting for me ??? but why would he…?? It doesn’t looks like he can wait for anybody … but .. you cant predict about him…. he’s very unpredictable….. it can be that he was waiting for me… because today I saw different variations of him…. but deep in my heart I believe that this bad boy is not bad from heart….

Umm…. May be something bad has happened with him…. but what ???…… and she keeps staring at the ceiling and after some time she doses off…
Scene shifts…

Kunj opened the door of his house…
It was all dark ,he was going upstairs to his room…
And then he heard someone
“Kunj “
He turned and the person switched the lights on..

And it was usha…..
“ Kunj you…..( then notices the blood that was coming from his mouth and his bleeding arms and legs…
“ kunj how did this happened “
“ why wanna know that….”
“ kunj , it’s enough… just come with me..”
She held his hand to apply ointment but he jerked it…
“ yrrr please haan… stop your drama… please don’t act infront of me that you love me soo much… that you didn’t sleep waiting for me and now you are tensed seeing me like this…..”
Usha was very hurt listening to this… tears filled in her eyes…
“ kunj I ….. i… I really love u son… I care for you…”
“ ohh please , where was your care when I needed it the ost… you were already just busy in your f**k*ng business and never had time for me …. Do you know what I want ??? do you even know whats my favorite food, my hobbies….. tell me….
Ahhhhh wowww…. ( he clapped ). how will you know …… you don’t know anything… even our cook and driver knows more about me than you… ( said sarcastically)
Are you listening Mrs Usha Sarna….. the Business Woman of the Year….. ( he shouted )…..”
And then angrily left…..

So here the episode ends…. Hope you all liked it….
And as suggested by my s*xo ……
I have given the precap and I’ll post the next episode on 21 or 22 ….
Ok soo bye bye dear…..
Love you all ….
And ya question for today….
Your age…???
I’m of 13 ……

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  1. Presha

    Loved it

    Too good
    Post soon
    Love u
    I m 16

  2. Hey
    Loved the epi
    Post soon dear
    N i m 14

  3. Fab episode… ☺️

  4. fabulous but post little longer next time
    keep writing
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  5. Fenil

    Khotu nahi kev but chappy was simply amaxing.
    Love twinkle ‘s pov.
    Kunj words to Usha liked it.
    Can’t wait for next.
    Where is precap.?
    Age :1996 around 22:P:P:D

  6. Ramya

    Thank you so much yashu
    So sooo sooo much
    Can’t thank enough
    Love you alot
    I’m so happy
    You made my dear
    You are best
    Love you
    Episode was awesome Amazing so lovely
    Just so amazing superb
    Love you sooo much keep smiling

  7. Twinj2000

    Hey very nice episode ?
    Kunj dual nature ?He has a beautiful heart which he is trying to hide
    N Iam 17
    Post soon

  8. Nishuu

    Awesome episode my dear
    Loved it

  9. Shalini15

    Awesome amazing fabulous superb episode Yashu. Kunj is confusing for himself ?????? loved it.
    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Nd my age…………….. bata dun??????
    23 in October

  10. I loved it and i am 17

  11. Awesome episode yashu
    I m 21
    Post soon dear
    Luv u

  12. Rochika

    Hey yashu!!!! What a stupendous epi dear….
    Just fab….
    Oh god yrrr why kunj is a bad boy….
    Yahi soch ke dimaag kharab ho rha hai.
    But the epi was tooooo goood yrr….
    Eagerly waiting for nxt….
    Love u!!!

  13. Ayesha51

    awsm yashu
    amzng fab marvellous
    plz post asap
    love u sooo much ♡♡♡

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    Nice episode
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    Nyc episode….
    Luv u dear….
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  17. Baby

    hayeee baby tune mela name srsly mene kya suggest kia yrr tu toh hai hi bst u knw dat naa yrr ♥ love u sooooooooo mch sissy ♥
    awwieee yrr m jst soo happy n dis episode was soo touching soo cute soo emotional ♥
    kuch kuch samajh aa rha hai ♥
    hmmm loved it ♥
    osm ♥
    love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mch umm infinity ♥♥♥♥♥

    sriieeeee yrr mein late thi 🙁
    and my age u knw dat ryt m 16 n gonna b 17 on this 8th woohooo 😛
    I dont beilieve dat me n dat too 17 hahhaa

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