Bad Blood (A Var-Hell FanFic) TWO (By Bisha)



Lorenzo was walking with the lady beside him through the lawn. She had told him that she was going to show him the way to his cottage. He was overly mesmerized by the enormous palatial house in front of him. He had directly flown to Darjeeling from London to complete his goals. He admired the petite Indian beauty walking beside her. Her chocolate brown intense pupils could penetrate deep into anyone’s heart. Whenever she looked at him, he felt she had caught him off guard; she had got to know what was hidden under his sleeves. Christie had an inherited aura of elegance around her, making her like the distant untouchable star of the sky. Yet when she spoke, she could directly enter anyone’s heart with her enchanting words.
‘Darn the enchantment!’ Lorenzo scolded himself. He was not going to fall for any rich wheat-coloured beauty during his stay here. He was to complete his works and leave this country as soon as possible. Hence, he gave up the thoughts about Christie and resumed walking straight with her.

They reached the backyard of the house. There were three separate wooden shacks there. He supposed all those were for the tenants. Each shack was of the rotten wood colour with white pillars to add to the contrast. The front veranda of the shack was decorated with three potted plants on either side. Pansies, forget-me-nots, and little periwinkles adorned the mud pots. As he reached the porch, he saw that bright coloured orchids swirled themselves on the railings of the porch from the earth beneath.

{Link to the picture of the cottage:×315/66/28/3c/66283c7ee8b84a87ffc34e40051ec7fa.jpg

[I hope this will give you an insight to the cottage]}

For the first time in this whole time, Christie spoke,” So, this is your shack. For the next few months, I hope this shack will give you quite at home feeling. I made this shack ready especially for you, as you are my special guest, directly from London.” She chuckled looking at him. He too joined her.

After their chuckling ceased, he said dreamily,” Oh no ma’am! I will make myself at home with whatever place I get to set my body in. and you gave a luxurious cottage like shack. That’s over expectation for me.” He truly admired the serenity of the vibe.

Christie took out the key from her hand and unlocked the wooden door. Lorenzo noticed that a stuffed dear’s head embellished the top vacant place of the door. These shacks were much younger than the enormous old building.

However, Christie’s chirpy voice broke his haze,” Hello! Come in please. Oh and yes, I forget to say you something. See, don’t call me that ma’am. I am very well of your age. It is a bit too formal for our cordiality. So please, call me Christie, okay?” Lorenzo smiled and nodded his head in positive. He entered the shack and was surprised by the simple yet beautiful interiors. It was vintage styled, but had its own charms. His eyes widened as he inspected the surroundings. The whole shack smelt a strong scent of some room-freshener. He closed his eyes, filled his lungs with the strong lavender scent and then opened his eyes again.

“So, this is the living-cum-dining room,” Christie extended her hand around the place they were standing. There was a passage that led to the back door directly. On the right side of them, on the empty space, was the small living-cum-dining place. On the eastern wall, a LED television set occupied an enormous space, considering its huge size. A small coffee-table faced it. A large old-fashioned beige coloured sofa sat facing the television. Two other same coloured sofas were placed at the smaller lengths of the rectangular table. A grey coloured remote was placed on the glass top beside an ashtray.
On his left side, there was the kitchen space. The oven top occupied the central space. On all the other three sides were stoned tops mounted to the walls. They contained the cutleries, the utensils, other kitchen appliances; the cabinets were mounted on the top of the walls, a silver coloured refrigerator was placed on the northern side. In short, that was the kitchen. The whole house looked splendidly mystical with yellow bulbs emitting the light required. The windows were pulled off now, probably waited for him to remove the curtains and open them.
Christie told him,” I hope you have finished viewing this space. Let me show your bedroom now.”

Lorenzo scratched the back of his head and smiled,” Why not?” and he followed Christie again. They walked through the corridor to reach the bedroom. Christie pointed to her right and said,” This is the king size bathroom, I mean a big one. Inside you will find all the amenities you require. And this, at our front,” she pointed to a closed door in front of them and said after the pause,” is the first bedroom. This one is yours.” She took out a bunch of golden keys now and opened the lock.

Lorenzo gaped at the beautiful room in front of him. He looked at the yellowish interiors. A king sized bed was shoved to the eastern wall, above which a big window was there. Eastern windows were common in Darjeeling, thanks to the chilling winter and the yearlong cold which prevailed at this part of the place. However, the fireplace was here, at a corner facing the headboard of the bed. Beside it was a wall-mounted large closet, all brown coloured. His eyes glistened as he looked around the place.

Christie turned towards him now. He too looked at her. His icy cold eyes were locked with her chocolate ones. He felt the penetrating rays would break the ‘icy’ word from his icy blue eyes. He averted his gaze quickly, but not before glancing at the petite s*xy figure in front of him, top to bottom. She said,” Here, take your keys,” and she handed him the keys. He shivered a bit when her cold hand brushed his. Noticing that Christie quickly said with a tinge of embarrassment in her tone,” Oh! I forgot to switch on the heater. I hope you won’t need the fireplace unless the cold increases in the night. As for now, heaters are enough.” She switched on a white switch on the board. Gradually, cosy warm radiances calmed his cold body. Then she spoke again,” Well, make yourself comfortable here. You can see the other rooms later on.”

Lorenzo spoke now,” Well, I first want to have a siesta before I do anything else. Thank you so much for sending in my luggage.”

Christie smiled,” My pleasure. Well, I am leaving now. Our manager will come in the evening and take you to my home. There you can start your work.” She didn’t wait for anything else and turned back. Lorenzo stood rooted to his place till the light bang of the door shutting entered his ears and he fell flat on the bed. It was a long journey for him from London to Darjeeling. He had to break it in two parts— one from London to Kolkata, and then next one from Kolkata to Darjeeling. Then the hired car took him to this house amidst the valley of the snowy hills. The room heater was warming his body and soul. He felt himself drowning in the warmth. Then he remembered what Christie said just then. He smirked at the word ‘word’.

‘Work, yes, I have surely come here for my work, beautiful. Know what, I thought I would just play the game smoothly and vanish. But you yourself made me change the plan now. I added a new strategy to it. How can I not devour your beauty when this will augment the fun in this whole game?’ Lorenzo thought with a smirk. He licked his lips once, thinking about Christie, which had made his hairs stand at their ends. He closed his eyes thinking about the upcoming programs and obviously the ‘dirty fun.’



So this is the third chapter. Lorenzo shared his viewpoint with us all. So what do you think about him? I very well know you have guessed something. But the game plan is different from anything else, as far as I can guarantee. I still don’t know the end. It may be a tragedy as I love tragedies. No, the MC s may not die, but definitely I have planned something different in this story.
I f you liked the chapter, please vote for it, leave a comment to share your views. I would be pleased if you point out my faults, so that I can get a better writing for you.

Till then, bye!

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    1. Bisha

      Aww! So sweet! Thank you beta.

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      Till now it’s juz the intro going on. You can very well read the missing ones by clicking the link given. Only 3 chapters are posted. So i hope you will be able to cope up.

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