Backbenchers (Part 3)


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The hall was filled with students ,science,commerce,arts every branch students were present ,they took their respective seats
and started chit chatting.
principal came up the stage,but all continued chatting.

principal: Attention
All students became silent,
swaragini,meera, radha sat side by side, nd the boys sat behind the girls.
swara: ragu is she the principal
ragini: yes ,Mrs.Ishita Bhalla
Meera: u mean adis mom
radha: ovio
all three girls looked at her
radha: i mean she told before only na?
trio: hmmmmm

Lucky: adi u know what mam wants to tell
adi: how come i know
sanky: u r useless.
arman: dont talk, u guys know how she insults.

principal: I am going to give u guys a good news .
so the news is, this year again we are going to keep the welcome party in school,
principal; silence, the arrangements will be done by arjun sir, and he had chosen 4 students who will help him, he will give u the details

As every year we have gifts for student who got above 90s, newcomers sry we will gift u later.ok
so happy
as she left the mike the students started howling, all were excited about the party.
Arjun sir: The four students who are helping in organisation are Miss.Ragini Rathor, Mr.Laksh Dewan and Miss swara Gadodia, Mr. Sanskar Mehswari. It will be a theme party and u will get ur pairs soon,ya we will tell who are the pairs.

students: nooooooo sir plzzzzz
arjun: sry ,cant help,
now go to class, nd the organisation team, meet me at drama room,

girls gang was standing outside
swara: how can i be a member ?i am new here
ragini: chill swara fr welcome party organisation they always keep a new student, so that new comers dnt feel ignored.come lets go or else sir will kill us,Meera Radha catch u later.
Meera, Radha left
swara: hey where is the drama room
ragini: shhhhh come with me,u ask too many question
They reach to find sanlak waiting ,
swara: why r u standing outside?
lucky: sir didnt come yet

Then they stood in silence ,looking everywhere except each other.
when sir came
Arjun sir: sry guys i am late
lucky:its ok sir.
they enter it was a huge room,
they took chairs form a circle and sat
Arjun: so first we will select theme, its ur party, so u guys decide the theme, make 2or 3 themes from them i will finalize any one.I have class i will go fr it, when i come back u give the selected themes.
students: ok
arjun sir: nd swara be comfortable to give ur views ok
swara: ok

sir went there was silence for 10 mins , all were staring here and there ,ragini couldnt take it anymore
ragini: so tell me what u guys thought?
sanky: are we supposed to think?
ragini: or else what r we going to say to sir.
lucky: u have any idea
swara: we can make it a Cinderella theme
ragini: swara dnt u think that too childish
swara:ok, but what did u think
sanky: what about Halloween party
swara: good idea
ragini: no ways i want to look pretty.
lucky: seriously
ragini: lucky stop commenting do u have a good idea
lucky: why dont we dress like characters of game of thrones
ragini: excuse me how do they look
sanky: thats a good idea
swara: but i never saw them
sanlak: really, then forget it
ragini: how about we do the red carpet theme
swara: amazing
sanky: that would be so normal
ragini: so u want an abnormal party.?
lucky: i have a idea
ragini: proceed
laksh:since we boys want a bit new look , nd u girls need to look pretty,why dnt we keep the themes opposites. i mean girls will be polished while we will be with our madness.what say?
ragini: u know what…….u r a genius
sanky: its an epic idea
swara: keep it up bro.
And all were happy with the decision , then they continued chatting.
ragini: u guys know why the welcome party was stooped in between
sanky: i dnt know totally but a student name sahil bose did something
laksh: even he was suspended and not allowed to give boards.
ragini: we use to read in class 4 at that time right.u know swara, lucky joined in class 7, in primary sanky was so fat and cute then
whole class use to call him motto remember
lucky: really
sanky: ragini stop it
rag lak were about ti hi fi but stopped in middle.
sanky: nd ragini used to cry so loudly.
ragini: what the….?
swara: u guys were good friends
sanky:more than friends
lucky: u didnt tell me before
ragini: things change, nd when u entered in class 7 we were already separated by then
Just than bell rang ,sir came in,they told what they discussed
arjun sir: thats really a unique topic , but principal told me to do voting fr topic, so lets see what will happen in votes
arjun sir: go to each batch every section nd do the voting
He gave them glass boxes ,fr taking chits of voters

They divided the work among themselves,every batch has three section,so sanky will.go to sectionC, lucky to sectionB,and swaragini to sectionA( guys dnt think swara is getting less importance ,its her first day at school,so she need help)
they did first in arts,and then commerce, sanlak rag made the students understand and told them voting rules everything went peacefully.
When they were going to science section.
swara: ragu u have good administrative quality
ragini: thanks, nw u will show me urs
swara: but how
ragini: swara ,u r new ,nd u dnt know arts and commerce students,so i didnt force u,but 11A science is ur own class, now u have to handle it.
swara smiled.
swara: tanks fr giving me a chance to prove myself.
ragini: u deserve it dumbo? nd in friendship no sry no thank uā˜ŗ
Next was swara she proved herself, she was no less than ragini,they hi fied and went to drama room as the voting finished, they were exausted, then came sanlak.
Now the worst work was left,counting the vote, they began, the school bell rang,school was over , but they didnt stop, at last they finished,even arjun sir sat with them, they came out took thier bags rushed to the school gate.

precap- family time

Credit to: Natasha Roy

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    1. I know I hope they end up going out and it becomes a love triangle for a few episodes between Lakshya Ragini and Sanskaar. They should dance together lakshya and ragini in the party to dance ke legend. And to the amazing writer plz write longer episodes .

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    this epi was amazing….
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