Backbenchers (Part 2)


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bell rang…….
teacher: ragini plzz keep this copies in my desk
ragini : sure mam
she took the heap of copies and started walking, she could not carry them ,they were too heavy, with that she clashed with somebody,and all the copy fell on floor,
ragini: hey, r u blind
it was laksh, he said
laksh: i am sry i didnt see u.
and went
ragini: how rude he should have helped me.
then a dumb boy came near her
boy: can i help u?
she looked him frm top to down, and gave order
ragini: sure, take those copies to maya mams desk,
The boy was smiling like ,he got everything,nd started his work,
ragini: dumbo
laksh saw all this nd became angry,
laksh: ( yelled): what the hell do u think u r?
whole corridor became silent, they were shocked first time a boy was shouting on ragini.
ragini gave a “u r talking to me” look
laksh: yes respected head girl talking to u? what do think,boys r toys
ragini: if u can think girls to be fashion dolls ,than why cant we? she said it cooly,
laksh: u r disgusting
he went with rage, ragini looked at him leaving, she was insulted ,this was the first time any boy has shown her rage, she stared at him still he was lost in crowd, she felt angry but something else was also with that,she jerked her thought and said
ragini: angry young man

ragini reached the class, their maths teacher has already started the class,
ragini:may i come in sir?
Mr.sharma: where were u?
ragini: went to keep copy in maya mams desk
teacher: ok come in
she entered and laksh was giving her u r impossible look, she just ignored him,
laksh: this girl is such a lair
adi: whats up bro
laksh told them what happened before the class,he knew she went to washroom
sanky: lucky bro chill , forget her,
lucky: what about swara?
sanky: whose swara?
lucky: great, the one u r looking after every 5 mins
sanky: so she is swara
lucky: yes,i got her address fr u
sanky: thanks bro u r great?
they started solving sums, they were doing integration
teacher: Arman tell whats the next step
Arman was in his own world ,he came to senses ,he looked at board couldn’t understand anything, he saw the integration sign and
Arman: we have to integrate the sum.
all class laughed at it,especially Meera, arman got angry on her.
he sat down
arman: when they have to integrate only at the end, why dnt they do if before.
lucky: because they r not sharp like u
sanlakadi laghed looking at each other, arman made faces to them
arman: sanky whose the girl behind ragini
adi: Meera
all four looked at him with shock
adi: what i heard her sister call her?
sanky: who is her sister?
adi: radha the girl sitting next to her
lucky: radha…….aaaha,
adi: what
sanlakarman:something something
adi widened his eyes: nothing nothing.

Boys again start their sum, while arman look at meera doing sum and thought
arman:( thought): u will pay fr making fun of me.

classes went, it was tiffin time , all the boys of section B started coming to section A ,
swara: Meera come lets go to washroom
Meera: ok come radha
radha: no plzz
Meera: i cant leave u alone ragini: meera dnt u trust me i have a black belt.
Meera: ok, radha stay with her
ragini: u r lucky to have such a caring sister
radha: that i am

ragini was busy with some work ,she was standing near teachers table
some boys looked radha sensed her nervousness and went to bully her,
boy: oi whats ur name?
radha: r…aa….d…ha
boys: suits u r……aa….d…ha
her eyes became moist, she was about to cry,while seeing her condition the boys laughed
adi: guys plzz stop this ,or else i will tell to principal.
boy: ohhh….bhaag bhaah…..mai to dar gaya
adi(shout): i said leave
ragini was watching this fr long she couldnt take it anymore
ragini: get lost
boys: sry hoty, we wont
” thash”
yes the boy was slapped,his lips started bleeding
its was not ragini, nor adi, it was laksh,ragini was amazed once more
The boys got angry and started hitting laksh and he was fighting alone and ovio our baaghi was winning
ragini came in between, she caught laksh to stop him
ragini: stop it
she left him ,turned to the boys
ragini: leave , next time i will not stop him
laksh jerked his hand which ragini was holding and left
ragini(thinks): he is a bit weird
swara and meera were returning frm washroom when swara clashed with somebody
person: sry
swara: stay away, i know u boys do this intentionally
arman: whar the…?
sanskar was fuming ,whole scl feared him and this girl shouting at him
sanky: Miss Swara,do think ur self to be an angle that i will do it intentionally
swara stamps her foot in anger
Swara: oh hello even u dnt deserve an angel u get that
sanky: really……are u fortune teller….black cat
swara: chimpanzzeee
Meera: shut up guys ,forget it
arman: first u insult ,nd then we forget
Meera : excuse me good fr nothing,it was ur fault
arman: no yours
and this four started shouting all gathered at the corridor when ragini who was going to principals room saw them, she tried to stop them,but they kept on shouting.
ragini: (shout)STOP
they became quiet
ragini: go to hall ,bell already rang
four of them rushed to the hall.

precap: preparation of welcome party.

Credit to: Natasha Roy

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