Backbenchers (Part 1)


Hii this is Natasha roy to all those who have supported me, nd here’s mysg fr u all
Akshata- thank u so much dear
lisa-thanks nd its a teenage story,i would try to make it interesting.
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the story will be around this eight teenagers who will fight fr themselves,thier friends,against all odds, it will also show why teenagers take wrong way and what good friends can do ,what power of true friendship can do, first i will give simple nok- jhok but with time the real face of story will come Its 8:00 in morning ,but the park street road is filled with cars, no not ordinary ones,they were all from different brands. The school gate opened with thud.
It was then a cute girl stepped in, she was looking both pretty and hot, she smiled seeing the building
girls pov
get ready students of class 11A science ,swara godadia has come.
pov end
yes she was our swara, she started walking towards her class

some minutes later a Audi came in front of the school gate,
a pair of hot white legs came out of the car, a girl came out ,she came out ,saw around,took out her goggles and threw it to her guard, took her bag from him, and started walking
girls pov
11A science ,first time i will be in same class with richards(laksanadiarman’s group name) impressive, lets go ragini.
pov end

some time later,a car came in rush two girls came out but they were poles apart, one had short skirt ,while other wore long socks to
cover her legs,they are meera and radha
Meera: why did u were the socks
radha: i feel uncomfortable so
meera: urgh…..which class r we.
radha: 11A science
meera: lets go, tell me if someone tease u, i will smack their head
radha just smiled .

they entered the classroom,everybody started staring at them as they were new,Meera walked with attitude while radha in nervousness clashed with somebody
radha: s…o…r….r….y
girl: its ok, wait ,r u new here
a girl from back
girl: yes ,nd so is u
girl1: so friends, my name is swara
girl2: myself meera,nd my shy twin radha
swara: nice to meet u
meera: do u know r there any handsome boys or all are like those dumbo
pointing towards group of boys who were looking swara and meera
swara: even i am trying to find that out
meera saw a girl and called her
Meera: excuse me
girl: yes
swara: so u are
girl: kavya
swara: can u plzz tell us who will give us the identity cards
kavya: as u r new the head girl will bring it to u
just than someone entered, not only boys even the girls gaze fell on her
radha: di look at the size of her skirt
swara: that so cool, she manage to look this hot even in school uniform
Meera: i luv her skirt size, i will make mine short tomorrow
swara: my one is almost same to her isnt it
Meera: u look pretty
swara: nd u look cute
Meera: shes hot, we are cute and pretty,all have different qualities,

just than the girl come to them
girl: u guys are meera ,swara, radha
trio node in yes
girl: here’s ur ID cards
she smiled to them
girl: u need anything u can tell me
swara: so whats ur name?
girl: Ragini Rathor

Just than bell rang swara was alone as meera and radha sat side by side.she saw the place near ragini empty.
swara: ragu can i sit here
kavya: u r asking the wrong person ,she dnt let anyone sit near her
ragini stood up, “i dnt let cheaters sit near me”
ragini: swara u can seat.
swara: r u angry on her
ragini: beware of girls here,they are real b*t*hes, so i have less friends,but they all took commerce,u guys seem cool and good.
Meera and Radha are sitting behind swaragini
Meera: so friends
ragini: sure

The teacher entered the class, she was hot ,some boys at back whistles to tease her.she glares.

school gate was about to close when four bikes made there way in full speed, the boys took their bags and ran to the class.

the teacher was English teacher, she was about to start teaching when the class got disturbed by
” may i come in mam”
whole class concentration went there,while meera was so exited to see the boys that she banged her head with swara
swara: patience Meera
Ragini and radha laughed at it.
raginu looked at radha
ragini: hey i didnt see u,whats ur name
radha: raaddhhaa
ragini: dnt be scared,i am like meera to u, anyways u look so sweet.
radha smiled: thank u

teacher: come inside
all four boys came inside, adi came with his head down, arman came scratching his head, laksh entered with hands in pocket, while sanky came whistling .
teacher was irked by sanskar
teacher: Mr. sanskar Mehswari….will u stop whistling?
teacher: why r u guys late?
they looked at each other,
arman: mam u look so pretty in yellow saree
teacher: shut up
adi:keep quite
adi: sry mam ,plzzz forgive us ,we will not do it again.
teacher: ok fine, dnt be late again.

teacher :Ragini principal told he gave u a notice
ragini: yes mam
as soon as she got up, all three of them started talking about her, while adi tried to stop them,
sanky: so she is that hot head girl
arman: yes, she is it
sanky: lets try our luck
adi: ya she is a black belt
lucky: so what i am karate champion of the state. All call me baaghi .
sanky: nd me boxing
ragini looked at them ,they stopped,

Teacher read the notice.
All students are asked to come to hall after lunch.

The class starts ,
Meera: ragini u have boyfriend
ragini: nope
swara: dnt joke
ragini: i had, but later found them dumb, now i am single
swara: even i dated a dumb, he was just yak
Meera: i had crush but i didnt propose
Meera:he already had a girlfriend.
while the girls gossiped, radha was busy studying The boys took their places next to the girls, it was than sanskar saw swara, he was mesmerised ,lucky noticed it and started coughing, this made the girls turn to him, nd sanky came to his senses
lucky: itne concentration se con sa chapter ( swara )par raha tha bhai.
sanky: lagta hai nayi hai.
lucky: not bad ,haa
sanky : shut up, it just she is pretty
lucky: oh pretty, i see?
sanky: tu chup karega.
lucky: ok bio data nikal te hai,what say?
teacher: Mr. Laksh Dewan ,will u plz share with us the reason of ur excitement
laksh stood up
laksh: mam its a new chapter
sanky looked at him with shock,while laksh winked at him.?
teacher: ok which chapter
lucky: mam we dont know till now the name but we will know soon.
sanky was trying hard to control his laughter.
teacher: do u think me a fool,
laksh: oviously…………….not.
teacher : get out of the class right now
laksh: as ur wish.
and he went out happily, sanky started looking at swara.

Girls gang
Meera: who are these boys? they look cool
Ragini: their group name is richard, the one who went out is laksh dewan, ovio u know dewan family, his dad has a popular brand of hospitals all over the world,and his mom runs a huge number of reputed schools and colleges all over the world,he is the owner of this school even.
sanskars mom is a sweet lady, a housewife,and all know his dad is chief minister of Delhi.
next is adi ,his father runs a construction group of companies,his mom is the principal over here.
Armans dad have IT firm, but arman is rock star of our school
swara: interesting
Meera : tell us about ur family
ragini: there’s nothing so interesting
radha: tell about ur dad
ragini: Mr. Raghuvendr pratap Rathor, owner of Rathor group of companies, we design and launch cars all over the world,thats it, swara tell me abut urs
swara: my family is running the reputed NGO “uphar” foundation.
Meera: i am telling before u ask my dad deals with jewels and stones
ragini: cool,

precap-raglak, swasan ,meerarman fight,

Credit to: Natasha Roy

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