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Hi this is Natasha Roy wrtiter of swaragini : fight for my right ,many of u know me, a new story cooked up in my mind thought of sharing it with u ,here we go

Third persons pov
Presidency convent is one of the most reputed school of delhi ,here students get admission only if they have one of the two qualities
1. If their dad have enough notes to give donation.
2. by reading notes and cracking the entrance by getting scholarship
With all this facilities, students who had rich parents ruled the school, and the poor ones had to go by their orders.
Every batch had this same problem but the principal were least bothered about them.

Intro of characters
Boys Gang

Laksh Dewan: born with silver spoon, he is called prince in his school, pampered child of both of his patents. he call himself lucky.have a lavish lifestyle, only pain he has is that his parents are not able to give him time,due to the large business they handle.both his parents are in business.

sanskar Mehswari: everyone fears him,coz he is chief ministers son,best friend of lucky,he always fight with his dad but respects him,and knows what his dad does is for his own good. he is pampered by his mom.a carefree guy, friends call him sanky.

Aditya Bhalla:( yes aditya from yeh hai mohabattein) he is a shy guy,a guide for all his team, a good hearted person, he is brilliant in studies, he respects all, loves his friend. he is not in good terms with his mom but loves his dad.friends call him adi.

Arman Malik:(singer ) a rich guy ,he hates his father, his dad is very arrogant ,doesnt like studies,rock star of the college,wants to be a singer, his dad hate his passion.

They are buddies of school,can give and also take others life for each other.Adi is the topper of class, sanlak managed to get 90s with all their mischief .arman is a just pass

Harish and Avantika Dewan:laksh parents( u can imagine aditya dewans parents from pyar ka dard hai)
Ramprasad and sujata: mehswarei: sanskars parents.
Raman and Ishita Bhalla : Adityas parents.(same from yhm)
raj and sakshi Malik: armanns parents

Girls gang

Ragini Rathor: exact copy of her dad, arrogant, strict, every boys desire but all cant afford her, loves her dad,lives with him, her parents are divorce ,hates her mom, head girl of her school,loves to win.she is like a hippie.

swara gadodia: a sweet, cute ,bubbly girl, princess of her dad, and cudail fr mom, life of her parents, daughter of rich shekhar, they run a popular Ngo.

Meera Modi: (meera from sathiya)a stylish girl, she is full of attitude ,loves her twin sister, she wants to be a model.pamperd by her dad

Radha Modi: ( radha from sathiya): a traditional girl, loves her family and sister, pampered mostly by mom

Raghuvendra pratap and Tapsya Rathor: (from uttaran)parents of ragini

shekhar and sharmista gadodia: parents of swara
Aham modi and gopi modi: (from sathiya )parents of meera and radha.

Ragini is reading in the school only while swara, meera, radha will enter as new comers. expect meera all three are brilliant students, meera is an average student.

Its a story about teenage life ,love ,crush ,dosti, masti, tell me if u r intersted than only i will proceed.

Credit to: Natasha Roy

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