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hi this is anah ,
here full episode,

in London ,
Anika house,
Som:di , i get call from my university. principal told me write my rest of exams and take my certificates.. so i have to go..
just then Ranveer enters,
ran:Ani i also get call from India.
Ani:for what?
ran:i get call from crime branch .they request me for rejoining…
phone ringing..
all r see eachother …
ran:oh its.. my phone..
hello, really … that’s so great news… thank u.. Ani Mishra ji ka call ,they accept our deal.
Ani:so we r going India.
ish: what we r going India ?
Ani:don’t u get over excite . somu ,Ranveer and me only..
Som:but di ,certificate main mom sign karna hai
Ani:ok then mom also.. ishu and ansh stay here,
ish:no… very boring ..i can’t stay with ur tadibaaz beta… haan chali jaayegi meri..
Ani:ok .. ok.. dramebaaz..Ranveer sab ki ticket book kardho..

after 3 days ,
anika family land Mumbai ,
they r in our own thoughts,
anika:i just want finish work soon and return London
ish:i don’t know why iam felt uneasy ..
Som’s mom:i just want things get well soon..
Mishra come airport and pick up them
they reach hotel San plaza,
mis:ji Mrs randhawa ,this our hotel..u r doing arrangement here for reopening .. and u can stay here..
Ani:thank u.
he goes,
all r their respective room,
all r thing about our own incidents (guys i want clear Anika family confusion i one fb )
first part Ranveer thoughts,
higher officer:Mr randhawa ,one complaint file against u.so u r fired …
ran:but suddenly,who complaint against me?
Shiv :its me Mr Ranveer singh randhawa…
ran:yes aap ne accha nahi kiya Mr shivaay singh oberoi..we will meet right time.
he went angrily and met prinku
ran:happy tum aur Om ne mudse meri pehan jeenliya or shivaay meri job jeenliya ..
prinku:no Ranveer i accept my crime ,i am sorry i sure ,i will accept my crime in court..
ran:no benefits ,case closed,

u know what?she is one who see my parents and my sisterdeath and also culprit ,bcoz of the culprits she went mental alysum..i search her long yr after i met her that day u guys killed her in front of my eyes .. and i went orphan again
prinku:nooo … no Ranveer.. its done by mistake.. u r not orphan . u said u love me … right i am with u …
ran:no there is no love between them… i did lovedrama and it finish here…
prinku crying badly and said
prinku:how cheap r u.. u play with my feelings.. chi,u have no heart..thanks for saying truth
ran:yes i have no heart… leave..
she leaves,
Ranveer drunk  so much.and drive car faster suddenly he hit someone,he stop car and see her she is none other than anika,
he take her and rushes to hospital,
in hospital,
Ranveer take her in his arm,shout..
Dr:nurse take her operation theater,
after some time ,
ran:how is she ?
Nu:she is very danger condition,
also 7months pregnant bhi..
somuch blood out so she need blood urgently ,what’s ur blood group ?
ran:b -ve
Nu:patient blood group is same ,so give ur blood immediately,
ran:sorry… Iam drunk ….
Nu:what? Kaisa insaan aap… Drunk and drive is crime uper se accident ..
Dr:did u get blood .?…
Nu:no mam..
Dr:go and check blood doner numbers .. Quickly
Nu:yes mam
Ishana thoughts,
Ishana :Om u didn’t do is to me ,u should listen me one time..
She is crying … Her phone ringing..
Nu:miss ishana..
Ish:yes ..
Nu:mam i am from city hospital we want ur blood immediately for pregnant lady .. Plz …
Ish:ok iam coming..

Ishana went hospital,
Soumya thoughts,
Rudr and Soumya in car,
Som:plz Rudr i don’t want hear anything from u..
Rudy try to speak,
Som: stop the car Rudy..
He stop the car,
Sumo:Rudy hospital aagayi bye.
Rudy;bye Sumo ,
he leaves ,
Soumya enter hospital and sees her mom
Mom:somu u r come !..
Som:haan ,chale …
Mom:no Somu … Ek accident case attend karna hai u wait reception ,i will come,
Ishana part:
Ishana enter hospital,
Ishana: excuse me I’m blood doner..
Nu:yes operation theater jaao..
Ish:thank u
Ishana goes operation theater on the way she sees some guys and get doubt their work suddenly someone hit her head she went unconscious..
They are went that place,
Nurse come and wakeup ishana,ishana wakeup and goes to give blood..

Ranveer and ishana part:
Ranveer sees ishaana and get shock ,ishana run towards Ranveer and hug him
Ishu :bhaiya…
Ran:ishu u r alive..
Then Ranveer explain ishana..
And also ishana..
Nu:she is fine…if u want then she her kuch ter mein delivery hone wala hai..
Ishu and Ranveer goes inside ,
Ishana sees anika,who is unconscious,
Ran:chalo.we will wait outside,
They ahout to go anika hold Ishana hand and murmuring
Ani:don’t leave me chutki ..don’t leave me… plz…
ish and Ranveer get huge shock
ishana try to take her hand one locket fell from anika’s hand they identify the locket and get teary eyes…
ish: diiiiii…
Nu:plz go out side… Dr aagayi,
They leave and meet Soumya ,
Soumya shock see Ranveer,
(Ranveer is Soumya adopted bro and she thoughts he is dead )
Dr and Soumya mom enter o t without seeing them)
She is crying ….
Ran:don’t cry… Where is mom?
Somu tell everything and they are happy suddenly alarm bell rings…
Ran:what happened ?
Nu:bomb….bomb…. Run…
All r hell shocked
One nurse come out op tr
She have twins one baby here… Girl..
Every one shouts bomb
Dr get all patient out ,
Som’s mom come with anika stercture and sign Sumo come fast..
They all run….
But one nurse who hold girl baby go other way bcoz of confusion… Anika and other go another way ..
They went out just then bomb blast ,anika give birth another baby boy..
Every one thoughts girl baby dead in the bomb blast…
All r crying badly,
But no one know girl baby with shivaay ..
Fb ends,
All r crying badly….
Har kahani ko bhi ek end hoti hai.
Ansh come anika…
Anika see him and wipe her tears ,
Ansh:mom I’m getting bore.plz go out..
Som’mom:meri saath aao ..
They r went ,
In oberoi mansion ,
Anshi:paapa .. I want new tall …
Shiv:ok 2morrow…
Om enters
Om:ok done…
Come with me,
They leaves,
Sarah :Shivaay, card
Shiv:for why?
Sarah:we will paid yesterday for toy and this is store card just u go and get it
Shiv:okay chalo Om,
Sarah and anshi give hi-fi
Sarah :chalo
Sarah and anshi went out,
In tall store ,
ShivOm get the toy and come parking side suddenly one boy hit shivaay ,toy fell ground and broken …
Shivaay see him, he is ansh,
Om:oh god.. Sambhalke chalo…
Shiv:it’s okay ,u go..
Ansh throw some money and say
Ansh:i broke anythings i will pay for it
Shivom went speechless,
Sarah come san plaza with anshi
Sarah:so this is ur father buy for u..
Anshi:ooh!!! Nice…
Suddenly anika hit anshi and her coffee fell on anshi ,she get shock
Ani:nooo… I’m so sorry its mistake..
Suddenly anshi get one glass water throw on her and two more glass water.anika didn’t expected and anshi said
Anshi:usually any one give anything i will return with double interest …
And goes…
Sarah:so sorry behalf her
Ani:its ok..
Scene sifts pool side,oberoi mansion and anika room ,san plaza,
Shiomru,Sarah and anshi are pool side.anika family r anika room
Om:u know what Rudr ?
Om describe mall incident ,
Anika describe water incident to all,
Every one cups thier mouth
Ansh and anshi get angry,
Anshi :he insult my dad the great wall of shivaay singh oberoi
Ansh:how dare she insult my mom
Ansh&anshi:i didn’t spare her/him…
L a:hello listeners this is ur love angel …
Rudy hear fm and run on the road to reach radio station
Song play,
“Tum mile to milgaya yeh jahan
  Tum mile to Har pal hai naya
  Tum mile to sab se hai fasla…”
prinku slap Ranveer angrily……

Forgive me for grammatical mistakes ,plz comment ur thoughts .

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