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Let’s start ,
Oberoi mansion,
Episode start with Rudy …
Rudr room,
Rudr search something on his self and he find half piece of mangalsutr…
He think about soumya…
Fb starts,

Rudr talking with chappy (frnd) and he playing game on his phone..
Rudy:sumo want meet me ,i don’t know what she going to say ? U know?
Chappy : she is ur gf. If u don’t know what she going to say , how did i know?
He kept his phone on the table..
While he attend soumya call by mistake he is not aware of it..
Rudy:gf…. Sumo…. Meri…. r u mad?
Chappy: what r u saying ? Maybe she called u for propose her love…
Rudy: no way… This is the reason i will die… Us moti  se shaadi ….
Soumya hear their conversation and cut the call and crying badly.
Chappy : shacchi. U didn’t love her…  Right, She is moti.Who marry her.
Rudr get angry
Rudy: why ?. Just look at u. Sumo is better than u..
Chappy: so u love her right.

Rudr didn’t reply him and leaves  with full of confusion..
Rudy room,
Rudr comes,
Rudy: Sumo u called me so …
Som:sorry,i am distrub u..
Rudy:no.. Not like that .
Som:i am going nashik with my mom today night.
Rudy: Tum jaarahi ho aaj ? Why?
Som: mom retire from her job.. Today so we r going our home town.bye.
Rudy:did u forgot something ?
Som:i wish forgot every thing.
Rudr pull her close ,twist her hand back.

Rudy:what did u mean?
Som:Rudy it’s hurting .
Soumya push him and play her phone which Rudy conversation with Chappy …
Rudy stand dumbstruck..
Som:it’s hurting Rudr..
Rudy:Sumo plz…
Som:Rudy haath chodo..
Rudy see her hand. She tied mangalsutr in her hand..and show her,
Rudy:what is this Sumo?
Som:wo..wo..i like this … This is this cute..so i tied my hand…
Rudy:u like this mangalsutr or shaadi
Som:r u mad Rudr , shaadi… What shaadi?.. It’s has no meaning …
Rudy:on meaning ?  Then why did u wear ?
Rudr break mangalsutr and throw out..
He went teary eyed and also soumya .
Fb ends ,
Rudy: it has meaning Sumo and the meaning is love..i miss u Sumo..
Song plays
Main tere ishq main gumrah hua.
Tear flow his cheeks.

At mid night,
Shivaay stands heavy rain…
He remains his word,
Yeh baarish aasoon ko jupaa sakta hai haan ko nahi…
He think about Anika..
Suddenly his phone ringing ,
Anshi:pappa ,where r u ? I am waiting for u
Shiv :ok i will come…

In London ,
Anika house,
Anika enter her house,house fully decorated .

Ani:what’s going on ?
Som:celebration ?
Ani:for what ?
Ranveer:birth day…
Ani:whose ?
Soumya mom: u don’t know ?
Ani:oh sorry ansh birth day i forgot?
Ish:but why I’m felt u have another birth day boy and u think about him…
All:birthday boy ?
Ish:di why u didn’t accept ur feeling ?

Ani: i have no feeling …
Ran: u have no feeling , then why u still wearing mangalsutr ?
Som:keep fast on this day ?
Anika riminice Pinky words,
Fb starts,
Pinky : anika , kisibhi haan mein is mangalsutr ko utharnaa math e mere billu ki raksha kavach and kal billu ki janam din did u kept fast for his long life?
Anika:ji mom.
Fb ends…
Ani:i don’t want anyone life get risk bcoz of me and anyone mom face my situation …
She leave with tearfull eyes.
Scene sifted oberoi mansion ,
Shivaay:all r u guys ready ?
All r comes living room ,

Om:and every thing is ready …
Sakti: cake?
Sarah:cake also ready..
Sarah stand with two cakes
Shiv :two cakes ?
Sarah:i heard today anshi ke shaath kisi aur ko bhi birthday hai..
Shiv:not again…
Om:u will argue with us but how u argue with ur own daughter and he show the report. We know shivaay
Anshi:pappa today ur birthday so we celebrate urs also

He didn’t denies her daughter wish..
Dadi:anshi apni pappa zid ke saath maa ki zid ko bhi lekar aayigayi…
Every one celebrate birthday party.
After few months,
Shivaay on board meeting ,
Mishra :sir,malhotra industries face huge loss so they r going to sell hotel plaza…
Shiv:hotel plaza u mean san plaza.. This is one of the best 7star hotel in Mumbai city
Mishra:yes sir,
Shiv:then we will buy.

Mishra:but its hotel..
Shiv:so what ?
Mishra:this is going to be very new filed and we want some make over for hotel running…
Shiv:what u r trying to say?
Then Mishra explain shivaay ..
Shiv:ok . U will finalized randawaa’s deal ur self .
Mishra:okay sir.
Om and ishana in their places ,
Om:i misunderstood u ishana plz come back. Don’t give more punishment..
ishana:i don’t know Om life give something and take something..
when u leave me ,i got my own family whom i am search long yrs.. i got everything in my life but still i miss something…
Fb start ,
Om:ishu we meet cafe within 15minutes….

ish:ok I’m waiting ..
ishu waiting for Om at cafe,just then she see roop.. and stop her
ish:hello did we meet anywhere?
roop:no I’m new here..
ish:oh.. sorry .
she smile…
Om watch them from distance…
and ishana come to him..
Om:ishu i know her..
ish:no Om
ish:noo.. i don’t know her.

Om in angry tone,
Om:don’t dare to lie.. she is our big enemy and ur talking her with smile and u tell u don’t know her…
he go from there angrily .
Fb ends .
Song play..
Mujhe aazmaati hai teri kami
Meri har Kami ko hai tu laazmi
Junoon hai mera
Banoon mein tera qamil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushikil…
Om and ishu is in teary eyes

Precap :
Ran:Ani Mr Mishra accept my deal..
Ish:so we r going India.
Shivaay and Om get some toy for anshi and shivaay hit ansh one the way,
Toy broken…
Shiv:it’s okay u go..
Ansh throw some money and said,
Ansh:take it . Which thing i broke i will pay for it.
Om get shock with his attitude .

-sorry for grammatical mistakes
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