I am back with my zid (Epi-3)


hi guys how r u all ?
after 3 months,
oberoi mansion ,

Sarah:aunty plz take Aanshi hospital for 3rd month checkup. i have important work that’s why.

Pinky :no problem beta… tu jaavo…

Janvi : i am also come with u Pinky..

Pinky Pinky: ok jetaniji ….

scene sifts Shiaay room,
Shivaay on call,

Shiv:what the hell is doing ur agency ?
man:sir, we u trying to…

shivaay throw the phone angrily .

he think about Anika.

Fb start ,

Anika on call,

Ani: ok thank u and don’t tell

just then Shivaay enter..

she cut the phone suddenly ..

shiv : kiska phone? ..

Anika get nervously said,

Ani:no one ..haan..wrong call…ok i have to go…

she goes .. shivaay look her and think,

Shiv : ur hiding some thing from me and i will find myself.. oh no i want check Om .he is very sad bcoz of ishana .

Om room,
shivaay enter,

Om lying his bed unconscious,
Shivaay shout Ommm..

Shivaay sit besides Om and try to wakeup him…

Shiv: Om..wakeup …open ur eyes…Om

shivaay sees half glass of milk on the table..
shivaay thinks his conversation with doctor ..

Dr:i am sorry Mr Shivaay .Om take drugs ..

Shiv: impossible .. he said ,he didn’t take any drugs and see his hand don’t have any mark of injection … see

Dr:Mr Shivaay ,drugs taking not only by injection ,can take by Someother way like foods drinks.

Shivaay:no way .. these days he didn’t went out ..

Dr:maybe ,family members kisine give drugs and hi is unaware about it …

Shivaay:no .. Dr ..

Dr:ok i give him anti drugs medicine next time he take drugs he get unconscious for sometime so don’t panic but one more time he take it will be very dangerous .

Shiv :ok thank u dr .

Shivaay get out of his thoughts
he take the milk glass and send it lab for test ..

Om gain conscious..

Om: Shivaay … what happened ?

Shiv: nothing Om,i have meeting so see u later

shivaay come downstairs ,
in hall ,shivaay watching Anika. she speaking phone with someone…

Ani:really … thank u so much..

Anika in her mind,
i wanna give very special aniversery gift for u billuji just wait for some time.
suddenly she get one call,

Ani:ji haan… powder… dhoodh main milana … kitchen ..ok. i get it..

she cut the call and going to kitchen …

Shiaay fumes angrily ,and shouts,


everyone assemble in the hall,except Rudy,dadi,Janvi,Pinky and prinku .they r not in home

Ani:billuji kya hua ?

Om:Shivaay what happened ?

Shiv::i didn’t expected that from u?

Ani:Maine kya kiya ?

Shiv:don’t act smart .. what u going to mix in milk …

Ani:wo…. dadi…dadi ne…

Shiv:shut up … i don’t want to hear u silly reasons … just get out of my house…

all r hell shocking ,Anika gets teary eyed ,

Tej: r u mad shivaay ,u r throw out my daughter from house.

Sakti: shivaay calm down. we r talking and short out the problem

Shiv:no .. there is nothing to short out …

Ani:billuji plz… ek baar …

Shiv: i said get out…..

Anika leave from there Om stops her

Om: shivaay. what rights u have in this house … we have the same rights and also Anika …

Ani:no Om .. i am going plz don’t stop me .

and she leave the mansion

Fb end.

shivaay stand in teary eyed.

in hospital ,

one lady admitted for delivery ,
her family seemed very tensed .
Pinky and Janvi see them.

Pinky: jiji khash aaj Anika Ani bhi hamare shaath hogi tho hum bhi inlogo ki tarah ….

Janvi consoles her,

Janvi: 10Maine hogaya ,shivaay didn’t do this with her

Pinky : main iskeliye usse kabhi maaf nahi karoonga…

2months later,

Sarah:aunty if any function here?.. decoration and lights …

Rudy:aaj shivaay baiya ki wedding aniversery

Sarah:but his wife…..

Tej:my daughter is not here ,so what she stay our heart


Pinky &Janvi:we r praying for her good health


in London,
one house,

one lady talking someone in her phone.. suddenly one small boy pick her phone and ran away..

o l:ansh….plz… give me my phone I’m ur pyaari chachi henaa?

ansh about to throw ,


he throw the phone away, phone broken

she is shocked …
and she is ishana

ish:ansh u broke my phone I’m not leaving u stop don’t run…

she run behind him,he hit some one .. yes she is Anika..

ish:Di he broke my phone.

Ani:ansh say sorry

ansh make puppy face…

ish:it’s ok di

Anika shout

Ani:i said say sorry …

ansh scared and crying

ish:Di i said it’s ok…

Ani: no ishu he must learn say sorry for guilt … i am did not let ansh become like him …

oberoi mansion ,
anshi play with Rudy

Rudy:anshi plz give my protein shake ….

anshi throw on him

just the shivaay enter the shake fell on his face

Pinky:o my Mata…anshi …u throw protein shake On my billu face

Om:not fair (he lough )

all r cups their mouth

Precap : shivaay hit the lady who is give him anshi in hospital…
he is stand in heavy rain…..
Om got some paper from shivaay room and shocked…..

sorry for grammatical mistakes plz leave ur comments …

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  1. Ishqkum

    Wow nice dr

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  2. Akshaya

    Anah wonderful ff dear waiting for the next

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  3. Slowly slowly suspense is unwinding.
    Really its amazing

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    Amazing anah
    update soon

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  5. Ansh and anshi are twins and shivikas kids.. and plz tell that does ankia know that she has a daughter and she is with shivay… really nice concept… luv your can fiction

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  6. Intrstng epi nd update soon dr..

  7. Intrstng epi nd update soon dr..

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  8. good story starting Yar……. eagerly waiting for next update

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  9. Seher.f

    Wow ! Loved it.. Keep it up. I am Seher, I have been a silent reader for a while haha.. And I have finally attained a chance to make an account! Please do accept me into the Ishqbaaz family. :))

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  11. Nice episode but plss update daily

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    Its superb yaar I think shivay will come to know anshi is his daughter for real waiting for ta next part

  13. Anah

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    This is a very good plot for the ff anah. I am so caught with the promo and I am waiting for the next epi post soon pls.
    Ur ff always takes me to my imaginary world of shivika and I get stuck there for a long time. Awesome pls cont and post soon.?

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    Superb….!! Anah….Plz continue this ff…sorry i just read this part only..but i fell in love with ur ff..dear..Keep Rocking!!

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