i am back with my zid Epi-24


hi everyone ,its anah…thanks for reading my ff and also ur comments….
let’s start..,

om:ishu…ishu plz…stop…
ishu stops…om hold her hand and put ring on her finger,
om:i luv u ishu…
ish:i luv u too….
they hug…

other side,
soumya get angry and leave that place….rudr behind her and sing song for her mood on also dance
rudr: Beauty, you smiled with your lips 
Truly, That’s enough for me, please smile 
You shocked my tissues 
You gave brightness to my nights 
You won my ego and 
made it bow towards you. 
Tell me, I love you 
You are my kurinji flower 
My love is true forever – and 
I will make sure you never feel blue
I will forget everything and follow you if u accept,
I will give you the Moon 
I walked at the distance
 of your shadow 

And drawn that moment as a
poem Oh my girl, my heart,
my soul, come before me 
You only named my soul…
(this is Tamil song translation,Tamil guys know this song )
finally som smiles..
rudr:bach gaya!!!!
rudr:nthng,plz accept me na???
som hug him…
rudr is overwhelmed by her answer and lift her on his arms..
som:rudr!!!! chodo, main gir jaoonga..
rudr:don’t shout,i am practicing,
som:what practice!!! oh god!! pagal singh oberoi just leave me..
tume Kuch nahi ho sakta…
Sarah and samar..
Sarah:i am sorry Sam..i am orphan..but i can’t take my decision alone…i should ask mother izebel, and i have no idea about marriage…,only mother can take my life’s important decisions.. sorry i can’t…
she leaves ,Sam get call..
Sam looks on…

in hotel room….
shi:tu itni ziddi hogayi in paanch saal main, mein kabhi socha nahi ta…
Ani:u also changed very much.
shi:then y want u stay away from me???!
Ani:not me ,fate wants, which is already wrote…
shi:then i will rewrite…
Ani:u r changed alot lekin aapki tadibaazi ek bit bhi kam nahi hua,
Shivaay pull her close,they share eye lock.. she is lost his eyes and starts melt…he kiss her forehead….and about to kiss her lip suddenly she comes to her sense and push Shivaay and runs from hotel…
in OM ,all return mansion…
anika crying in lawn side,
Ani:i think i should leave from here as well as Shivaay life…
she call someone…
Ani:i want ticket for London…tomorrow morning….
per:sorry i can’t morning if u want urgently then i can arrange tomorrow evening…
Ani:ok then book it…

Sarah in her room,
sar:he is nice,but how can i tell mother about him,what she think…she take her phone and about to call and stops…
sar:if mom didn’t accept him..what can i do??? k Sarah just relax..i will talk her tomorrow about Sam..he is good mother should like him …now just sleep..
in morning ,
one lady comes oberoi mansion,
all r in hall, Sarah see her and runs towards and hug her she is none other than mother izebel,
all greets mother…
iz:i am come here for one important matter…
dadi:Ji boliye…
iz:i selected one guy for Sarah…
tej:that’s great…
Sarah is hell shocked.
Sarah:y so early???
pin:its not early,its r8 time…
Jan:but we should ask her opinion also….
iz:Sarah!!! i know u r confused but he is very nice,i know u when u was at 8,u r very special to me so much caring ,intelligent girl u never denied my decision bcoz u know whatever i did its only for u good life and i hope u didn’t deny this one also,if u didn’t like him,i have no prblm with it but just see him once…
sakti:haan beta just see him once
she leaves sadly…

in Shivaay room,
Shivaay working on his laptop.
Ani sees him without blink her eyes…
Ani mind:i just want this moment freeze like this,i just want to see u like always…she remember something and get teary eyed….
Ani comes kitchen….
pinky:anu what r u doing here???
Ani:mom plz today can i prepare lunch for u guys….
pin:but y??? we will manage..
Jan:u can do it…
janvi take pinky from kitchen..
pin:jiji kya hua…
Jan:she want to cook for Shivaay
pin:oh!!! then i have no prblm.
they goes,

in Sarah room….
all girls…
ish:y r u looking so tensed???
sar:nthng like that…
som:no i also notice her since mother comes she looked so sad
prinku:oh!!! now i got it,u tensed bcoz u r going to see that guy r8,
ish:yeah!!! i forgot about that but don’t worry if he is good,he should like u…
som:bcoz u r too good,god never did wrong with good peoples…
samar hear girls conversion from window and get sad…
Sarah notice him but he leaves ,
lunch time….,
dining area….
all come for lunch…
rudr:today what special????
pin:today anika special…
ish:di cooked!!! woww i miss her cooking….
all done lunch with their nok-joke
evening time….
all wish Sarah who is going to meet her would be….
iz:Sarah i already send ur pic to him also ur number and maybe he also send his pic to u on wattsup check karlena…
this is his number….

other side,
anika take her passport and leave OM without telling anyone ,
Shivaay in hall and wish Sarah but he feels something went wrong…he is so restless and search anika in hall but she didn’t there,then he search whole OM….but he didn’t find her also try her phone which is not reachable..om come Shivaay room with tea cup and collide with Shivaay ,tea fell Shivaay shirt….
om:oh!! sorry man…actually dadi called u
shi:its okay ,i will come after change…
he open his wardrobe and take one shirt while his dairy fell down and one envelope also fell from inside dairy he didn’t notice and leaves…after change he saw the envelope….

precap:Sarah reach park….
Shivaay rushes out….
he runs on the road….

sorry for grammatical mistakes
and plz leave ur comments…
take care byee…

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  2. Niceee episode ???

  3. Nithu

    Awsm…..lovely..beyond words

  4. SairaBarkat

    waiting for the next one

  5. Nice..plz Dnt separate shivika dear 🙂

    1. In my opinion love increases when we are far away from it …its always for some reason … But if the relationship roots are strong then also they will be connected …?

  6. Mukta


  7. Ishq mohabbat toh hazar karte hai,
    Gum aur judai se sabhi der te hai,
    Hum toh na ishq karte hai na mohabbat… Bas
    Dost ki ek smile ? ke liye comment karte hai !!!
    Coming to the episode.. As always ur rocked rockstar ?
    Rumya was damn cute…
    Ishkara was sweet
    SHIVIKA ki judai track for sure will bring interesting twists ….. All in all loved it ?

    1. Anah

      smile nahi Di sssssssssmmmmmmiiiiiilllllllleeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aise kehna hai par
      aapki ek comment keliye yeh bhi Kami hai thanks di

  8. Akshaya

    Aww cute episode. Ishkara and Rumya ??❤ . Which song was that Ana? Samar and Sarah were nice. Waiting for their union. Shivika was also nice. Why is anika moving away from shivaay? Waiting for the next dear

    1. Anah

      idazhinn oram from 3 aksh

  9. Puvi

    Superb waiting for next part

  10. nice….

  11. Ishqkum

    Interesting update next episode ASAP

  12. Amazing episode…

  13. Shivika22kapoor

    Hi ? Anah di I know I am late moreover I didn’t comment on the previous epi as well plus I won’t be able to comment for some time from now as my pre boards are about to begin but please do send me link to your ff through pm.
    Now coming to the update as I didn’t comment previously so here goes for both the epi’s (I am not sure weather in total how many epi’s I didn’t comment but I think so they were two only.)
    Dadi ansh and anshi’s way of sending all the youngsters out was a good idea, perhaps they all are a bit dumb ???? but no issues. Date for all was a beautiful treat ????????? to read and the proposals were great + Rudra’s song was nice and thanks for English translation as I don’t know any South Indian language ? ? ? ? ?. Anika leaving Shivaay ????? pata nahi dobara kab milanga par jaldi Mila Dena dono ko ek doosra ka bina aacha nahi lagta already 5 saal ka liya juda tha dono. “Tumsa juda hokar mujha dur Jana ha, Pal bhar Ki judai, phir laut aana ha” hopefully they meet soon.
    Well I wanted to tell you one thing I think so I missed telling you that before and that is I simply love all the amazing songs you write.
    Well take care ? sisso, keep smiling ?.
    Love you dear ???.

  14. Kehkasha

    Anah dear its superb. I am luving this track?

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