i am back with my zid Epi-23


hi this is anah ,i am back with another episode thanks for reading my ff and ur lovely comments ,wish u Mary Christmas guys,
let’s start,

morning OM,
dadi:what happened?today all still sleeping ..
khanna go and wake up all…
all comes hall one by one
pinky:Gm mummyJi,y r u getup so early..
dadi:early!!???its 7:00am pinky ,
janvi:but today Sunday naa???!!!
rudr:dadi!!fired this khanna plz, he disturbed my love dream…
dadi:luv sirf dream main hi karne ka idea hai ya real main bhi karna hai…
all give clueless look…
shivika comes,

shi:dadi u called us any prblm..??
dadi:all r come..k what’s ur plan for today???
om:what’s special!!???
dadi:hey bahwan!!! why u gave me brainless hairs, what went wrong in my prayer…
rudr:omg dadi!! he give brainless hairs to u? but i have one doubt dadi if hairs also have brain????
som:duffer she means family,
rudr:oh!!but sumo is not ur hair naa then y r saying like this..
som:oh hello,u r her hair that’s y
shi:k just stop it..plz dadi what’s the matter??? Aaj kya hai..
ansh&anshi:2dy valentaines day..
so we r going to celebrate r8dadi
dadi:very correct!!!
pinky:but its lovers day naa how could we celebrate???
rudr:yeah its lovers day…
dadi:haan ishqbaazi ki din hena,everyone r lovers,who told u today only for gf bf,y they only did love not we,child loves parents,parents loves child ,sissy and bro loves eachothers,couple loves eachothers,friends love eachothers,its not love only gf bf loves only love????!!! haan…
all r went speechless by dadi’s words…
rudr:dadi gf bf love what a lecture!!!!
sam:woww!!! dadi ur a real luvr,
lets start the party…
dadi:no…no party in my home,
om:then hw could celebrate???
rudr:oh no!!! dadi ur going to do pooja for love god!!! pooja ,arti..
dadi:rudr i know u born 90’s but ur in still 90’s shame on u??? Aaj ka samane main gar pe kon party karta hai pagli..
Jan:so we r…
rudr:club r8 dadi…
dadi:where u want,just go if i saw anyone in house then
dadi:main r8 side pe itna joothe maarungi naa aap logo ki head doosra side lock hojayega..
go out and enjoy ur day..
all r leaves..

rudr:om Aaj i’ll propose her,
he take one rose….
Sam comes and take rose from rudr..
Sam:i am going to propose her,
baby i am coming…
rudr:isko Kuch karna hai..
om:hw i propose ishu…
rudr sees ish…
rudr:ishu di om going alone plz join with him naa…
rudr: he is going marine drive which is lovers place i mean akele waha jakar kya karega bechara u know dadi order naa
ish:then tell him to go bachelor’s ice cream centre naa with u…
rudr:me!!!??? no no i am lady killer i have so many girls…
som:hw cheap!!!
rudr:sumo what r u doing here,
ur hearing or conversion very bad manners..
smya leaves angrily rudr behind her,
om:then go and get ready,
Sam to Sarah,
Sam:hey Sarah i have no idea about Mumbai so can we go for long drive????
Sarah:will see!!!
evening all went out except elders and childrens…
om and ishu in marine drive…
ish:beautiful scenery…
wow what an arrangements u did for me….
om:for u??? not really ,
om:for her,
om point at one girl…
ish get disappoint and try to see her face…
ish:I’m look a like fool for u,
i know u try to make me jealous ,but u can’t,u didn’t know her r8..
om:no yaar,she is my school mate prinku friend,in my school days i have crush on her,let me prove…
ish confidently,
ish:go ahead…

om smiles and go towards her…
ish see them some distance..she can hear their convo..
om call her ,she turns ishu see her face,
om:hi aksh…
ish:ladki tho cute hai…
she hug him..
aksh:hi omi ,hw r u??? i am glad to see u here…
om:i am good….
he give her rose…
om:i luv u…
aksh see him confusedly…
aksh:me tooo…
ishu hear her answer and stunned and didn’t hear next..
aksh:kya hua Mera bhai,r u fine naa??? dhabiath tho teek hai naa
om signs ishu…aksh got it….
aksh:so that’s reason,u r so mean, come i will expose u…
om:no ….wait!!!”
aksh to ish…
aksh:hi am akshaya…
ish uninterested…
ish:hi ishana..
aksh:omi sissy…
ishu sees om angrily…she make an excuse and leave..
om:kya yaar…
aksh: go…
om goes behind ishu…

in road side,
Sam:no other country can defeat India…incredible India…
tell me about u naa y r u silent,
sar:kya boloon???
sar:nthng special,i am normal orphan girl…i did mbbs in merit,
om’s friend..worked as oberoi’s employee…
Sam:future planning,love,marriage..
sar:i have no idea..no urgent,
i have time..
Sam:but i didn’t have…
Sam:i mean…..
sar:u mean..
Sam:i mean…yaar, i don’t want to…ok i straightly ask u i like u i mean luv u will u marry me???
Sarah is totally awestruck…
in sea side….
rudr:sumo i just think,my bed is large size and…
rudr:and i am size zero,if i marry someone like me then
rudr:then it turn unsuitable naa,many space will be waste,not only bed in fact my room ,bath room,dressing table so…
som:so!!!??just end it…
rudr:so i want to marry moti like u??? we r will be perfect couple for…
som:for u bed r8 ,also room,bath room ,dressing table…
rudr:batam kaana suru karliya na tune..its gave better result u r become genius…logic..
som:how dare u propose me like this….i gonna kill u right now…
Shivika in some hotel…
Ani:u r take me here for propose me.???
shi:not really…y iam going to propose u…u r already mine…i am not habitual to repeat…
Ani:then y r u take me here???
shi:u want to know r8 now???
first have dinner…

others hand ,
alhir and priveer celebrate their love in some other place…

ish:i luv u too om,
rudr:plz accept me naa???
Shivaay hug anika suddenly she push him away…

sorry for grammatical mistakes plz leave ur comments…
one again happy Christmas ..
take care,

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  1. Spellbound dear kya baath hai but ek baat bologi ki aksh ki toh lottery lag gayi seejha I love you ….ishu jealous ???????…rudra tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta….. Anika pushed shivaay as someone who knows about her disease was there ,aur due to emotions ki became weak at time and melted in his arms but when her mind remained her the reality she understood that yeh khwaab kabhi na poora hone wale khwaabo me se ek hai yui toh hum sekdo khwaab dekhte hai per jab un khwaabo ko poori karni ki chahat me USS raah per nikal padte hai per USS raah me saach reality me kaach biche hote hai jinse kadam dhagmagate shuru hai per rukh the nahi an dekhte hair aapni problem ani shivaay se share kab karegi jab tab uski haalat bhigad jaayegi hospital me ya koi SSO ko bata dega…….

    All characters were awesome as always rockstar

    1. Anah

      aap tu Mujhe spellbound kardiya di,kya lines hai aapka,
      aksh scene main Kuch aur likaa tha the i changed the track last minute,Waise aksh ko shock hona tha main usse om ki behan bana diya and don’t worry about anika i my ff ending is only happy wala..
      ek secret boloon kya????? oh wo tho secret hena Aise hi chodhoon thanks for lovely comments happy Christmas ,take care byee

  2. Amazing.. jealous ishu..loved it… Waiting for the next update….

  3. Nithu


    1. Anah

      thanks dr

  4. fhat the wuck????
    anika going to be sick….
    u didn’t have any story, why r u dragging like this…
    thank god u r going to end ur ff

    1. Kehkasha

      Plz dear don’t complain like this. It takes a lot of time to think and type the episode and these comments are just discouraging authors atleast praise her effort ?

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  6. Jayashree

    Nice 🙂

  7. Ishqkum

    Awesome dr

  8. Nainaa

    Awesome Ana Dear??

  9. Sat_9492

    Awsm episode…..

  10. Christina

    Awesome update?????n merry Christmas

  11. Kehkasha

    It’s wonderful Anah dear. Post the next asap.
    Merry Christmas dear?

  12. Puvi

    Awesome dear

  13. Superb

  14. Akshaya

    Om as Bhai. It’s ok dear. Anyways love you too Bhai. Ishu to get jealous, wow nice re. I was the Jealous creating factor that was so great.??? Rudy’s proposal was sooooooo funny yet awesome? shivika was nice. Dadi the mastermind ????
    Totally you rocked today Ana. I really loved it and enjoyed it. Thank you???❤

  15. Akansha

    Awesome… Loved it

  16. thanks guys

  17. Nicee episode ???

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