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hi guys,this is anah ,tnx for reading my ff and also comments,

Shivaay drag anika with him ,
Ani:Shivaay leave me….
Now they r standing under the tree…
Shi:what u think..u can hide anything from me..
Ani:but ur have rights to hide things naa????
Shi:what do u mean!!!!
They share painful eye lock…
Other side,
Rain almost stops ,
Sahir kneels down ,
Sah:i luv u baby,will u marry me,
All r stunned to see this proposal
Sahir close his eyes and impatiently waiting for her ans
All r confused….
She get him up and hug him,
She:yes,i will marry u….
Sahir get happy and take her in his arm and spin..
Sah:Thank u alooo!!!!!!!
yes she is alya,
om and prinku got relief now and congrats them….

Sam to rudr,
Sam:i also want propose her..
rudr:u know her very well i just wait for r8 time….
rudr murmuring himself..
rudr:wo time kabhi nahi aane wala…
Sam:excuse me!!!!
rudr:nothing ,best of ur luck..
som:hey guys love success hogaya party kahan hai???!
Sam:yes baby ,well asked we want party…
samar&sumo do hifi…
alya:kk very soon…
ish:where is Anu Di???
they comes ..
all return OM ,
shivomrupri in om room,
om is super happy after he know Sahir love alya not ishu prinku also…om dance like a mad with pillows..Shivaay give just impossible wala look..and held his head…

song plays,
Jaise Ghadi Ke Ghira Se Waqt Kahin Pe Ghira Ho Jaise Roshni Subah Se Ho Jaye Judah.. Jaise Gaane Aur Nazam Se Sur Koi Churaale Waise Aadha Adhoora Mein Tere Bina… Jab Mila Tu Ru Tu Ru Tu Ru Tu Ru Tu… Na Thi Kami Na Justhju Ru Tu Ru Tu.. Aur Aadhe Aadhe Pal Hue Phir Poore Yun Jab Mila Tu Ru Tu Rutu Ru Tu Ru Tu.. Khaali Jo Raat Ho Main Khwabon Chand Taaron Se Woh Poori Bhar Doon Teri Jo Baat Ho Main Bin Kahe Hi Adhi Pauni Poori Kar Doon Jo Aashe Se Hum Hain Woh Poore Ho Tumse Adhoore Se Kisse Barbar Ke Hisse Tu Dil Mein To Mein Dua Jab Mila Tu Ru Tu Ru Tu.. Na Kami Na Justhju Ru Tu Ru Tu..
he drag prinku also on his dance prinku also dance with him….
Kal Tu Jo Khoyi Ho To Gumshuda Yeh Zindagi Basar Kar Doon Manzil Jo Soyi Ho To Kwaab Saare Tere Hi Nazar Kar Doon To Aadhe Se Dil Ko Jo Laayegi Bhi To Main Sau Khwaishon Se Hi Bar Doon Dabo Kare Na Yeh Tu Tu Abhi Ke Abhi Tu Jab Mila Tu Ru Tu Ru Tu Ru Tu Ru Tu…
rudr fumes super anger ,
rudr:u guys r so mean…i am here with big sad u guys r celebrate ur love…
om:u guys r already married no then why r u get stress ??!
shi:what u think u can hide this from us..
rudr make puppy face…
rudr:but i have no proof naa ,
shi:i have proof…
he give marriage pic to rudr…
rudr:bhaiya aab tu bahut sharp..
shi:yes iam ,he does his signature step….
rudr:but she never tell she love me..if she accept Sam proposal then what can i do??
he again sad…
om:don’t worry,nothing happen like that..

in Shivaay room,
ansh&anshi already slept…
Shivaay go to change his outfit ,
anika enters she didn’t know Shivaay also here,she search dairy but it missed…
shi:what r u searching!??
Ani:why iam telling u???
shi:then don’t tell,anyways what u r searching which u not going to get..
Shivaay show his dairy…
shi:bcoz i have,
i think no one teach u about manners ,we can’t read anyone personal dairy without their permission,its okay but miss one thing.
Ani:what things?? i don’t have ur ring…
shi:i just said its missing i didn’t said ring is missing and also u have…
Ani bites her tongue…
Ani:i saw dairy with ring that’s why i guess it…
shi:woah!!u guess it.i know u have not much brain so don’t act
Ani angrily:u said i am brainless,
iam senseless..stupid…
shi:i heard somewhere truth is like bitter no one agree their reality but u r great!!u accept ur truth urself..
she angrily walks away but Shivaay stops her..
shi:don’t be angry ,its does not suit u so try to be romantic..just forget past naa..
Ani:forget.,how can i forgot u didn’t have trust on me when i trust u more than my self,how can i forgot when u kick us out that time i don’t know anything and anyone except u and u always told in our relationship we have equal rights then u didn’t gave any chance to explain myself and throw us out of ur life which i also have rights on it
when i need u,u went away from me..now u want me so u come near me..how cheap u r,what u think u talk with me sweetly,ur hug ,kiss can change our life,
i can forgot my past so easily,
just see ansh ,he is ur carbon copy whenever i saw him he remains u,who didn’t believe me,
and throw me like waste….
Shivaay shout…
shi:just stop it anika,sab tumari pain tumari feelings tumari tumari…then Mera kya hai…
i agree iam the one who is kick u out but its some situations ,misunderstandings circumstances
shi:anika plz….
Ani: better we didn’t talk about our past..
she goes,

in pool side,
Ani:i am sorry Shivaay,but iam happy for ur love,i don’t need to worry for ansh bcoz u r here,
she thinking…
fb start..,
after reading dairy…
Ani:i am sorry Shivaay,ur r8 i can’t hate u bcoz i luv u more than myself…
her phone ringing…
Ani:report aagaya..??kk tanq.
fb ends anika in teary eyed..
in kitchen,
Sarah lights the stove and heat water..she trying to get milk powder which kept in upperself,she trying and move box bit by bit suddenly she lost her balance and about to slip but somehand catch her..he is none others than samar..
Sam:be careful,if anything wrong happen to u then what about me
Sarah:excuse me..
now milk powder box also lost balance and fell samar head,he is like a joker..
Sarah:sshh!!! y r u shouting if any come then…
she cannot control her laugh..
Sam:u r laughing at me..
Sarah:no!!not really…
she trying to hide her smile but vain..she take her phone and trying to take selfie..
Sarah:Sam smile plz…
Sam take some milk powder and throw her face…
Sam:now we take selfie…
he click pics…
precap:rudr:today valentines day so i am going to propose her.
he take the rose…
samar take the rose from rudr hand…
Sam:no today i am going to propose her..
rudr get angry..
om:hi aksh..

sorry for grammatical mistakes ,plz leave ur thoughts..
take care and bye…

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  1. amazing shivika scene
    post soon

  2. Kehkasha

    It’s amazing. I think Samar is gonna to propose Sarah.
    Rudy jealous awww…. Soo cute.
    ???? just can’t control laughing imagining Om’s dance.

  3. Samm

    hahaha! such a great episode! waiting for more… 🙂

  4. Puvi

    Awesome dear

  5. Shivika22kapoor

    Well best part was when that milk powder box lost it’s balance ?????????????????.
    Omi dancing???????? iss ma Rudra Ki aatma kab aayi??????.
    Rudy becomes jealous baby ???????? that’s cute.
    AniShiv were good and I think so that maybe Anika is suffering from some dangerous disease ??.
    Amazing epi dear.
    How are you doing now dear????
    Hopefully you would be better.
    Take care ? of yourself
    Stay happy ?
    Keep smiling ? always.
    Bye bye ? ??

    1. I was r8 powerhouse humesha charged rahti hai and I agree to u point to point dear and I guess I keep nice petnames anah I call u rockstar and seriously ur r our rockstar iss situation me mujhe aapne uper shayari karne ka mann hai zindagi me marna toh hai ya toh waqt ki diye ghawo se roo roo kar maro ya toh toh dosto ke kahaniyo ko padkar haas Haas ke maro I will hasna ??? thanks

      1. Anah

        thanks shama di ,thanks for my Nike name i love it and also shayari ,maar dala aapne apni sher se ,Mera bhi ek panta hai…..
        zindagi main marna hai kush se jeenkar marro

    2. Anah

      thanks sweety…
      i am fine,ur guess almost r8.
      ur a genius hw can i keep suspense from u..thanks for ur concern…

  6. Amazing.. Waiting for the next update..

  7. Jayashree

    Cute shivika scene:-)

  8. Akshaya

    Ompri escaped?. Samar and Sarah, shivika rocked today. Interesting precap ana.
    Om: hi aksh ????
    Nice episode Buddy and waiting for the next

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Love shivika scenes…..And om’s dance , I just laughing…..Cry baby turns into Jealous baby…..Interesting episode. I think samar proposes sarah..Plz post next part soon dear. And it’s imp TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF…

  10. Uhhhh why did you stop continue writing ????

  11. Christina

    Awesome update??????

  12. Ishqkum


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