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Hi I’m anah….
Thanks for reading my ff and also ur comments…

Dairy continue….
Today i met CH nurse who is give anshi to me before blast she told anshi is our child only,u know what that time what i felt,i felt like i’m flying on the air,meri jeene ka vachan milgaya..,
Life give me 2nd chance to live,
I get new hope to reach ani …ya i got my child my own child..,no one felt that feeling what i felt that day..

In hall,
All come home….
Dadi:accha hai u guys accept to stay here…
Jan:mummy ji which room we gonna give them?
Devki:sahil stay with me,
Ish:alya stay with us,r8 girls..
Som nods happily and pri sadly
Pin:om beta ur room is large na can u share with them…

Rudr whispers om…
Rudr:o urs room or daram sala any one can stay…
Sakti:but ranru also stay om room na….
Rudr:yeah r8 choti papa…already me and ranveer also stay there..so we can send them hotel..
Dadi:no prblm Sakti reset sameera room they can stay here
Sakti:but how its possible.,that room so much messy also no time already late..
Sam:no prblm uncle we can clean ourself..
Tej:then ok,omRu also help u..
All r leaves..,

Sam:hey omru plz help me..keep my luggage in my room i’m so tried now i want to take bath ,
Rudr is great anger and take his bag..,om follow him..
Girls room,
Prinku is bit annoying with alya..
They chat…
Som:alya i didn’t expect u here in fact i didn’t believe till nw u r in India…ishu pinch me naa..
Ish pinched her…
They three chat late night prinku almost sleep and Sarah come terrace side, samar already  there…
Sam:hey i’m samar evry one call me Sam and u.??
Sarah:sarah..sarah Jain

Sam:Sarah beautiful name like u,
Sa:excuse me!!!
Sam:whats ur profession? What r u doing here?
Sa:i am doctor child specialist ,i am here for anshi.,
Sam:u didn’t married yet?any prblm???
Sa:i think u r asking personal questions..
Sam:wo..didn’t u get sleep na. Then we can talk sometime..trust me iam very good company,can u share ur prblm with me..
Sa:thanks but no thanks ,i am gonna sleep its too late bye..
Sam:she is bit different to others
But i like it…
Dining area ,
Sabir:hey ishu plz pass the juice,
Rudr pinch ishu ,ishu drop the juice jug ,juice spary om shirt…
Om stares Rudr..and go for clean,
Rudr behind him..

Rudr:om sorry ,i aimed only sahir y u come between….
Om:what???i am come between??
I’m Sat next u…
Rudr:kind of but plz I’m helping u naa…
Om:help!!! What kind of help????
Rudr:hey u should did some drama like  “omg my shirt get spoiled now what to do..? Its my lucky dress its presented by my over handsome bhai Rudr today i wear this only….
Om:shut up!! What u think i am brainless like u…
Rudr:we r bros in fact real bros ,u didn’t like me they universe must curse our parents.,so…
He turn and didn’t see Om who is already left…
Rudr:Om!!Om..k i am hungry i need food..
He comes dining table…
Sam:baby did u follow diet..

Som:not really!!
Sam:then why r u eat bit wait i feed u
Samar and soumya feeds eachother..Rudr fumes angry and sit next soumya..
Rudr:sumo suno..
Som:y r u trying husky voice its sound very pathetic..
Rudr:moti if u eat more then ur stomach should blast and also others members r dies by hungry…

Som:Rudr just shut up!!!
Sam:what happened baby??
Shivaay comes,
Sahir:hi Shivaay bhaiya ,why don’t we go for night out today ?
Ish:wow that’s great idea..,jiju plz agree…
Shi:ok then,
All leaves ,
In room ,anika crying silently ,Shivaay enters ,she hide dairy and wipe her tears and try to behave normally..but shivaay is shivaay,she is weak in front of him in hide things…
Shi:what’s going on??? Did u cry?

Ani:no nthng like that ,
Shi:no u r hide something!!!
Ani:yes I’m crying bcoz of shivaay…u r the reason..
She runs from there…
Shivaay is confused and don’t know hw to react towards her,
All r going for a long drive…
Now they r in one park..
Sahir:wow that’s great!!!super feeling that’s why love India..
Om:u r Indian naa !!!
Sam:yes my family belongs to India but we stay London also where we born…
Sah:we didn’t come here before.

Sam:that’s why my bro want married one Indian girl in India,maybe next month.. om sees ishu sadly who is happy …
Sam:we also feel same after i come here…
Som’aww that’s so sweet ,
Rudr mimic ‘like som:aww that’s so sweet…
Rudr:om i am telling u ,when they goes London..all in all turned mental..
Suddenly rain start falling ,
Shivika, omrupri ,Sarah protect their self under shed roof,
Ishu about to go but Sam stop her and soumya they dance in the rain…
Song plays…

Mohabbat barsa dena tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Mohabbat barsa dena tu, saawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai
Pyar mein tere hadd se guzar jaana hai
Itna pyar kisi pe,pehli baar aaya hai
Sam hold Sarah hand,and ranveer -prinku..Ishu -om ,
Som -Rudr all dance well ,
Bheege bheege tere lab,
mujhko kuch kehte hain
Dil hai khush mera ki khayal ek jaise hain
Roko na ab khudko yun sun lo dil ki baat ko
Dhal jaane do shaam aur aa jaane do raat ko

Kitna haseen ye lamha hai
Kismat se maine churaaya hai
Aaj ki raat na jaana tu, sawan aaya hai
Tere aur mere milne ka, mausam aaya hai
Sabse chhupa ke tujhe seene se lagaana hai
Pyar main tere hadd se guzar jaana hai
Itna pyar kisi pe, pehli baar aaya hai….
Rain almost stop …
Sahir kneels down and tell her
Sahir:i love u baby will u marry me….
All r stunned to sees this proposal…

Precap:Shi:what u think..u can hide anything from me..
Ani:but ur have rights to hide things naa????
Shi:what do u mean!!!!

Sorry for grammatical mistakes hope u like it,plz drop ur views..
Take care..

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