Back to us ….Again part 1

Back to us … Again part 1

Through the beautiful tea estates a few Darjeeling young girls smiled at her and she couldn’t hold back her own smile. These gigantic and magnificent terraces with green leaves with the slight murmurs and folk rhythms were something she knew she was missing in those 3bhk apartments all her life.

Green and grey mixed with morning orange enough to break any other stupor if one was lost into and the little girl in her crawled out…running up the slopes she laughed wholeheartedly inhaled the fresh air and her companion of this morning encircled her from behind and resting his chin on her head said, “ so my darling wife ! I take it you loved the place.”

“Yes, dear husband! Actually I fell in love with it.” She smiled.

“Really, Then what about the same words you told me months back….. He acted hurt.

“Did i? I don’t remember.” She said now leaving his arms.

“Very fine Swara…i too was thinking, how about I marry one pretty maiden from these fields – and he was cut shot abruptly.

“Why waiting…go ahead.” And she walked thumping to the beautiful hills.

“Fine then.” And smiling inwardly he again enclosed her.

“Why coming to me….don’t you know those maidens are very religious, won’t allow their daughters if saw you this way with Me.” she pointed out.

“But then I thought this beautiful bird is already tied to me for this birth so why wasting my time on others when together we can do many things.” And hugging her to him he air quoted.

“Hey…they all are seeing us…leave Me.” she tried to stop him blushing on his public display.

“Why…they would love to see a couple madly in love.” He pulled her closer and stared in her big eyes.

“But I don’t want others to see our movie…” and with that she broke the cage and laughing ran to the mighty tiger hills. Kingfishers flew over her resembling the bird under them who loved their territories as much as she loved this man gazing her tilting on one of the barren big tea basket.


Pop , pop….Pop, pop…..she kept bursting the bubble wrap waiting for him in this silent apartment and it was evident she was stressed . The meadow green porcelain framed lamp besides the single sofa kept spreading soft light in the living room, Television showed random things and its dim sound tried giving her company but when the heart was alone nobody could help.

She was hell tired due to all the sudden work the bank was bombed last week, “this country and their never ending scams.” She cursed them trying to crack her neck joints.

“She was surely going to get power glasses in coming weeks due to those constant screen hours.” She told herself inwardly and prayed go for the patience and will power to keep going.

Rubbing her neck and back she switched off the television and called him but it was never received… “Maybe he was driving and phone was silent”. Thinking she thought to eat the dinner finally cause now she had no energy to wait for him if he had again decided to come late without telling her prior. She had brushed it at times thinking he was just busy…

It was going to be one year nearly of them living together though they were married for two and half years, her transfer procedures took almost 1 and half year for her to shift with him.

And now a days it was more like they were the roommates living together who met only when it was the bedtime, Mornings always went in juggling with many things so if one said they had the morning for them it was not the thing.

“Looks like you too can not help me now.” Eating his favorite chilly Paneer she had cooked for him as the old trick to cook favorite food when husband was angry she mused.

And as she was cleaning the kitchen platform and putting his food in microwave the bell chimed, washing her hands and finger combing her hairs loosening the clutcher she opened the door.

“You didn’t take my calls.” She couldn’t help but say.

“Phone was on silent and second time I was driving.” The same answer she had anticipated came with the same monotone.

“Come have the dinner.” She told him as he made his way to their room.

“hmmmm.” He hummed loosening the buttons of his sky blue shirt.  “You start I will join you.” He said over his shoulders.

“hun….she replied, in heart smiling on his oh- so care.


He didn’t say anything as she kept stirring the little glass of milk as he ate his dinner. “It was good if she didn’t wait for him, what the need was when it was the daily routine.” His mind assured him.

“You didn’t like it?” she asked trying to initiate a talk.

“Hun, it is good.” And again the silent table gawked at them.

“You are still angry.” She asked unable to hold anymore.

“No,” he said not bothering to look up.

“I think I need to go for an eye checkup…..she again tried.

“okay.” again the same tone and it irritated her.

No further talks happened then….switching off the kitchen light she thought she needed to do something more, maybe alluring him if that was what they needed.


Her whole body needed a good sleep but who said humans cared for their whole body when the heart needed the attention first. Her heart needed to get rid of this ache and so brushing her teeth and washing her face she made her mind. “Why to think too much…he was her husband …right?”

Entering inside she found him leaning to the side table seeing the magazines “so he too wasn’t sleepy!” and silently coming to him she hugged him from behind, softly; engulfing his familiar scent.

“I missed you.” She whispered as she found him standing to his full height.

“I am tired Swara….let’s just sleep.” He said brushing her arms away and she felt hurt, embarrassed and all of a sudden raged.

“what is this Sanskar…here I am already trying to mend what it is but you aren’t budging , you say we are okay, you say you are not angry then why it seems everything is not fine.” Her voice was not the usual calm as her name.

“What…I said I am tired, can’t I get tired?” he said turning to her.

“Why not,” she huffed. “You can get tired….SORRY, I didn’t think before.” She strained the sorry and turning her back to him stopped the angry tears which threatened to spill anytime.

Inside the covers she felt like kicking everything present there, she felt like punching him who was TIRED ….and in that one moment of her anger she was pulled into his arms.

“Okay sorry, i was upset on something else.” Came a whisper on her head.

“Really?” she commented angrily and tried to come out of his arms.

“We will talk in morning or maybe tomorrow evening, right now let’s just sleep.” He dismissed her any angry attempts pulling her to him.

And one more time a fight was left hanging in between where he thought it was better to not talk and she felt suffocated because they didn’t talk.


Hey guys, first chapter is updated. Now Tell me what you think about the story, as we progress story will be into the intense emotions I promised.

Actually this chapter has already hinted many things; soon you will come to witness. Hope you all like it, will be waiting for your response.

And thank you everyone for the response on the introductory chapters.

With love Morusya.

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  1. Well it seems a basic story of normal middle class house where both husband wife are working but as the time passes… The love care … It start distancing which occasionally occurs and slowly to avoid problems or fights happen becoz of missing each other led them to non- lovable relationship….
    In these types of relationships extra efforts are needed with proper communication
    I just find till yet this but may be story differs

    1. Morusya51

      wow…you have actually analysed very well bt as you said in last, things are not totally same, there is more to this story off course.?? thank you so much for reading and dropping out a few words .
      i hope you like this story and the next part coming real soon.

  2. interesting

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      hope you like the next part too 🙂

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    Very nice dear

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      thank you dear…hope you like the next part too.?

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you dear…hope u like the next part too.?

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      thank you dear ,hope you like the next part too.

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