BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 8)

Here is the story…

Abhi is in shock.. Pragya remain silent.. She is so worried , if abhi tell about wht happen in skl.. But abhi didn’t tell anything. He is so happy seeing pragya… They all enters to the hall n sat in sofa with respective family… Abhi n pragya sat opposite ..
Prem : ur princess r so cute n lovely.. n called pragya to come near him..
Pragya first hesitated to go. Bt raghav tell her to go .. Pragya sat in between prem n abhi.. Abhi is really happy.. Bt pragya is in nervous..
Prem : thanks for giving ur cutie to me.. I will take care of her.
Raghu : oo u can take her.. She is for u..
Prem : if u not give her,then my abhi will stole her…

Abhi n pragya both r puzzled by their parents convo. .
Prem : pragya beta, I know u sang well.. Pls one song for us…
Pragya : uncle .. Wo mein..
Abhi : pls chashmish..
Pragya surprisingly stare at abhi, not at all pragya all look him surprisingly…
Abhi : wht happens? I tell pragya to sing a song.. All waves their head with teasing way..
Pragya start singing..

Manzilein ruswa hain
Khoya hai raasta
Aaye le jaaye
Itni si ilteja
Ye meri zamaanat hai
Tu meri amaanat hai aa…

Mujhko iraade de
Kasamein de, waade de
Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare de
Dil ko thikaane de naye bahaane de
Khabon ki barishon ko mausam ke paimane de
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main (x2)


Waqt bhi thehara hai
Kaise kyun ye huaa
Kaash tu aise aaye
Jaise koi duaa
Tu rooh ki raahat hai
Tu meri ibaadat hai

Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro rahi hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main

( I choose this song because really sang pragya in kkb ),

After the song all claps for her.. Abhi is super happy..
Bt bulbul is not happy while all these happen…she is stating at aliya.. Bt aliya enjoying all these… Prem see bulbul..
Prem : hei chotti, what happens..? R u not happy coming here?
Bulbul : nothing uncle.. I like it ..
Prem : then y r u so worried.. ?
Bulbul : wo .. Aliya…
Prem : what she did?
Aliya is confused..
Aliya : no papa .. I doesn’t do anything.. I sware..
Bulbul get angry at aliyas statement..
Bulbul : no uncle .. She is very cruel.. She didn’t speak to anyone in cls n also she scold a boy in my CLS for without any reason..
Bulbul is very angry.. Bt aliya starts crying…
Raghav : chotti, wht r doing? Aliya is ur friend na.. Because of u she is crying now… Sry bolo..
Bulbul : bt papa..
Prem : don’t worry beta .. I will ask her.

Aliya why u do like that in cls?
Aliya ( crying ) : wo papa.. Today first day na.. I get feared to go to CLS.. n also abhi bhai tell me that” today only first day of my in that CLS.. So all student r shout on u .. ” because I behave rudely to not get scold from them.
All look at abhi..
Abhi : I.. Told her that because she teasing me yesterday.. All smiled at him.
Aliya : n I.. Scold that boy . because that boy try to tease me.. I sware papa. I won’t do anything more.. n cry…
Bulbul get sad n teary eye.. She goes to aliya..
Bulbul : sry aliya..
Aliya : its ok bulbul .. I should tell u sry ..

Bulbul : no I should tell u sry..
Aliya : no I should…
They argued.. All get irritated seeing their childish behaviour..
Prem : what r u doing beta. Its enough . ..
Bulbul : ok uncle.. She forward her hand .. Friends..
Aliya also forward her hand. They hug each other.. All r happy..
While abhi is staring at pragya
Abhi ( in mind) : god make some situation such as pragya become my friend..
Pragya feel uncomfortable..
Pragya ( in mind) : ohh ! God why he staring at me… I also want him as friend.. Bt how? He never accept me as a friend ..
Prem : come let’s move to dining table..
At the dining table all r settle down.. Abhi sat beside pragya. They start their meal.. While pragya get thirsty she moved her hand to nearby glass.. While abhi also put hand on that glass. They start fighting for glass. .
Pragya : I want this.. First I touch this.
Abhi : u r a lier.. I touch that first. I never gave this to u…
Prem : what is this abhi.. We all boys na…we should respect girls.. So u should gave that glass to pragya.
Abhi : bt papa..
Raghav : pragya.. What r u doing beta.. He is ur friend na.. Gave that to abhi..
Pragya : bt papa..
Pragya n abhi : u can take it…

All r smile at her…
After the dinner.. All comes to hall..
Raghav : I’m leaving now.. It’s going late.. Today I’m very happy seeing my friend…
Prem : then for this friend .. Pls stay one night here..
Raghav : no .. I can’t stay.. I have lots of work to complete.. I come here to see u once.. I leave all my work pending…so I want to go..
Bt I will stay here bt not today.
Prem : then ur princess ko dedo muje.. They will stay here na.. For one day..
Abhi is damn shock n very happy.

Pragya : bt uncle their is school tomorrow..
Prem : beta. U can go skl… Sarala ji will come tomorrow mrng with ur skl bag n uniform .
Abhi : haa .. Chashmish.. Papa is correct . stay here na…
All stare at him.. Pragya is also in surprise while hear those words from abhi..abhi then realize that wht he said..abhi down his head..
Bulbul : di uncle is right.. We can stay here na.. For one night..
n she look at aliya..
Aliya : diii bulbul is right.. I also want bulbul with me.. Pls di.
Sarala : pragya beta.. U can stay here… Its only for one night na.. I will come mrng with ur uniform..
Finally pragya ready to stay their..
While tanus parents annoyed seeing this all..
Tanus mother ( in mind ) : Wht a stupid drama.. All only think about their child . prem ji ko raghu ki beti chahiye.. They all forgot about my beti.. Bt now see how I stay her here..
Arora family leave from their..
Tanus papa : prem ji.. I also leaving now..
Mother : ya.. But if u want tanu stay here with u I also allow her .. Kya hei ki.. All kids staying here na..
Prem : that’s pleasure.. She can stay here.. With all…

Tanu n pragya get happy n hug each other.. They also leave from their..
Prem ; amitha go n ready guest room for kids..
Aliya : papa , bulbul will stay in my room..
Prem : ok , then tanu n pragya can stay in guest room.
Abhi : she can stay in my room papa..
Prem look at him..
Prem : its ok beta. Then where u n purab will stay..
All leave from the hall.. Pragya n tanu goes with amitha…
The guest room is nearer to abhis room
In guest room ,
Amitha : beta u can sleep now.. If u both want anything call me..
Pragya : ok aunty..
Amitha leave from their..
Tanu : good night pragya.. I’m feeling sleepy.. Its very late.
Pragya : good night..

Tanu lying on the bed.. Bt pragya thinking about abhi..
In abhis room.
Abhi is restless . he is walking ..purab change his dress n comes to abhi..
Purab : wht r u thinking…ohh I know about pragya na…
Abhi : yaa.. I want stay with me..
Purab : don’t worry. n sleep now..she is in our house na..
Abhi : bt she never talk to me.. I want to talk to her..
Purab : now.. Its not possible. . I think she will sleep now.. Better u also sleep now..
Abhi : I won’t sleep now.. n he bring his guitar..
Purab : u r going to play guitar.. Now .
Abhi : yaa..
Purab : I want to sleep now.. I’m going to akash ‘ s room. . bye..
Abhi : purab. ..
Purab leave from there..
Abhi start playing guitar.
He is smiling n thinking about pragya. .
While pragya heared the sound ..
Pragya : wht s the sound? It just like guitar.. But where ? Who playing this? Let’s check it..
She leave from there n comes to abhis room. She see abhi playing guitar.. n stay out in room.. . abhi didn’t see her arrival he is closing his eyes..
Pragya likes ..
Pragya : hello.may I come in?
Abhi is surprised hearing the sound.. n open his eyes..
He is very happy..

Abhi : of course.. U always welcome..
She come near abhi n sat beside him..
Pragya : nice.. U playing well…
Abhi : thanku . bt u didn’t sleep yet.
Pragya : wo I’m not feeling sleepy.. Then I hear the sound n come here.
Pls play one tune for me..?
Abhi : oo that’s my pleasure..
Abhi start playing..
Pragya :,woww its too good..
Abhi :vaise I want u tell one thing..
Pragya : what ?
Abhi : u sang well..
Pragya : thanks..
Pragya forward her hand n tell ” friends”
Abhi is surprised n very happy ..
He also forward his hand..
Abhi then hug pragya . she gets shy..
Abhi : u know .. Today I’m very happy.. U become my friend na.. Chashmish..
Pragya stare at abhi..
Pragya : u call me this name till now..
Abhi : haa…its really suits u.. n I only call u like this.. I doesn’t any another person call u like this..
Bt I today I mistakenly said to all sry .

Pragya : its ok .. Bt…
Abhi : don’t worry.. When I call u like this.. I feel u r mine…
Pragya stare at abhi.. Abhi also.. Bg ()
They started their chatting.. They talk long tym.. Bt they feel sleep n lying on bed .. Unknowingly..
Amitha n prem passed through there. n saw that.. They comes there..n cover both of them with blanket..
Prem : I’m so happy today.. I get my friend ..back.. n todaybi got this little princess.. n I’m so happy..
Amitha : I know.. I also feel happy. Pragya is nice girl..
Prem.: u r right.. If we gone..she will take care of him.
I want them together.. After they both grown I will ask pragya from raghu. Wo bhi like this..
Amitha : I know…
They leave from there happily..
Its morning.. When pragya gets up she see that abhi is hugging her n sleeping peace fully.. Pragya gets uncomfortable because abhi hug her tightly.. She try to move..
Abhi : purab. Pls sleep for more tym..
Pragya : abhishek.. Its me..
Abhi : what happen to ur voice … n open his eyes.. He is in damn shock…
Abhi gets up..
Abhi : I’m really sry chashmish.. I thought its purab . .
Pragya : its ok.. I don’t know.. When we sleep ..
While amitha comes their with coffee..

She gave to them..
Amitha : beta.. Sarala ji is waiting for u.. Go n get ready to skl…
n abhi go n get ready.
Pragya : maaa.. Aagayi . ok aunti…
All leave from there…
After some tym all get ready for skl..
Prem : all go n study well..
All goes to skl.. Abhi n purab is talking about last night..purab is hell shocked.. Hearing all..
Purab : what’s this yarr. She accepted u as friend .. That’s good.
Pragya n tanu joins them… They started walking……
Tanu started to talk abhi n pragya talk to purab.. Abhi wants to talk with pragya n also irrittatted by tanus bak bak…
They reaches skl.. While they found teacher near gate..she tell abhi n pragya to accompany them to staffroom.. Abhi n pragya leave with teacher.. Tanu n purab goes to CLS.. After completing their work they return to CLS. Abhi see that shikhar is waiting for pragya in entrance.. Abhi : someone is waiting for u ..
Pragya : who? n look at every where. .
Abhi : see our CLS…
She look at CLS n remain silent .
Abhi : u know he loves u..

Abhi really want to know about if she have any feeling towards shikhar..
Pragya : I know..
Abhi is in damn shock..
Abhi : u know?
Pragya smile n said I know…
Pragya : wo I know … I’m also studying in that CLS na… He didn’t tell me.. Bt he try to impress me a lot..
Abhi ( sad ) : u also love him na..
Pragya : I don’t know.. I think he is attracted to me..that’s not love.. We all children na .. At this age love doesn’t happen..
Abhi ( happily) haaa.. n love can start in any stage n its doesn’t depend on the place , age , money. Its about two person…
Pragya :ohh! R u going to research on love na…? n r u in love with any person .
Abhi ( in mind) i don’t know… I only need ur friendship ya anything more.. But if I tell this to her.. She will tell this as attraction… n she accepted me as friend just a day before.. n she is right its only a attraction..
While pragya wave her hand..
Abhi : haa .. Bolo..

Pragya : I ask u that u r in love na.. Because u tell like that na

Abhi laugh n tell : me? Love? Never..
They entered to the cls…
Shikhar comes to pragya ..
Shikhar : why r u so late.? I waiting here for u . .. More than an hour..
Pragya : hour?
Shikhar : wo .. Half n hour..
Pragya : why r u waiting for me?
While abhi is jealous seeing this..
Shikhar is about saying something but abhi called pragya.. She moved towards him..
Pragya : what?
Abhi : nothing..
Pragya stare at abhi..
Pragya : there is no reason why u called me..? I know u didn’t like shikhar na?
Abhi ( in mind ) : how she understand that?
Abhi : nothing like that, I think u think like that..
Pragya : oo rock star.. Don’t tell lie I know..
While teacher enters n they sat on respective bench…
Abhi,( in mind) : whts this abhi? R u jealous? Because u called
Chashmish na? She is right I hate shikhar? n abhi r u in love with chashmish na? No way. If its love.. She never accepect me.. If I told this then she never talk to me…

Pragya ( in mind ) : wht happen to u? If u want to abhi tell that he is jealous on us.. n why he called me when I talk to shikhar? Is this love? Love? No way.. Yesterday he accepted me as friend… Its not love..
She remenisces about the moments with abhi n turn to see abhi n smile at him.. Abhi always staring at pragya see this n smile at her..

The days goes faster.. They bond b/w two family . the friendship also become great b/w four of them… Bt abhigya feel more than friendship.. But they never told to each other.. ..
One fine day.. All r talking to each other in CLS. Shikhar comes to pragya
Shikhar : pragya , I want to talk to u..
Pragya : ok tell me..
Shikhar : its personal. I want to talk to u alone..

Abhi : if u want to talk to her.. Then tell front of us..
Pragya ( in mind) : if I talk to shikhar alone.. I can find that if abhi feels something for me… )
Pragya : ok .shikhar come we can go to ground n talk alone..
Abhi : bt chashmish..
Pragya : its ok abhi if its personal how can he said in front of all..
Pragya head to move abhi hold her wrist.. Pragya removes that and go back to shikhar.. But abhi is in peak of anger..
Tanu : come .. Let’s move with them.. We can find what he want to talk pragya..
Purab : wht r u telling? That’s not good ..
Abhi :whts not good.. Tanu is right.. I think she tell a right thing in first tym..
Tanu fumes.. Abhi runs from there .
They all comes to ground.. Pragya see that they all coming.. She start her acting..
She comes near to shikhar.. Shikhar get more worried..
Shikhar : stop there.. Don’t come near to me.. If u come here.. I can’t tell anything..
Pragya laugh n : then ok.. I’m not coming.. Let’s tell me whts the matter..
Shikhar : u know na what I’m going to tell..
Pragya : wht r u telling? If I know that.. Why I come to u?
Shikhar : hmmm.. I will tell.. He take a deep breath..
When I see u at first tym.. I feel something.. I feel something different than other girls.. Really ur special for me.. I want to talk u before a year . bt I feared that u will reject me.. I can’t control my self if u reject me.. n I want to see u in my full lyf.. I Love U pragya I really love u .. .
He bent in front of pragya n give her a rose flower.
While abhi is fuming ..
Abhi : how could she do like this to me..
Tanu : what she did? Look that wht a filmy scene… So cute..
Abhi get more angry n leave from there…
Purab : wht u did tanu?

Tanu : wht?
Purab : u know wht abhi feel for pragya..
Tanu : wht?
Purab : she loves her..
Tanu ( surprisingly) : omg.. R u sure..
Purab : omg. Wht I did.. I tell all this laddu.. Haa listen he loves her.. But dont tell this to her. He will tell to her… If u brake my word I will kill u.. .
Tanu : ok .. I won’t tell anything to her.. U know I like their jodi.. Their fightings.. So cute na…in our CLS there is a talk that they r lovers.
Purab .: wht?
Tanu : close ur mouth.. Its true.. Now let’s try. We can join them .
They have a HiFi..they also leave from there.
After some tym they sitting in canteen.. Abhi is in peek of anger…tanu blink at purab..
Tanu : u know .. Shikhar proposed pragya after a long tym . he start loving pragya from last year. Bt he have no strength to tell her..finally he do that like a hero..
Abhi gets irritated
Abhi : can u stop ur talk now? Its irritating..
Tanu : wht happend to u.? I talk with my own mouth na? Whts ur prblm..
Abhi : that’s ur mouth . but I’m hearing the sound na..
Tanu : ooo.. I know my talking is not ur prblm.. Pragya is ur prblm.. Hei na?,
Abhi stare at purab ..
Tanu : why u staring at him.. I ask question na … Answer me.. If u not answer me will tell this to pragya..
Abhi : no .. I will tell…I don’t no whether it is attraction ya love…I’m so confused.. Because I didn’t tell this to pragya .. Bt I’m really happy when I’m with her.. n when she is not with me I really miss her.. I don’t know whts that…
Tanu : abhiiiii… I’m really happy.. That’s what we called love..
Abhi : really.. Yes I love with pragya.. My chashmish.. n smile..

But wht about shikhar.. If she accepted that..
Tanu : not at all.. She never do like that.. If she loves him she will tell me..
Abhi : that’s ok.. If she loves me.then also tell u na.. She didnt do yet na..
Tanu : for that u want to propose her ..
While pragya comes there..
Pragya : all staying here… Didn’t attened CLS?
Abhi : y u here.. U should attend th e CLS na? Why y didn’t do that?,
Pragya : wo nothing.. I didn’t have moode..
Tanu : where u go with shikhar.. n wht he tell ..
Pragya : nothing Yarr..
Tanu : ohh ! Secret..
Pragya : I will tell u later..
Abhi : ohh! U can tell this to ur friend.. We r going from here.. Purab come on..
Pragya : nothing like that rock star.. Wait.. I will tell..
Wo shikhar ne muje propose kiya.. He tells me that he loves me ..
Tanu : wht did u tell..
Pragya : I tell that.. I reply after thinking…
Now abhi is in peak of anger..
Abhi : why u can’t tell that u didnt love him..
Pragya : why I tell like that…?,
Abhi : because u didn’t love him na.. U tell this to me..
Pragya : no .. I didn’t mean that.. I’m confused about him. .. I’m not sure about that..but now I want to think about that..
Abhi : then why u come here? Go n stay with ur boy friend.. U always lie to me. n ur a lier … n leaves from there with purab.
Pragya ( in mind) : I know u r jealous. .. When u will realize wht is reality.. U will come n tell me the truth.. That u love me.. n I love u… Rock star..

Tanu : u love shikhar ?
Pragya : don’t ask this question now.. U will get answer soon .. Tanu is puzzled with pragyas answer..pragya n tanu leaves to house..
While abhi goes to washroom . then abhi see that there is some boys are seeing something.. He moved there.. He see that n starts laughing..
Shikhar is crying hardly..
Abhi control his laugh n sat beside him.and he tell all boys to go from there.. All leaves.
Abhi : wht happen yarrr?
Shikhar : nothing Yarr ..
Abhi : u won’t tell me na.. We r friends na.? If u don’t share this to anyone.. It will hurt u more.. Tell me..
Shikhar : I proposed pragya just before..
Abhi : wht? Then wht she said..
Shikhar : if she reject me directly I have no prblm.. But what she did it hurts me..
Abhi ( confusingly) : wht she said .. Tell me na.
Shikhar : she tell me that .. She also feel more for me..

Abhi : wht?
Shikhar : she also feel more than friendship.. n she said that.. She have no brother n when she see me she feel that I’m her brother..
Abhi is surprised n laugh..
Shikhar : r u laughing at me.. n start crying..
Abhi : no Yarr… Don’t worry.. U will get better on than pragya ..
U can think like that.. U proposed for her love.. Now u got a sister.. Feel happy for that.. n abhi wipe his tears n leave from there..
Purab : r u happy now..?
Abhi : I’m super happy . wo mega chashmish hei.. She is mine..
I want tell this now..
Purab : but she left.. Bt if she reject u..
Abhi : no Yarr .. I understand everything.. She is testing me.. She make me jealous.. Well played. . chashmish.. Ohh! Its Friday naa.. Ok I will wait for Monday.. I will make u confess me.. I know u loves me.. n. I love u chashmish..

Its night..
Pragya in her bed.. Thinking about abhi..
:.” he is so jealous na.. I can see that in his eyes.. n. Iknow u will now know about wht happens b/ w me n shikhar.. Ohh ! Its Friday .. Okk I will wait for till Monday.. I love u rockstar.. Bt i didn’t tell this to anyone.. Tanu.. I share all with her.. I hide this from her.. That’s ok .. She will know about in Monday….. She smile .. n remenisces about those moment with abhi ..

In abhis room
U played with me.. na wait till Monday.. Wht I will do with u.. I love u chashmish.. n reminiscences about pragya n smile…

(BG Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Hmm… aa…

Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan) .
the episode end with abhigayas happy face…

Precap :abhi ( itself) : I need u pragya… For complete my promis to papa.. I’m coming my bachpan ka pyar keliya..

Pragya ( itself) : I didnt want see u abhishek prem mehra… I hide myself from u forever.. To complete my promise to my maa.. I did nt need my bachapan ka pyar..

Hope u all like it.. Sorry for the late update.. I’m really busy with my studies.. Thanks for who commenting on my ufff.. n also wish comments from silent readers.. Keep ur support..

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