BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 7)


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Let’s start the story..pragya is standing beside teacher…
Teacher : one more thing I also want a representative from boys
side.. I think it should be abhishek.. He is new here.. Bt l like he handle all of u when u all giggled at him..

Abhishek , come here…
Abhi is in damn shock but also little happy.
Abhi ( in mind) : areyy wht a miracle.. Now I can talk with her easily..
Abhi look at pragya and move towards teacher.. All other student happy for the decisions.
Pragya n abhi comes back n sit .. She once turn to see abhi…there abhi is staring at pragya without blinking his eyes..pragya some how manages that she doesn’t look towards abhi.. The classes r taken by different teachers. b/w the Classes. Abhi is always looking at pragya. But she is fully concentrated in class..
Its lunch break..

Girls suddenly start their lunch. Pragya also.. Suddenly a boy come towards pragya n ask for water.. He is shikhar ( from MATSH) . pragya give water to him.. All other boys r teasing him.. Pragya feel angry n left from there.. For washing lunch box n hand.. But here abhi is in full of confusion.

Abhi ( in mind) : why all the boys teasing that boy with chahmish ki name.. Is they r lovers.. No.. Nothing like that … Abhi don’t think over …
If they r in love whts ur prblm? U want her attention only.. That’s not love.. Then why r u so worried..a boy teased by her name.. No that’s not possible. No others have right on her.. . wht r u thinking abhi.? U gone mad.. Really whts my prblm.. I can’t understand anything..
While abhi n deep thought.. Shikhar comes to abhi n introduce himself n forward his hand for friendship.. But abhi doesn’t reply anything.. Finally abhi comes to sense n forward his hand.. They sit together to have lunch.. Some more boys joint them..

Purab : can I ask one question..,shikhar..
Shikhar :of course.. From this moment we r friends na? U wont ask permission before talking..
Purab,: is pragya n u have any relation other than friends..
Shikhar laugh at him. Here abhi who listen egarly waiting for the answer from him. . abhi gets irritated..
Abhi : don’t laugh Yarr.. R u in love with chashmish…
Shikhar: chashmish..
Abhi realized wht he said..
Abhi ( in mind),: ohh ! Why u done abhi.. U said that name to him .. If she knows about this .. She will kill u..

Shikhar : u know abhi.. We all called her as lady Hitler.. n now chashmish..
Abhi is surprised hearing the name lady Hitler..
Abhi : what ? Hitler? She so strict na?,

Shikhar : strict? No she allow us to play in CLS . she help us to write assignment..
Abhi : then why u all called her Hitler..?
Shikhar.. : u know I love her..
Abhi is little upset hearing he thinking that.. If she also like him .
Abhi : ohh! That’s nice ( sad tone)
Shikhar : first hear fully..

Last yr a boy from another CLS proposed her..n give her a rose flower n letter..
Abhi is so surprised n egar to hear full story..
Abhi : then?
Shikhar.. : she throw all that things to his face n also scold him..
Abhi is really happy for what she done.
Abhi : then..

Shikhar : at that day.. Skl got over. That boy comes with his brother. His brother scold pragya. Bt pragya didn’t tell anything. n left from their..
Abhi : then..
Shikhar : next day we see that pragya is twisted that boys brother hand for scolding her yesterday..
Abhi : what ? His brother?
Shikhar : yaa abhi .. They both brothers come s to our CLS that mrng also n scold pragya n insist her to tell I love u to his brother..
She get s angry n twist his brother hand.. n she said that…” Love is not a thing to buy with sacring a girl n get it from her.. ”

She also beat that boy. From that day we all call her lady Hitler. I love her.. Bt I can’t tell this directly . she will reject me.. I’m trying to she feel something for me.. Then I will propose her . bt now I’m sure she has some soft corner towards me. When I get fully satisfied I will tell her..
Abhi is in damn shock…
Abhi : she loves u?
Shikhar : I don’t know Yarr… I think so.. Bt its unpredictable about lady hitler. n why r u so egar to know about her? ( teasing tone) …
Abhi : eyy .. Nothing yarrr. I’m just asking.. U..
Shikhar : achha .. Gud boy.. Don’t think more about her… She is mine..
Abhi gets irritated by the statement of shikhar..
Abhi is about to say something.. Pragya enters to the CLS.. All boys loudly.. ; chashmish lady hitler…

Pragya is in shock..n look at abhi.. Abhi also in shock what all did..
Pragya gets angry n stare at abhi. .. Abhi can’t see her in anger she down his head…
At a tym a boy comes there n inform that their CLS teacher calling both abhi n pragya.. Abhi gets revealed n happy to talking her alone.. n clarify all mistake n make friendship with her.. Now abhi is waiting for pragya’ s calling him to come along with her.. He thought she will call him because he is new .. But he shocked.. Without calling him she left from there . abhi runs behind her n call her .

Abhi : heyy chashmish…
Pragya irrittated hearing the name.. n stand there.. Abhi comes to pragya ..
Pragya standing silently in angry.. Abhi take a deep breathe..
Abhi : heyy,,why u not call me ?
Pragya : why would I call u? U r not my friend.. n u made me funny infront of the CLS.. .. n u scold me before some tym.. After all these happens.. Then u think that I will call u.. What r u thinking about itself..oo I know rock star na…
Abhi is silently hearing pragya ‘ s scolding.. He never want to loose the chance to get her friendship.. Before abhi says anything.. Pragya left from there.. Abhi follow pragya to staffroom .
Teacher : both .. Come here… Today after noon there is no more CLS.. From tommorow there is scheduled clses.. n H.M inform all these in CLS.. I called both of u to help me in some work…
Wait 10 min I will come back..
Teacher leave from there.. Abhi n pragya r in second flor..they r watching all students r leaving from there.. Pragya really sad. She want to go back to house.. But abhi is really happy that he can spend more tym with pragya.. Tanu n purab comes there with abhi n pragya ‘s bag…
Abhi n pragya : wait for some tym..
They 4 get shocked by their unity.. Pragya looks at abhi.. Tanu drag pragya to a corner..
Tanu : what’s going on here.. Before u scolding him n called him as Dracula… Now u both get united na?
Pragya : nothing like that.. Just before few minute we r fighting for he called me cha… n stop..

Tanu : he called ? Wht?
Pragya stare at tanu.
While purab is teasing abhi for the sudden action.. While teacher comes there..
Teacher : purab n tanu .. U r also here?
Tanu : wo I’m waiting for pragya..
Purab : I’m waiting for abhi..
Teacher : ok, that’s good.. U all guyzz do work in unity.. n go home.. They shook their head.. Teacher start walking…they follow teacher..
They entered to library..

Teacher : we got some books to our CLS.. We should arrange them in two shelf…. U both divide into two groups n arrange them.
Abhi ( in mind) pls make pragy my group..
Pragya ( in mind) ohh! Pls don’t make this Dracula in my group..

Teacher : I think abhi n pragya then tanu n purab..
Abhi is in cloud of nine while pragya is in sad. They arrange the books… While their is a fight b/w abhi n pragya for last row n top most .who arrange that.. At last pragya stand in a stool n start arranging.. He giving books to her. While he get disturbed by some sound n looks there. While pragya is asking for book…pragya really angry n turn to look abhi . she loose her balance.. Abhi doesn’t notice that .. Both of them falls down.. Both look at each others eyes..( BG.
Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja

Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna

Hmm… aa…

Tere liye aaya main toh
Tere sang jaana
Dholna ve tere naal
Jindri bitavaan

Kadi naiyo chhodna
Ishq di dor na
Saare chhad jaayen maahi
Tu na chhodna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna


Tere sang hasna main
Tere sang rona
Tujhme hi rehna main
Tujhme hi khona

Dil mein chhupa ke tujhe
Dil naiyo kholna
Marke bhi maahi tosey
Munh na modna
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna)

pragya n abhi comes to sense . she realize that she is on top of abhi. She suddenly gets up.. n but this tym she is so nervous.. She didn’t say any word n start her work… Abhi is surprised by the action of pragya.. He is really think she will beat him… They complete their work.. They leave from there.. n inform teacher.. Pragya n tanu moves fast from there . Abhi wants to talk her.. He follows her.. But purab stops him.

Abhi : pls purab 5 min. I wnt to talk her.. Leave me..
Purab : I’m thinking about how we leave before evening.. Don’t u remember today evening party hei na?
Abhi : I know purab…that’s for papas friends na..
Purab,: u don’t remember .. Bada papa told u na .. They will be on right tym..
Abhi : bt chashmish..
Purab : abhi,,meet her tomorrow..
Abhi : but today chashmish is in nice moode.. U see na she didn’t tell any word at library.. But I think she will beat me.. Lady hitler.. n smile..
Purab : don’t worry.. We can talk later..
They leave from there…

Scene shift to pragya’ s side..
Pragya n tanu waits for bulbul ..bulbul comes there n hug tanu n pragya.. They start walking.. Tanu leave them after.. Sometym..
Bulbul :di . today a bhoothini join in my CLS..
Pragya : bhoothini… n laugh..

Bulbul : haaa di she is very selfish.. n u know she is talking in rude way to all…
Pragya : in my CLS a Dracula ..
Bulbul : Dracula.. Really scaring he I kya?
Pragya : no .. He is so handsome.. A smile appear on pragyas face .
Bulbul : di r u smiling.. Romance hei kya.? Lady hitler changed..
Bulbul teased her..
Pragya stare at her..
Pragya : nothing like that.. He is so irritating.. U know he called me chashmish.. How dare he? n whole CLS called me like that because of that Dracula..
Bulbul laugh hardly. ..
Bulbul : chashmishhh.. Its really suits u..

n ran from there.. Pragya chases her..
They reaches home.. There sarala n raghav n whole family is getting ready to go to somewhere..
Sarala : ohh!, both come home so early.. Thats good..
Raghav : I buy new dress for both of u.. Go n get ready..
Pragya n bulbul : new dress.. Vawww..

Pragya : but where we r going?
Raghav : my friend come back from america…there is a small party for us..
Bulbul : really.. Party.. Great…
We will ready soon.. Pragya n bulbul left there..

While in mehra mansion..
The arrangement for the party is going on..
Abhi is lying in his bed.. Thinking about the skl ..
Purab gets ready..
Purab : stop dreaming Yarr..get ready. .. The party start now..
Abhi : ohh! I know .. Pls don’t disturb yarr..
Purab : if u not get ready soon bada papa will scold u..
Abhi : u feared ur bada papa … I’m not sacred of any one..
Purab : achaa.. Bada papa .. Aap..
Abhi : wo I’m going to ready … This purab don’t allow me to ready..
Abhi gets up.. But there is no one.. Purab laugh.. n run from there…
Abhi gets ready n come to the hall..

While tanu n her family comes there n both the family hug each other..
Abhi n tanu see each other n in damn shock..
Abhi : u ? Here?
Tanu : u ?
Abhi : first I ask question na.? Answer me..
Tanu: papa ki friend se milna aya . I think our parents r friends .
Abhi : I think u r right . n forward his hand.. Friends..
Tanu shake the hand..
Purab also joint them .

Abhi : chashmish ? Not come na? .
Tanu : first her name is not chashmish..
Abhi : I know lady hitler na?
Tanu stare at him..
Abhi : ok ok.. I know pragya na? She won’t come na ?
Tanu : I don’t know. .
Abhi leave from there..purab n tanu talking …
Abhi comes to entrance n looks at there..
Abhi ( in mind) : ohh!, I really missing her.. If she comes here.. n smile..
But why she come here…

While pragya enters to the function.. She is wearing pink frock..
Abhi sees her . n didn’t belive..he close her eyes n open…
While someone drag her from there..
Its our tanu..
Pragya : tanu, u r here.. I’m so happy.. I think its very boring party..
Tanu : its a shocking party.. Shocks r waiting for u..
Pragya : shock? What?
Tanu turn pragya s face n show purab. Its really shocking for pragya. .
Tanu then show abhi ….

Pragya really sacred .
Pragya : u r right.. Its really shocking
Party.. Abhishek here…
Tanu : why happen to u? U called him as Dracula na? Suddenly changes to abhishek..
Pragya : why he is here?
Tanu : he is at home.. We come to his house.
Pragya : but papa tell that this is his friends home..
Abhishek is papas friends son..
If papa knows that I scold him . papa will scold me…
Tanu : don’t worry Yarr. God ji save us..

Come go to hole…else it will become big prblm…
Pragya is not ready to come hole… Tanu drags her..
Here abhi is really confused. She goes to purab .
Abhi : purab .. I see chashmish here..
Purab : r u gone mad .. ? Why she come here..
Abhi : I see her.. Bt when I close my n reopened. She is not there..
Purab : I’m sure u gone mad.. Why r u also think about her..
If I talk with u I also gone mad..
Purab leave from there.
In hole they all see each other n very happy to see each otherr. . pragya n tanu comes there.. Prem like pragya very much..
Prem : raghu, ur daughter is so cute.. I like her..

Pragya smile n wish him. .
He hug pragya..
While tanus parents r irritating seeing this..
Tanus mother : they start their emotional drama.. I think I will patch up with mehra family n go to america.. This aroras will spoil my dream..
Tanus father : don’t worry.. We can do anything.. But not now..
Tanis family also join there…
Abhi comes there..n again see pragya… But he could see her clearly.. Bulbul drag her to another side..
Bulbul : dii .. I see bhoothini here ..
Pragya : bhoothini .. What r u saying..
Bulbul : I told u na .. A bhoothini join my CLS today..
Pragya : what’s her name ?,
Bulbul : aliya prem mehra..
Pragya : ohh!, I understand aliya is sister of abhishek..

Bulbul : who is the abhishek?
Pragya : I told u na Dracula…
Bulbul : ohh!bhoothini is sister of Dracula.. Correct combination..
While abhi is really in confusion..
Abhi ( in mind) : abhi , u gone mad.. She make u mad.. Why u always think about her.. Because u see her each n every where…
Prem call abhi n introduce abhi to raghu..
Raghu : ur son is so handsome.. Just like u..
Raghav also called pragya there.. Abhi is in shock..

They see each other.. Episode end here..

Precap : pragya is singing..abhi just memerized in her…

Thanku all supporting me.. Because of u all I update my uff.. In my busy scheduled.. n keep supporting me..

Credit to: karthu

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