BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 6)


Hiii guyzzz.. I’m really happy while seeing ur commentss… I know last episode is dragging.. But from today I go directly to abhigya childhood.. Because I stopped the last episode with abhigyas reminiscences about their childhood.. I think its perfect to start their childhood story..

Coming to the story..
Now the story is gone back to 7 yrs its happening in Punjab.. Its a story of two families.. Arora n mehra family.. They r live together as one family.. Abhigya’s parents r childhood friends. . they marry at same tym.. n destiny made their children birth in same tym..mehra family is rich n arora family is middle CLS.. Bt in their relation never show such adifference.

First of all some sort of introduction..
Mehra family ( abhi )
Prem mehra .. Father of abhi
Amitha prem mehra .. Mother of abhi. ..
They have two children
Abhishek prem mehra..n his younger sister aliya prem mehra
Arora family ( pragya )
Raghav arora ,… Father of pragya
Sarala arora…mother of pragya..
They have two children.
Pragya arora n her younger sister bulbul arora..
Purab is son of prem mehra ‘ s brother….
Tanu’ s parents r family friend of mehra..
Unfortunately.. The destiny made the family split up.. Actually purab’ s parents die in an accident. It create a big shock to mehra family.. Purab ‘ s family is staying in USA.after the death mehra family also shifted to USA for take care of purab n his business.. This suuden incident made the family split..
The story begines with the returning of mehra family to Punjab…

Let’s start ..
A fine morning in Punjab ..
A school is school of Punjab… Its a welcome day , they celebrate this day for newcomers..
All r busy with their work… A teacher is giving instruction to a girl.. That girl so worried n she is shivering.. She is always adjusting her chashma.. That is our pragya…she is going to give a speech on welcome day.. A girl comes near to pragya n give water bottle.. She is our tanu…
Pragya : where u gone? R u preparing water in CLS..?
Tanu : ohh! R u scolding me? Don’t forget I give u this water… n turn from there. .
Pragya : ohh! Sry babaa… My sweet laddu na… Pls forgive me…
Tanu stare at pragya. .
Tanu : I always told u that don’t call me like this.. U started call me this name.. Now full CLS call me like this..
Pragya : ohh!,leave it Yarr.. I’m so worried.. How I give speech in this big crowd..
Tanu : ohh!,now my sherni start fear na?
Don’t worry… Its not ur first tym na?
Pragya : not first tym.. Bt I feel so strange today… Something is happening to me…
Tanu : u r not going to fight.. Its just a speech na? Last yr u r the head girl of the skl .. U speek in many function.. Now why u feel so worried.
Pragya : ya .. U r right.. Bt I don’t know wht happening to me..
The program started.. They announce her name.. Pragya drink water again.
Pragya : tanu . go n sit where. I can see u perfectly.
Tanu : okk .. Baba.. Go. ..ur name already announced..
Pragya n tanu hug each other n leave from there..
Pragya comes stage n stood near mike
A boy enters to the clg.. He is looking around.. His eyes stuck on pragya .. Bt pragya is searching for tanu.. She see tanu n smile at her.. He saw pragya is smiling.. A smile also comes to his face…pragya start her speech.. Bt abhi can’t understand any word.. He is fully attracted towards pragya’ s eyes..
Another boy enters to the college come near abhi n shook him… Its our purab..

Purab : heyy abhi , where r u?
Abhi didn’t give any answer..
Then purab repeat this question again loudly .. This disturbs abhi..
Abhi : wht r u doing purab.. Don’t make noise.. See that girl.. How cute na, ? I think in her eyes something is their..
Purab : Yarr that is chashma can’t u see properly.
Abhi get irritated..
Abhi : I can see that.. I tell about in her eyes I can see some magic.. I can’t take my eyes from her..
Purab:ohh! Magic?
Abhi : she is beautiful na? How cute..very pretty..
Abhi gets sad when the speech get over n she go back stage…
Abhi ; ohh ! She is gone..
Purab is continuously staring abhi ..
Abhi : heyy purab why r u staring me like this..
Purab : u start ur romance ? We just enter to this school.. We didn’t know about her .. Her name .. If she is elder to us. .. Then wht will u do
Abhi : areeyy … I’m not romancing Yarr.. I like her.. Its not love yar.. So I didn’t care about her age.. But one thing.. I can’t take of my eyes from her when I see her.. I need her details.. I want to become her friend..
Purab : wht r u telling ? We r just entered to this skl.. We didn’t find our CLS yet.. U want find about that girl..
Purab drag abhi from there..

They r walking through the corridor.. They r talking seriously.. Pragya also come opposite to them.. They didn’t see her.. They r about to pass through each other without noticing.. While tanu call pragya from back.. She turn to see tanu.. She collide with abhi.. They falls down . its really hurt them.. Abhi then notice her.. He mesmerise seeing her.. While pragya is really shouting in pain.. Abhi also get hurt but he forgot about himself while seeing pragya ..
Pragya is really angry at him
Pragya : oyye.. Don’t u have eyes.. Can’t u walk perfectly..
Abhi didn’t answer her question..
Pragya : acchha.. I understand.. U wantedly collide with me.. na.. U all boys r same .. They never leaveba chance hit a girl..
While purab get angry for scolding abhi..
Purab : eyy.. Stop ur drama.. All boys r same ? Wht u mean? All boys r not wantedly collide with girl .. Oo n don’t get over smart..
Pragya n purab start argument..
While abhi come to sense.. He think that pragya scolding purab without any reason. She collid with me na… This make abhi angry..
.abhi : heyy chashmish..
Pragya get surprised hearing the name..
Pragya : how dare u call me like this?
Abhi : ( in mind ) Ohh ! Wht I did .. I called her chashmish.. U gone abhi.. Before a moment u want her she will become ur dushman ..
Pragya : can’t u hear.. ? Aur eye n ears have any prblm?
Abhi : prblm is urs.. Why r u shouting at him instead of me?
Pragya : don’t ask this to me? Ask ur friend.. He will tell u clearly..
Abhi : oyye chashmish.. Don’t over smart.. I know him well.. n u have no right ask question him
Pragya is peak of anger..
Pragya : wht u think about ur self?
Abhi : rock star…
Pragya :, kya? U wantedly collide n falls me.. Now u scolding me? How mean u r..
Abhi : mean me.. I also tell like that..
Pragya : wht?
Abhi : u collide n falls me down ..
Pragya : why I do like that..
Abhi : u wanted my attention on u na?, u girls never leave a handsome boy na ?,

Pragya : cheee… Handsome… U?, pragya smile…
Pragya,: I think u never see ur face in mirror.. If u see…u never talk like this…
Abhi :,how dare u? Ayya bada beauty queen.. If a boy see ur face once he never wantedly see ur face again ..
They argue over … Different things..
While purab n tanu is really worried seeing their fighting.. All other students seeing their fight… Finally the bell rang… Tanu n purab drag them from their..

In pragya ‘s side…
She is walking n murmuring..
Tanu : wht r u doing there? Fighting ? R u gone mad? U r still head girl of the skl..
Pragya : r u see na? How that boy talking to me … How rude he is… n how dare he call me like that..
Tanu laugh..
Tanu : chashmish.. Cute name na.. n its suits u..
Pragya looks angrily..
Tanu : why r u looking like this.. U also call me with nick name na?,
Pragya : we r friends na .. I have no prblm if u call me.. Bt how he can do like that…
n u hear na wht he said..
Tanu : wht..?
Pragya : he sjaid na that noboday look back me.. ? R u think like that?
Tanu : really wht is ur prblm.. ? He called u as chashmish aur he said u looking bad?
Pragya : I’m really don’t care about wht boys said about my beauty…I never want their attention on me..
Tanu : ( in low voice ) because all boys call u as Hitler..
Pragya : wht u said..
Tanu : nothing..
Pragya : hmm.. I will never leave him
Tanu : leave it yar..
Pragya : how? Don’t u hear wht he said? Bada aya handsome … He is just like a Dracula. ..

Tanu : don’t tell like that..he is really handsome.. So smart..
Pragya angrily looks at tanu.. Tanu really frightened seeing pragya..
Tanu : leave it Yarr. I’m jocking.. He is not just like a Dracula.. He is really Dracula.. Bt pragya I feel that I see them before.. But I can’t remember where?
Pragya : ohh! Come its too late.. Teacher should come..
They leave from there…
In abhi ‘ s side ..
Abhi is in deep thought about pragya..
Purab : wht r u doing there? Just before u said na.. U want her friendship..
Now if she see u again … She will kill u.. Wht u call her chashmish.. n u also said bad about her beauty..
Girl never like a boy make fun about her…
Abhi : wht is this Yarr.. Stop this.. I’m already in confusion… Now how I talk to her.. U talking like that she never accept me as friend…
Purab : why u shouting like that..? U wantedly collide with her na…
Abhi : no Yarr.. I didn’t see her .. I’m scolding her because of u..
Purab: me? Wht I did?
Abhi : u didnt do anything… She scold u na .. Vo bhi without any reason…
Purab : wht r u talking.. She scolded me because I scold her.. I did like that , because she scolding u n u didn’t responding..
Abhi : wht ?she scold me? I didn’t hear.. n I think the mistake is mine.. I didn’t notice her na..
Purab : ohh! U changed a lot ….
Abhi : hm. Bt she is so cute in angry face. How I find her ?
Purab : its too late .. We can find her latter…first we want to find our CLS… U forgot what bada papa said ” if we make prblm he never leave us”
Abhi : haaa.. I remember..because of u papa is not here…if he comes with us .. Our skl days r gone..
They leave from there..
While pragya n Tanu r in CLS .(8std). They r talking to friends about their vacation.. Teacher enters to the CLS students wish her.. Teacher is busy with sort out students name…
While abhi n purab comes there..
Abhi : excuse me ma’am.. May we come in?
Teacher : yes come in.. Both of u new admission na?,
Abhi : yes.. I’m abhishek prem mehra..
Purab : purab khanna..
Teacher : go n sit..

While pragya headed to see new friends.. She is damn shock.. Abhi is about to see pragya .. She turn towards Tanu, who really busy with her chatting.
Tanu : why happend ?why r so tensed..
Pragyaa : look there
She turn n see abhin purab . but she is laughing..
Pragya : why r u laughing..
Tanu : u gone pragya .. He is new admission in our CLS.. He never leaves u…now he gone a kill u..n giggled..
Pragya stare at her.. Abhi sat back to pragya in next boys row..
Pragya really worried.. Teacher start calling names.. She called abhishek prem mehra.. Pragya realize that its abhis name.. Because they r the only new students n she see without turning abhi stand teacher called that name…
Pragya ( in mind.) : abhishek.. Nice name.. But I hear the name.before.. But where? If tanu knows..
Pragya ( in low voice) :,tanu , u hear the name na… That’s his name.. But I think that I hear the name before…
Tanu : I also think that.. I told u na.. I see them before.. But I didn’t remember ..
Then teacher called pragya ‘ s name.. Abhi ( in mind) nice name…n different… Whobis that girl face is not seen..
Pragya however managed to without seeing abhi.. But she knows they r in same CLS.. He will see her…
Teacher : from today we r going to start new yr .. We will study different lesson.. Before that we have new admission… We want know about them na..
All shook their head..

Purab comes n introduce himself.. While talking about their.. Parents tears rolled down from his eyes.. Pragya notice that n she also feel bad. ..
Its abhis turn.. Pragya down her head. But listen care fully..
Abhi introduce about himself…
Teacher : what’s ur ambition..?
Abhi : I want to become rock star…
All giggled at him..
Pragya remember he said to her when they r fighting..
Teacher :,don’t make noise..
Abhi :,its ok teacher.. Where a rockstar present their is no one can sit silent..
All r stunned hearing his sudden answer..
Pragya also surprised n impressed by his answer …
Pragya ( in mind) : she is not much rude.. But he is very smart…a smile comes in face.. Abhi try to see pragyas face while going back to seat.. Bt he can’t see her face..
Teacher : one more thing..I want to select a CLS representive from this CLS.. I think its pragya.. She do her work nicely in last yr.. If all ok with my selection .. Pragya , come here.. She goes to teacher… n turn
Abhi is in damn shock..also purab..
Abhi ( in mind) : ohh; god she is here.. We study together..ohh her name is pragya .. Nice.. But how I face her.. Its clear latter.. Now I’m really happy.. We will study together..
The thoughts of abhi broken when all r clap for the decision.. Pragya is very much happy.. Abhi also joint all ..she start clapping.. Pragya notice that.. She looks at him. He also.. The scene freezes with their eye lock..
Hope u all like it…

Pre cap : abhi is in confusion..
Abhi (in mind.) : abhi , u gone mad.. She make u mad.. Why u always think about her.. Because u see her each n every where…

Sry guyzz for the late update.. There is only few more days to reopene my clg. I have lots of work to complete.. But I will my free tym… n pls give ur support continuously..

Credit to: karthu

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