BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 5)


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Coming to the story..
Pragya is standing in the balcony.. She is looking at moon.. Some one comes there n hugs pragya from back..
Pragya : bulbul, leave me Yarr..
Bulbul : ohh ! Di u didn’t like my hug from today… Don’t talk to me never..
Pragya : offo .. Meri chotti.. Don’t get emotional… And she cup the face of bulbul.. But bulbul turn from there..
Pragya : ooo my chotti didn’t talk to me now.. Sry baba ..
Bulbul : u could not solve this prblm by just saying Sry..
Pragya : then tell me wht u want..
Bulbul : song….
Pragya : now .. I can’t ..
Bulbul make angry n start to walk from there…
Pragya : chotti, try to understand..
Then pragya see bulbul face
Pragya : ok , don’t get angry . I will sing..
Bulbul get happy n hug pragya
Bulbul : that’s my u
( pragya is a very good singer from childhood)
Pragya starts singing…

Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho

Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho ( from the movie tamasha )
Pragya get teary eye n stops singing..
Bulbul : dii sing full song.. Pls..
Pragya hide her tears..
Pragya : its enough chotti..
Bulbul : are u crying dii..
Pragya : no chotti.. Wht r u saying.. Me ? Cry?,
Bulbul : don’t hide at me..
Bulbul goes in front of pragya n cup her face..
Bulbul : diii don’t cry.. Now u started hiding things from me na ?
Pragya suddenly hug bulbul n start crying hardly…
Bulbul : don’t cry diii… Wht happen to u suddenly? If u don’t stop ur crying .. I also cry…
Bulbul act as crying like a child.. Pragya smile seeing bulbul ki childish behavior..
Bulbul : thank god.. Finally my di smiled…
Dii what happen to u ? Tell me na .. I’m ur chooti na

Pragya : I will tell u but don’t tell this to maa..
Promise me..
Bulbul : ok di promise..
Pragya : I see tanu n purab today.. Tanu n me r n same CLS..
Bulbul get excited..
Bulbul : wht a pleasant surprise.. How much yrs passed without seeing them.. ..
Pragya gets worried…
Pragya : don’t make noise.. If u make noise like this mom knows everything.
Bulbul take a breath n kept finger on lips..
Pragya : that’s my chotti..
Bulbul : ( in low voice) pls tell me na dii..
Pragya stare at bulbul .. Lovingly..
Pragya : ok .. Listen.. She narrates all the incident happened in clg.
Bulbul : if u told everything to tanu..n why didn’t tell this to purab..
Pragya : I really didn’t want to tell anything to tanu.. But destiny created such an incident.. And chotti.. Wht r u telling without thinking.. If purab gets know about me.. Then abhi n his family know about this…
Bulbul : yes di..
Pragya : u know na , maa doesn’t like to go back to pass life..
Bulbul : if tanu di tell this to abhi jiju..
Pragya : no , she didn’t tell….she promise me na ?
Bulbul : I think she directly tell this to abhi jiju.. She convey this news indirectly na ?
Pragya : haa. I think u r right.. I think purab also doubt on me.
When tanu find me at our first meeting.. I think purab also feel that.
Bulbul : u r right di..
Pragya : now I understand..
Bulbul : what?
Pragya : purab n one of his friend drop in home ..
Bulbul : wht ? Ohh! I miss the chance to meet them..

Pragya : I’m worried about they get know about me .. U talking about seeing them..
Bulbul : Sry di.. I’m so excited to see them..
Pragya : but I feel something fishy in that tym.. Purab always talk about childhood.. But I hear that stories without giving any clue to him. And I also get down 1 km before our home… But he insisted to come our home.. But tanu help me..
Bulbul : vaw di… U r a genius… I think purab is spy on u.. He have doubt on u…
Pragya : yaa… However I controlled today… I want to more care ful about upcoming days…
Bulbul hug pragya n console her.. While pragyas phn rings..
Its tanu..
Pragya : tanu is calling me this tym ? Ohh ! I think she wants to discuss about staying here..
Bulbul : staying here.. ? Wht r u telling . ?
Pragya : I’m really Sry..iforgot about this matter.. After attending this call I will tell u..
Bulbul : ok dii.. Attende the call .. n put the call in speaker.. I wnt to talk to her…
Pragya attend the call…
Tanu : pragya ..
Pragya : has bolo sweet laddu..
Tanu : I told u na don’t call me like that.. Then I will also called u chashmish..
Pragya : ok! Don’t get hyper.. I never ever call u laddu..this is my promise to my laddu..
Tanu : chashmishhh…
Bulbul laugh hearing their sweet fight..
Tanu : who is that pragya ?
Pragya : wo don’t u remember?
Bulbul interfer their Convo..
Bulbul : tanu dii.. Don’t u remember this choti na? U forget everything…
U remember ur friend… All forget about this chotti.. I didn’t want to talk to u..
Tanu : ohhh ! Chottiiiii
I didn’t forget u .. Actually I want to know about u . because I call pragya…
Bulbul : really? How r u?
Tanu : I’m perfect . wht about u?
Bulbul : I’m also good…
Pragya : ohh! Tanu pls tell me why u call me?,
Both talk later.
Tanu : my mammy n pappa allow me to shift to ur home…
Pragya ; that’s a good news..
Bulbul : tanu di is going to stay in our home ?
Tanu : yaa . but meri mammy n pappa wants talk to sarala aunty..
Pragya : that’s ok.. Give me ur papa’ s no .. I will call him.
Tanu : actually papa first of all want to talk about this matter to abhi.. For enquiring about the place.. Then finally I convince them..

Pragya : thanku dear.. And bye the way don’t tell my identity to anyone..directly ya indirectly.. Then u didn’t met me again…
Tanu : I know pragya, I didn’t tell .. I know without any reason u never take a decision like wht is the reason Yarr.. Tell me na ?
Pragya : I will tell u at the right tym..
Tanu : ok pragya.. Iwill msg my papa’s no u should call them n inform me
Pragya : ya sure.. Take care bye.. Gud nyt c u tomorrow.
Tanu : gud nyt pragya n chottii..
Bulbul : gud nyt tanu dii..
They end the call…
Tanu ( itself) : ohh! My god I think I will inform abhi about pragya indirectly.. How pragya understand my intention? Now I can’t tell this to abhi. I can’t allow pragya to go away from me…
Scene shift to pragya …. .
Bulbul : tell me dii.. Tanu di is going to stay with us?
Pragya : ya chotti.. Maa is going to give the second flor rent na ? I think its better tanu stay there ..
Bulbul : that’s good di.. But maa?
Pragya : don’t worry .. I talk about this to maa.. First maa didn’t get ready.. Maa doesn’t want to go back to past. But I convince maa..
Bulbul : di if tanus parents talk to ma they identity na?
Pragya : don’t worry. Maa will handle that. Maa never give a chance to they know about us..
Bulbul : that’s ok. If abhi n purab come here to meet tanu
Pragya( shockingly) : u r right . now wht can I do? I will call tanu n cancel the plan..
Bulbul : that’s not right di..
I have an idea.. Just tell them that. Here boys are not allowed..
Then they never come here na..
Pragya : that’s good idea… But if they insist to come here? This is house na ?

Bulbul : then tell this is a lady hstl .. .
Pragya : how can I tell like this? This is our house na ?
Bulbul : this is our house. But tell them . only for them..
n tanu di will handle them..
Phir bhi our house is like a ladies hostel na ? Me maa di maami dadi purvi( mammis beti.. She is staying in other place for studies) maama bhi yaham nahi hei..

Pragya : ur right.. Ok this will handle by tanu.. If she want to stay here. She should tell them not come here..
Bulbul : yaa dii.. U understand everything easily..
They have a HiFi..
Tanu msg to pragya

Pragya : chotti go n sleep .. Tanu msgs me . I will tell this to ma n come..
They leave to respective room.. Pragya give phn to sarala n return to room.
Pragya : chotti don’t u sleep yet?
Bulbul : can I ask one question
Pragya : ya.
Bulbul : r u missing abhi jijjuu?
Pragya stare at bulbul
Pragya : r u gone mad ? n turn from there.
Bulbul : don’t escape from my question.. Tell me na ..? .
Pragya : nothing like that.. Ur brain not working.. U should sleep now..
Bulbul : I know u miss jiju badly in each n every day of these 7 yrs….
I have proof..
Pragya ( surprisingly) : wht proof?
Bulbul : Sry di .. Today there is no CLS na?
Pragya : wht r u telling.. This is the proof.
Bulbul : wo mein read ur dairy n runs from there..
Pragya gets anger .n started chase her. They round the bed.. Then they start pillow fight.. Finally pragya get tired.
Pragya : bas. I can’t..
Bulbul : Sry di ..
Pragya :u know na that’s not a good habit..
Bulbul : I know dii.. Its really interesting.. Like a story book…in each n every line I feel ur love for abhi jijju..
Pragya : chottiii.. Love ? Me? Abhi? Nothing like that..
Bulbul : don’t hide from me? This chotti know everything about u na?
I know u love abhi jijju…
Hearing this pragya is blushing..
Bulbul : offo di I tell about abhi jijju u start blushing..
Pragya start to speak something but sarala comes their..
Pragya: ma .. Have u talk to tanus parents…
Sarala : ya .. They said yes.. She will shift here next weak.
Pragya hug sarala..
Pragya : thanku ma

Sarala : but beta.. I think this is not right. If she stay here. All know about us na? U know na I didn’t want to meet them..
Pragya : don’t worry . maa..I will handle this..
Sarala get teary eye..
Pragya : r u crying? If u r not fully satisfied.. I will inform tanu to not come here.. Dont cry maa.
Sarala : nothing like that beta.. I thinking about u .. Meri Betti ithini badi hogaya ? She is start to taking decisions.. If I gone to ur papa .. U can take care of family na ?

Pragya placed hand on saralas mouth
Pragya : don’t speak like that.. If u gone… Wht will we do with out u..
Trio gets teared..n hug each other
Sarala : ok sleep now..
Pragya : go n sleep now. Don’t forgot to have medicine.. Ur health condition not at all good .
Sarala : oooo meri bachi.. I will have
Sarala left from there…
Bulbul : where we stop ? Haa…abhi jiju?
Pragya thinking about maa..
Pragya : not talk about him . u sleep now.
Bulbul : no di I want answer… .
Pragya gets angry.
Pragya : I tell na .. There is no love b/ w us.. If there is some thing b/w us..its only friendship.. He have no feeling towards me.. In fact he love tanu.. Because he studying here.. He shift tanu to this clg… n I like him in childhood.. Now I didn’t know nothing about him.. I don’t want to know about him
Bulbul : dii..
Pragya : enough. . sleep now..
Bulbul n pragya lying on bed.. Pragya switch off the light.. She is crying.
BG Teri kushiyom keliyae javum mein kurubaan …
( I don’t know the exact lines )
Scene. Shift to abhis room.
Abhi purab n nikhil is sleeping in one bed.. Abhi doesn’t sleep yet..
Abhi Shook purab..
Abhi : purab.. Wake up na ..
Purab in half sleep .

Purab : haa abhi.. Let me sleep..
Abhi : listen na ..
Purab : haaa…
Abhi : if she is our chashmish hothi tho..
Purab : haa.
Abhi : purab ,
Abhi tickled purab.. Purab gets up ..
Purab : wht r u doing abhi, doesn’t allow me to sleep some tym…
Abhi : u all like kumbhakarnan ..
Purab : all know who is kumbhakarnan ..
Abhi : leave it Yarr… If that girl in our college is chashmish hothi tho?
Purab : ya.. We will talk this topic in morng..
Abhi : if she is our chashmish… I get my love back..
Purab : ya… Now u sleep.
Abhi : I can’t sleep yar.. U want to see her right now.. U know her house .. Come let go n check there.. Is she the chashmish?
Purab : wht r u saying? R u gone mad?
Abhi : ya .. I’m gone a mad for her love..
In childhood I think its only attraction.. When I realize that she is not here..
Purab : don’t make over expect.. If she is not our chashmish..
Abhi : don’t think negative.. I’m sure…
Purab : good night..
Purab slept.. But abhi still thinking about pragya and a smile appear on his face ( BG bolna mahi bolna plays..)
Other side.. Pragya also reminiscences about her childhood.. Her eye is fully teared.. .. The scene split into abhi’ s happy face n pragya’ s teary face…

Precap : childhood story of abhigya..

I’m really sorry for such dragging.. I’m really confused to staring of abhigya childhood … So I write one more episode… Hope u all like it.. Thanks for ur comments n support…

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Credit to: karthu

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