BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 4)


Hiii friendsss.. I’m really happy while reading ur comments.. I know all r waiting to know the past of pragya.. Wait for 1 more episode..

Coming to the story
Now pragya n tanu enters to the CLS.. They sit in the middlle bench of that CLS.. There is one or girl sitting in that becnch, her name is ritika ( MATSH) . they introduce each other.. Just then proffessor enters to the CLS.. And some introduction about the course n clg..take place.he informed that “today no more classes, from next day there should be CLS till evening.. ” . after saying this proffesor left from there.. All the student one by one left from there.. Tanu is lying on the desk…
Pragya : wont u goto home? Ready to sleeping here na? All left
Tanu( lazy tone) : ohh! What a boring Yarr.. Kithni bak – bak …. My head is rounding from this first day . then think what will happen when I complete this course.. Such a horrible..
Pragya : my lazzy laddu..
Tanu : ooo.. Intelligent chashmish .. U always want to study na? I remember everything…
Pragya stare at tanu n smile..
Pragya : shall we move ?,
They leave from the cls n walking through the corridor..

Pragya : where is u staying?
Tanu : don’t ask me that question.. That’s my prblm.. Mamma n pappa r in america.. Now I’m staying in hotel for few days.. Abhi told me that he will arrange a place..
Pragya think something..
Pragya : in my home we didn’t use the second flor . so maa is giving that portion to rent. If u have no prblm u can stay there.. I will talk to maa.
Tanu happily hug pragya..
Tanu : that’s good idea….. I love uuu.. Ur the best.. I will ask my parents n shift ur house soon . I’m really happy now we can stay together..
Pragya : don’t tell ur parents I’m ur old friend pragya arora .
Tanu : why ?
Pragya : don’t ask question. If u want to stay with me then obey my rules.
Tanu : ok . but its not right na .. .
Pragya : try to understand. .
Tanu : okkkk . bt I’m really happy.. I thought my life is gone a hell after shifting here.. Now I can eat nice food.. Still I remember aunti ki hand made aloo ki parathaaa.. Its really tastyyyyy .
Pragya smile seeing tanus childishnesss n they move towards the gate.. . in the gate. , purab n nikhi( friend of abhi n nikhil) is waiting for tanu.

Nikhil : Yarr.. All fresher’s r gone.. What is she doing in CLS.. I think she left..
Purab : no , without informing me she can’t left.. .
Tanu comes there n runs towards them. Pragya walking towards them. Seeing pragya, purab smile at her. Tanu is talking to purab bt always staring at nikhil..
Nikhil smirked at her.. .
Nikhil : shall we move ?
Purab : ohh yaa.
Pragya : ok , tanu I’m leaving. Bye take care . c u tomorrow..
Purab : ohh pragya come we will drop u
Pragya : no thanks.. I will go by buss ..
Tanu : its ok pragya , they will drop u at home.. Come.
Tanu insist pragya.. Finally pragya accepted .nikhil get into the driver seat.. Purab is about to open the front door , tanu intefer…
Tanu : wait purab .. I wnt to sit in front seat..
Tanu take the seat n smiled at nikhil.. Purab n pragya get into the back seat.. Soon they reach pragya house.. Pragya gets down..
Pragya : thanku so much giving me a lift.. Byee…
Purab : don’t u call us to ur home..
Pragya gets worried .. Tanu understand that…
Tanu : leave it Yarr.. I want to meet abhi.. Pls go fast..
Purab : hmm.. Ok next time.. Bye pragya ..
Pragya gets relieved n wave her hand…
They reach at abhis home ( actually its abhis house, but that only for abhi n his friendsss.. ),

Nikhil n tanu is talking to each other. Purab can’t hear tanus bak – bak . he left first.. He enters into room.. Where a boy is fully covered with blanket..he try to remove the blanket..
The boy : wht r u doing?
Purab : wht happen ..
He struggle with him .. Finally purab win.
Purab ; cheee.. Why is this yar… Have u even a cloth?
He remove cloth from face part.. Its non other our cutie abhi…
Abhi : wht happen..? To see wht a curiosity. . now” cheee “…
Purab : what this yrr.. Have u losted?
And turn the face ..
Abhi : what’s the prblm yar. . we all boys naa..
Purab is about to say the arrival of tanu.. She rushes to their.
Tanu. : whtsup rock star .. How was the prgrmm. .. ?, whts the matter both discussing here..
Abhi is really surprised seeing tanu .. n stare at purab…
Purab : actually… Come I will tell u..
Purab drag tanu from there…
Tanu : wht is this Yarr..why u draging me ..
Tanu head to move..
Purab : go n watch the movie…
Tanu turn back : movie.. .. Which movie?
Purab : haa… Movie of a new born baby..
Tanu : cheeee..
Purab : why r u stay here… Go n see the movie..
Tanu is about to hit purab bt nikhil comes there ..tanu hands down..
Abhi ; come on guysss…
They enters into abhis room…
Abhi : how was the day.. ?
Tanu : its awesome
Tanu is thinking about pragya
Tanu ( in mind) : pragya made this day awesome.. How can I tell this to them. Then pragya leave me for ever. I cant allow that.
Tanu is continuously in thinking. Abhi wave his hand…
Abhi : what r u thinking.. My cutee laddu..
All r laugh .. Tanu is peak of anger.
Tanu : abhi , I want to talk to u.
Abhi : haaa… Boloo.
Tanu look at nikhil.. .nikhil understand..
Nikhil : purab ., just come with me I want to talk to u..
Abhi : u also want to speak.. ? What going on here…
And laugh…

Nikhil : nothing yarrr… Don’t over think..
Nikhil n purab leave from there.. Tanu sit near abhi .. And pinches him.
Abhi gets irritated…
Abhi : wht r u doing.? Have u gone.. I’m abhi.. Not nikhil..
Tanu : I know that.. . . wht r doing .? I came here n join this clg becuase of u .
Abhi : haaa…
Tanu : u said na meri aur nikhil ki patch up karoonga… But u now insulting me in front of him… What’s that abhi?
Abhi : ooo my sweet laddu.. Come on.. U love him na?
Tanu : what a foolish question…. I love him
Abhi : then understand… Love is not easy one … For that u should wait for sometimes… U should feel that…

Tanu : I can’t wait . when I see him… I want to be with him
Abhi : then go n tell them directly..
Tanu : no , wht r u telling. If he reject me , I can’t tolerate..
Abhi : then don’t make any wrong way to achieve his love.. Wait for his own confession.
Tanu : how much days? After get old na ?
Abhi : ooo… My sweety .. Don’t worry.. This abhi hei na.. I will find some way to understand his love
Tanu : ooo . ur my sweet rock star , I love u
On the other side nikhil drag purab to a place
Purab : wht is this Yarr.. ? Why u dragging me like this.
Nikhil : I want talk to u..
Purab : wht ? Tell me.
Nikhil : don’t take me as wrong.. Ye tanu na …
Purab : tanuu.
Nikhil : ya tanu… She is irrittating me Yarr. She always look at me . some tym I think she will eat me…
Purab : I also notice that.. She always talk to me about u..
Nikhil : wht ?
Purab : yaa.. Now I notice that… I think she loves u…
Nikhil stare at him
Purab : ok don’t get angry.. I know u opposite to love.. But I’m sure one day u will realize love…
Nikhil smirked at him..they reach abhis room .. .
Purab : have u completed ur secret..
Abhi : no secret Yarr… She is talking about clg ..
Purab : I know… And smiled at nikhil.
Tanu : ok . abhi I’m leaving…
Abhi : nikhil , pls drop tanu at hotel na…
Nikhil ( shocked ) : mein…
Abhi : yaa.. I want to sleep now.. And I want a help from purab…
Pls do it na..
Nikhil n tanu leaves from there….
Purab stare at abhi

Abhi : wht happen to u? Why r u staring at me?
Purab : tanu loves nikhil na ?,
Abhi ( shockingly ) : how u know ?
Purab : ooo then my doubt is correct na.. Not only my nikhil also doubt on tanu
Abhi : kya?
Purab : don’t worry .. He is opposite of love na.. Wht will do now..
Abhi : oo u also suuport to tanu na I’m happy…
Purab : kya hei abhi? She is our friend na ? Her choice is correct . their Jodie is best..
We will try to unite them..
Abhi : oo we will unite them..
They hug each other..
Purab : ok Yarr.. I will talk to u later.. Now I’m going to bath..
Purab leave from there.. Abhi is in bed..
The scene shift to pragya…
Pragya enters to the house.. Bulbul runs towards her n hug her….
Bulbul : diiii .. I miss u so much…
Pragya : oo meri choti miss me so much..
Bulbul : haa di.. Aaj skl bhi nahi hai na ( bulbul is studying in plus two )
What about ur clg?
Sarala comes there n twist the ears of bulbul..
Bulbul : maa leave me .. Its paining..
Sarala : meri beti ithini tired hei..
Bulbul : ooo.. I’m talking about her clg na…
Sarala : talk later.. Pragya go n take rest…
Pragya : its ok ma .. Im not tiredd..
Sarala : then go n change ur dress.. n take rest.. Talk about the clg latter..
Pragya leave from there…
The scene shift to abhis house…
Abhi is practising githar.. Bt thinking about some thing
Purab : how was the prgrm ?
Abhi : its rocking Yarr…
Purab : oo.. And what about ur aim..?
Abhi : aim? What’s yarr.?
Purab : I know everything about u.. I’m ur friend.. U participating in the prgrm because to find our chashmish na …
Abhi ( sad): vaw purab. .. Ur a good dectetive ..
Purab : don’t change the topic .. I know. U still searching for her na..
Abhi. : haa.. I’m still searching her… Because I want to know that why she leave us..
Purab : ohh! Only this reason ..? U always miss her na…
Abhi : haa.. I miss her… I miss her fight.. Because I love…
Purab : why did u stop ? Complete the sentence…
Abhi : leave it Yarr.. Bt I’m sure .. I will find her in 1 day..
Purab : I forgot to say one thing…
Abhi : wht.?
Purab : today I met a girl in clg .. First yr
Abhi : wht my purab in love? Wht a news..
Purab : ohh ! Girl aur love…. Me ?
Abhi : then what’s the matter?
Purab : first u should hear the matter.. I saw the girl with tanu.. When I saw her I feel that I see her before..
Abhi : I told u na love matter hai.. And pulled his cheek ..
Purab : shutup abhi.. Hear fully..
Her name is pragya ..
Abhi is fully shocked hearing the name?
Abhi : wht did u say?
Purab : can’t u hear. .? Pragya ( in loud voice..)
Abhi : hamari chashmish hei kya?
Purab : I’m also excited . but tanu told me that she is the not one.. And also there is no chashma…
Abhi gets sad..
Purab : bt I’m not fully satisfied with tanus answer.. I drop pragya in her house . on the way I speak about our childhood with tanu.. But she always smile n hear it.. No change… I think she is not one…
Abhi : yes. .. I think she never return to us… She leave us..
Purab : don’t get sad.. I think she surely come back…
Abhi : if she is our pragya ?
Purab : noo Yarr..
Abhi : if she plying with us.. We wnt to find out that… Not tell this to tanu until we find chashmaish..
Purab : if u think like that.. Then we try once again ..
Abhi hug purab… And restart practising..
Scene shift to pragya..
Pragya sit in balcony seeing the moon.. She remains about the childhood..
The scene split with faces of abhi n pragya ..
Episode end…

Precap : childhood story of abhigya…

Hope u all like it..n thanks for ur comments.. Reena, durga, Ammu, tharu,zari, sugan , Reshma pradeep , bakyashir, nannu , varsha, shriti, vaishali, maha , uslyn, vanshika, jeffisha, pinky, Sindhu , emmy, abhigya , di ,monesha, sana, anu, saranya, Lola.. Thanks for the support from beginning.. Keep support me.. And also thanks for the silent readersss…


Credit to: karthu

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