BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 3)


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Coming to the story…
Pragya is standing in the bus stop . she is restless. …. She always look at watch and the arrival of buses..
Pragya( itself) : oh! God ..its 9.00am .I’m so late. Don’t create prblms like last yr in that clg.
While a bike comes fast and stop in front of pragya with a sudden break.. Pragya suddenly move back.. Otherwise it hit pragya.. Pragya staring at him angrily. But the guy is wearing helmet..
Pragya : how dare u? U have 2 big eyes. Can’t u see?
Pragya starts scolding him… She is speaking without any stoping…
The guy : aree jaan stop this.. If u talk like this u die without getting air. Then how i live without u ? I cant imagine that.
Pragya is looking at him confusingly…. The guy remove helmet n smile at her.. Pragya is in damn shock…
It is suresh.. ( not imagine as in kkb) he is very handsome. He wear red shirt n tight genes ..

He love pragya . but pragya didn’t like him. She treated him as a friend.sarala wants pragya marry him , suresh ki family also like this proposal . so he thought it as liscence of pragya..
Pragya : suresh… Have u losted… If ur bike hit me?
Suresh : don’t say like that.. Its just a ply na ?
Pragya : is this ply? What r u saying…
Suresh : ok ok. ! I’m really sorry.. Don’t gets hyper..
Pragya : its ok.
Suresh : leave it yarrr.. Come I will drop u at clg…
Pragya : no thanks. I will go by bus..
Suresh : come on pragya . I also going that way na.. What’s ur prblm sarala maa didnt say anything..
Pragya : nothing like that…. I don’t like to travel in bike . pls go..
Suresh : don’t lie to me . I know u like bikes.. . then why u telling no.. Iknow its because of ur maa na.. Just wait.. Iwill sort out ur prblm.. I will talk to maa..
Pragya : no. . no .. Its ok I will come..
She get into the bike… Soon they reach clg..
Pragya : thanku suresh..
Suresh : don’t say thanks..its my duty na.. U just call me at evening .. I will pick u..
Pragya : no .. I will go myself.. Today I not take my phn . and also today is first day na I don’t know about the schedule .. So I wil go by bus..
Suresh : ok .. Take care.. Study well… Byee..
Pragya smirked at him ..he goes from there.. Pragya turn to see clg
Pragya ( in mind) : oh god what a big clg.. Beautiful..
Pragya is thinking about the clg. While someone shook her. Its two children..
One girl : didi pls give us some thing. We didn’t ate anything till 2 days
Pragya take 50 rs from her bag and give to them ..
Pragya : take this… And eat what u want..
Pragya saw an ice cream van and take them to their.. And bye two icecream and gave to them
Girl : thanku dii..
Pragya : ok take care .. Bye..
They leave from there n goes towards a shop n sit there .. Before start eating they exchange their ice cream.. Pragya saw that surprisingly..

Pragya ( in mind) : I miss her very much..
Pragya in thoughts..
FB shown
Two little princess .. They r in uniform..they r going to school . while they see a icecream van and goes towards it and buy two ice creams. Before eat they exchange it. While eating one of the girl ice cream doosare ka face mein lagaya… And ran away . the girl start chasing her.. FB ends… Pragya is smiling…
Pragya ( in mind) : ohh! Today I’m so worried.. I don’t know what happen to me? I can’t understand.. Why I always thinking about the childhood..
Pragya in deep thought n enters to the clg.. She moving but didn’t care about that its a clg… Pragya hit with a girl . both of them fell down .. The girl without standing shout at pragya..
The girl : can’t u see? Which world u r? God ji ithini big eyes di hei.. Can’t u use it? If ur eyes have any prblm then use chashma..
She never look at pragya..
Pragya : I’m really Sry.. I didn’t notice u
Pragya stand up n give her hand. The girl stand up with the help of pragya.. When they see each other .. They didn’t utter a word.. They look at each other .. ( eye lock)
The girl is Tanu ( in kkb ) . she is childhood friend ( best friend) of pragya… She is wearing pink colour top n leggings.. ..
Tanu : whts ur name? I think we meet before . but I can’t fully recognize…
Pragya : I also feel like that.. My name is pragya Arora.. And forward her hand..
But Tanu hug pragya..
Tanu : pragya… I miss u so much..
Pragya is hell in shock…. Pragya break the hug..
Pragya : icant understand ( confusingly)
Tanu : its me pragya , tanu
Pragya : ohh ! Tanuuuuuuuuuuuuu and hug her
I missed u my laddu…
Tanu ( make angry face ) : don’t call me laddu ok chashmish..
Pragya : y u called me chashmish?
Tanu : u called me laddu na . by the way where is ur chashma.. Chashmish..
Pragya stare at tanu : now I doesn’t wear chashma.. Don’t call me chashmish…
Tanu : I know u doesn’t like I calling u chashmish. If abhi call u have no prblm.(make kiddish face)
Pragya stare at her surprisingly..
Tanu : now u chashma nahi use karunga tho hum kya name bulayenge tuje..
Pragya : but I can call u laddu.. Because ur face is still like a laddu.. Pragya run from there n tanu chasing pragya..

Finally they reach under a tree n sat there…. Pragya once again hug her n say I missed u so much..
Tanu : I’m never miss u . I’m angry with much yrs passed without seeing each other . u never inform me before leaving our skl. We last see each other in 8 th std.. U never call me.. Never come to see me… Katti .. Don’t talk to me..
And turn opposite to pragya.
Pragya : Sry.. I missed u so much. I tell Sry na.. Ab tho maff kartdo…
Ok. I will tell Sry in our ways..
Pragya ears pakadkar Sry bola….
Pragya : pls maff kardoo…
Tanu : hmm ok…. Ur my cutiena… Bt why u leave my without saying a word..
Pragya : WO the last day I return from skl.. I see my mom is crying .. While mammaji ne hamari bag pack kar rahi di.. Icant understand anything.. That day we leave for Mumbai … From there I know that my father is no more.. From that day our life changes a lot… Mom take care of me n bulbul… She never let me know about the the life without a father..
Tears rolled down from the eyes of pragya… Suddenly tanu hug pragya from back..pragya break the hug and see tanu is crying.. Pragya console her…
Pragya : Sry pragya… I really miss u

They console each other..
Pragya : u tell nothing about u .. U studying here na .. Second yr hei kya?
Tanu : no pragya.. I’m joining today last yr I studied in Calcutta university.. I didn’t like that.. Abhi n his family insisted me to join this clg.. So I joined here…
Bt u studying here?
Pragya : I also joining here today.. At BBA
Tanu hug pragya n turn around …
Pragya : stop this Yarr.. My head is rounding.. We r not children. This is also a public place…
Tanu : I know we r not children .. I’m so happy pragya.. I’m also joining BBA .. And finally . we r going to study together.. We r not alone… Abhi n purab also in this clg.. But they r second yr.. But no prblm one clg na. .. I’m happy…
Pragya is stunned hearing this..
Pragya (in mind) : ohh! Abhi here..
Tanu wave her hand.. ” pragya where r u” ? Pragya comes to sense..
Pragya : u told about abhishek na ?
Tanu : haaa pragya .. Ours abhi.. I was searching for him.. But I met u.. What a destiny.. Come we will search them…when they see u they will be happy.. But in skl u n abhi always fighting na.. When I remember that day… I laugh a lot..
Tanu drag pragya walk.. But pragya stopped..
Pragya : stop tanu.. I’m not coming.. U can go..
Tanu : wht happened?
Pragya : abhi….
Tanu :,ohhh ! I understand..u r thinking about how face them. Don’t worry .. I will sort out the prblm .. U just come with me…
Pragya : no.. One min tanu.. I want a promise from u .. Then I will come with u
Tanu : promise.. What ?
Pragya : don’t tell them I’m pragya arora hai… I m not wishing to go back to that old days.. And make the friendship again.. Pls promise .. Don’t tell them about my real identity..
Tanu : what is this bak – bak . we r all friends na.. Why don’t like their friendship… ?
Pragya ( in tears) : I will tell u the reason later.. Pls promise me.. If u refuse me .. I will leave the clg.. U can’t never see me…
Tanu : have u gone mad.. Do u think now l allow u to leave me ..
Pragya. : then promise me..
Tanu : I love u a lot .. Promise I will not anyone .. Ur my chashmish..
Pragya : again chashmish .. I didn’t leave u now.. .
Tanu ran from there ….pragya chasing her.. Tanu stop someone n stop there.. Pragya comes there
Pragya : pakadliya.. I tell na I never allow u to leave u..
Tanu : that coming guy is our purab..
Pragya look surprisingly..
Pragya : he changed a lot..
Purab saw tanu and wave his hand.. He comes to tanu?
Purab : when did u came .. ? I look every where?
Tanu : I’m here na? Where is abhi.. .
Pragya heared the name n look at every where..
Purab : WO. Today abhi doesn’t coming to college.. Yesterday he attend a program at Delhi.. He just come in morning.. He is resting in hostl ..
Purab notice pragya
Purab : tanu , who is this?
Tanu pragya .. Don’t u remember….
Tanu look at pragya.. Pragya is in angry.. Tanu realize what she said.. While purab is stunnt hearing the name..
Purab : pragya … Hamari pragya hei kya ?
Tanu : WO.. WO.. Nahi hai… Why she come here? Look at her..she doesn’t have chashma na? Wo tho chashma pahanthi hai na?
Purab : hamari chashmish.. (Smile) Why she come here.. She never remember us..
Tanu : any way.. This is pragya..
Pragya, this is purab my friend.

Purab : nice to meet u
They shook their hand..

Purab : tanu, abhi give all ur responsibility to me.. Ur CLS is in second flor of this building.. U go.. C u latter. .. I have some prblm.. Bye . pragya..
Tanu : ok bye . take care..
They wave their hand.. Tanu get a call from abhi..
Tanu : wait here na.. Its call from abhi.. I didn’t talk to him .. He gets angry.. Wait 5 min .
Pragya : its ok tanu… I have no prblm . take ur own tym..
Tanu talk to abhi.. While pragya thinking some thing.
Pragya ( in mind) : abhi is very cared about tanu.. She is very lucky..
Tears r in pragyas eyes.. .
Episode end with teary eyes of pragya ..

Precap : entry of abhi…

Hope u all like it.. Waiting for ur valuable comments..

Credit to: karthu

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