BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 2)


Sry guyzzz… I’m really feeling first episode make all very sad… Sry for the inconvenience… I can understand ur feelings.. For u all I upload my first episode once again in English… And also there is second episode…
Hope u all like this

Episode 1
The story is take place in Delhi…
Sun raises
A house is shown , house name is Arora mansion.
A girl is shown , she is in hurry to going to college ..
She turns and called out “maa”
It is non other than our heroine pragya( no chashma .. Mukambootype- its about the appearance) . long hair , she is wearing rose colour churidar. She is looking so pretty?
Pragya : maa…. I’m getting late.. Pls give my lunch …
Sarala( from kitchen ) : pls wait beta… I’m coming…
Sarala comes to pragya with a plate ( break fast) she smiled at pragya…
Pragya : what is this maa.. ? I told u to pack my lunch . but this is break fast na ? I don’t want this.. ( with kiddish face)
Sarala : ohh! Meri Bachu.. If u want to go to clg then u should have break fast..
Pragya : offo maa, I’m getting late. And today is first day in my clg
( pragya is first yr student studying BBA)
Sarala : how would I allow you to leave without having break fast..ur my lovely angel na? maa ki jaan have this ..
Pragya smirked..
Pragya : not start drama… Today I’m not going to obey maa… I.want to go now..
Sarala : u didn’t obey me? Its not late.its only 8.30 . food is more important than anything.. .. U are well educated but didn’t know anything.. Don’t argue with me.. And have this..
Pragya : ohh maa I can’t say no to u .. U always made situation like that..
Sarala : ooo.. Today I will gave u break fast with my hand. And smiled..
Sarala gave a bite to pragya.. But pragya is searching for something..
Sarala : pragyaaa… What r u searching? I’m not ur age run behind u like this. Sit n have this..
Pragya : my admission card is missing…
Sarala : don’t worry. Wait I wil call janki( pragya ki mammi in kkb) ooye janki pls come here..
Hearing this sound janki come to the room
Janki ( itself) : mother n daughter start their fight from morning. Now what they want .? God knows..
Sarala : what did u say?
Janki : nothing .. Whts the matter?
Sarala : woo
Pragya : wait ma .. I will tell . my ID card is missing ..
Janki : I kept it on the table na? Where it gone?
Sarala. : that’s the matter u didn’t know do some thing correctly..
They start argument… Pragya staring at them angrily..
Pragya : stop this fight .. I will search..
Janki. : my jaan don’t get angry.. Ur cute face doesn’t match angry .. U have break fast .. I will search..
Janki start searching.. While searching some book fell down from the table .. Because of the matter sarala and janki again start their argumentsss.
Pragya : don’t fight.. Stop it.. I will manage .. Go n ready my lunch.
Sarala : but beta..
Pragya : don’t say anything .. Pls go.. I will arrange..
Janki n sarala leave from there.. Pragya start arranging books
Pragya : thank god to give my ID card..
Pragya put ID card on bag and restart arrangements .. That tym she got an album, ie full of some childhood photos.
FB shown..
Its a fighting scene b/w a small boy n a girl. Boy is very rocking type.. He wears dog band in hand and a chain in his neck.. The girl is wearing chashma. They r fighting.. ( cute) but one other boy n girl is standing beside them with irritated face.. They r trying to stop the fight .. The boy n girl didn’t here their word .. They are arguing non stop.. ( BG Ajib dastan hai yeh
Kaha shuru kaha khatam
Yeh manjile hai kaun si naa
Woh samajh sake naa ham
Ajib dastan hai yeh
Kaha shuru kaha khatam
Yeh manjile hai kaun si naa
Woh samajh sake naa hame)

Fb end

Pragya is in thought.. But her face is smiling till … The episode end with pragyas smile .
Precap : entry of bulbul..

Episode 2….

Pragya is looking at the photo( childhood ) tears rolles down through her cheeks.. She coming out from the thought when her maa called her.. She clear her face and kept the photo in shelf….
Pragya : haa ma… Tell me
Sarala : beta here is ur lunch.. Are u crying beta?
Pragya : no maa..
Pragya look down ..
Sarala : pragya , I’m ur mother.. Don’t lie at me.. Look at me .. E
Why are u crying… ?
Pragya hug sarala…
Sarala : why are u crying . don’t cry beta. Don’t think about ur past. It should be the new start.
Pragya : ok maa.. Actually I’m ..
Sarala : don’t tell anything. I can understand u… I’m ur maa. And smiled . pragya hug sarala again…
Pragya : offo maa.. . now are u going to cry? What this maa…
Sarala wipe her tears at this tym phone rang
Sarala : pragya . wait here. I will come after attending the call .. .
Pragya : ok maa….
Sarala goes to hall..
Pragya ( itself) : I know maa. Ur still thinking about the the incident happen in Last yr.. I’m also feel bad when I think about that yr.. The first day , I can’t forgot…
( here I introduce one incident happen last yr in pragyas life.. When pragya start BBA in other university.. Its also first yr. . she leaves the clg for some reason . it revealed later.)

FB shown
In Mumbai
A a auto is stoped in front of university college .. A cute girl is shown. She wear white anarkali, chashma bhi hai… Its non other than pragya ( chashmish ) today is her first day but little bit late . she is very nervous.. , because there is no one all r left to their respective clses.. She is alone.. She didn’t know about the clg even office .. Because it is first tym she coming to the clg.. She entered to the clg.. Her heart is beating heavily.. She can’t understand anything, all is strange for her . then she notice that some boys are sitting in the parking area.. The boys r talking each other.. Pragay is little nervous.. Bt she want to know about the clses..
Pragya ( itself) : you can do.. Go and talk to them. Pragya why r u frightens .. Thu sherni hai ( you r a lion) . you can…
Pragya goes towards them..
While among the boys they all notice pragya and talking about her.. They all final yrs …
One of the them : look one Angel is coming towards us .. I think she is first yr.
Another guy : yes da she is really like an angel . but chashma didn’t suit her..
Another one : noo its really matching her…
There is an argue b/w them while pragya come close to them .
Pragya : hlo, pls help me to find my CLS.. I’m new here..
One of them : I will help u
Another guy ( low tone) : shall we go for a movie or beech. Are u really want to got CLS?
Pragya. : what?
Then a sound coming from the back of the boys gang .. A boy is lying in the car . a cap is covered his face.
Boy : what the hell is going here?,
Pragya is looking at him very curiously . he removed the cap from the face . it is yuvraj( uv- tashan e ishq) . UV is stunned seeing pragya. , he staring at pragya… UV is a great flirt in that clg.. He moves towards pragya..
Uv : can I help u?
Pragya : I’m new student . today I’m little late.. I don’t know about my CLS . pls help me to find my CLS..
Uv. : which dep?
Pragya : first BBA
Uv : ohh its our dep
Pragya ( with relief) : thank god ! Ifind one of the guy. I’m really frieghtend while entering to the clg.

She start her bak – bak… She is really very talktive.. She also told something about the seniors that she heard from others ( raging like that) . her talk irritate all.. Also uv.
Uv decided to play with her.. They leave from there… They lead pragya to a CLS.. There is all are busy with their work… All are in friendly talk.
Uv : here is ur CLS..
Pragya (confusingly ) : is this CLS? Are u sure ?
Uv look at her angrily.
Pragya : ok! Thanku so much…
She entered to the CLS… That tym all look at pragya… Uv said to all don’t shout through action and blink at them .. Pragya didn’t notice that.

All restart their work. But pragya is still in confusion.
Pragya ( In mind) : is this first yr CLS? All r very close to each other… How this possible in just few minutes…ohh! Pragya, how much questions r in ur mind.. This is ur cls . from today these are ur friends. She think all these in standing middle of the CLS..
Uv also go n sit in last bench..
Uv( in mind) : how much bak- bak.. Now what will she do?

Proffesor enters to the CLS.. All stand n wish him..
Proffesor : mrng.. , sit down
And turn back to board and write some bedding…
Pragya is still in thoughts.. She didnt notice the arrival of proffesor.
Proffesor : sit down . don’t u hear me?
Pragya didn’t notice that. He throw a chalk piece on pragya. She return to the world. Pragya realize what is going on here..
Pragya : sorry sir…
Pragya look all around.. The all back bench is fully filled.. So she sit in second bench… ( even professor didn’t know pragya is studying there or not . such a big CLS. )
While the CLS pragya couldn’t understand anything.. Because its last yr proffesor take the CLS as continuation of last CLS…
Pragya ( in mind) : how boring? I want to sleep now. I think today is no clses . there should be introduction section na… Its very strange… All r sitting in the CLS like they r here before yr.. Oh! God…
The period is over..the proffesor start calling the name asuaual . pragya is waiting for her turn .. But proffesor doesn’t called her name .. She got worried.. Before proffesor leave the CLS pragya shouts…
Pragya : sir , you should not call my name..
All r laugh..
Proffesor : what’s ur name ?
Proffesor didn’t look at her face.
Pragya : pragya arora..
Uv ( in mind) : here she gone … Bt her name is cute.. Pragya and smiled.
Proffesor : there is no name like pragya
Pragya get puzzled.. All r laughed..
Pragya : sir I’m new here…
Proffesor : what r u saying.. This is last yr CLS.. U should have some misunderstanding .
All r laughed and gossip about pragya.. Pragya look so worried..
Proffesor : I understand, who take u here? Tell me . I know that person should be part of this CLS..
Pragya look around.. She look at uv angrily.
Pragya : sir. I don’t know. They are not in this CLS.
Proffesor : ok . u should inform me when u see them . now u come with me. I will show ur CLS. .
Pragya : ok sir.
Proffesor leave .
Pragya start to walk and see uv once again and stare at him . uv smiled at her.
Pragya ( in mind) : I know that u r here. .. Today u ply well with me. You make me fool and the whole CLS laugh at me.. U should pay for this . wait for that moment..
Uv ( in mind) : Sry sweet heart .. Ur no so much irritating.. U save me from the proffesor. If today I caught then the principal give me tc. U r so cute.. And smile…
Uv impressed with pragyas activity.. Pragya stare at him and leaves the CLS..
Suddenly some sound take her from thoughts. .. Its sarala..
Sarala: beta ., what r u thinking?
Pragya : nothing maa…I should leave now.ahh! Chooti se bolna..
Suddenly pragya hear coughing sound. Its from the bed. A person is lying in the bed.. Fully covered .
The person : what? Without informing this chotti… Where r u going?
Pragya : oh , meri drama queen

The person remove the blanket… Its non other than our choti bulbul .
Bulbul: gud mrng di and maa. And di don’t call me drama Queen .. And create a naughty face….
Pragya : ok! Ok! I should leave now .. Bye .. We can talk evening..
Bulbul : offo di , don’t u give my mrng booster..I’m really angry with u . don’t talk to me..
Pragya : ohh! I didn’t forget that, I think u r sleeping and didn’t disturb u . ok don’t get angry I will gave u
Pragya hug bulbul n kiss at her forehead , and bulbul also done that. Sarala smiles at them.
Sarala ( in mind) : how cute is my two princes.. They like each other very much.. Give them all the hapiness and let them stay together all tym .
Pragya : ok . I m leaving.. Byeee..

They together come to the hall. There is a argument b/w daadi ( pragyas) and janki..
Pragya : ooo why is going on here.. Stop
Dadi : janki didn’t give my cufsirap..
Janki : wo…
Sarala : don’t say anything … Pragya. Go beta.. Other wise u stay here .
Pragya hug dadi and janki..
Pragya : don’t make prblm before I’m coming..
Pragya leaves with waving her hand..
All r leave the hall . but still sarala is looking at the gate and prayed to god
Sarala : matharani pls save my beta.. From all the wrongss.
The episode end. With worried face of sarala.

Precap : netting of pragya n Tanu

Guyzz hope u all like this .. Keep supporting me..

Credit to: karthu

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