BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 17)


Hiiii guyzzzz.. Hope u all doing well.. I’m really sorry for the late update…
I’m really busy with my studies .. The exam date announced… So there is lots of cls . hope u all understand. Thanku guyss who commenting on my uff.. n Also all silent readers. Hope u all like my uff..
I hope u that all u remember my story..
I will narrate my story shortly..
Abhi n pragya r childhood friend. Because of family prblms they separate from each other. They meet again in clg..pragya find about abhi through tanu..( Tanu is also positive character). Tanu want to tell about pragya to abhi..but pragya’s condition make tanu helpful.. Abhi doubt on pragya that she is his childhood friend.. But he fail many times . but without confirming about pragya .. He is attracted towards pragya…finally abhi finds about pragya through tanu.. Tanu gets injured n she is staying in pragys house.. In this way abhi find about pragya.. Abhi want to hear this from pragya. He tries for that . but failed..finally a villain wiki , one of the classmate of abhi . just tri to to flirt with pragya in CLS room…unfortunately abhi n pragya stuck in CLS room. .

This is the story.. Just go for episode…

Wiki push pragya into the cls .. She try to run…but he doesn’t allowed.. The she runs to the back of cls…but she suddenly fell down n hit her head on floor…wiki is about to come near pragya pune comes there for closing the door.. He see wiki n ask him to go out ..he just leave without saying any word .. The pune is about to close the door..he gets a call n move little bit to talk…while abhi reach there n enters into the cls.. He searches for pragya…but he didnt see her…
Abhi : where the fuggi gone? Is she leave earlier…?
Abhi is about to leave but stopped seeing some thing in the back.. He move towards that place..
Haa its pragyas dupatta….
While pune complete his talk n without noticing anything he closed the door..( actually its a big cls . we can’t notice anything in back without entering)
While abhi reach near pragya n see she is lying on floor in unconscious… He gets shocked n rushes to pragya …
He sit in floor n placed pragya’s head in his lap…
Abhi : fuggi…wht happen to u.. Just open ur eyes…pls fuggi… Open ur eyes…
Then he sprinkled water on her eyes n cares her face..finally pragya open her eyes .. she can’t understand anything..
Pragya : which place is this? Ooo god my head is paining.. n placed her hand in head…
Abhi : fuggy r u alright? U r in cls .. I see u in this condition..
Pragya tries to get up.. Abhi help her.. She sit with the help of wall..
Abhi : wht happen here?
Pragya : woo.. Wiki ,
She narrates the full incident..
Abhi gets angry n hit his hand on floor…
Abhi : r u alright na.. Come. Let’s go .. If u rest u will feel better..
He help her to stand up.. They move towards door.. n understand the cls is locked. Pragya gets panicked n start to cry in loud…
Pragya : oooo… Someone is there? Pls help me…
She cry like a child . seeing this abhi start to laugh…
Pragya stare him
Pragya : why r u laughing.. We r locked in this cls.. n alone.. Its also tym 5. 00 pm.. All left clg except us… The watch man also stay in his room near gate.. But u r laughing na.. R u out of mind?
Abhi : r u alone? We r two . how u get alone…
Pragya : wo tho prblm hei…
Abhi : wht ? U afraid of me…? I want to tell like this…
Pragya : wht?
Abhi : haaa.. If u take advantage of this situation .. I’m alone na..
Pragya : cheeee .. U r just impossible…
Abhi smile victoriously…
Pragya check her phn in bag..
Pragya : ohh.. God now wht will I do. I forgot my phn in house.. How I inform mom…
Pragya gets restless….
Abhi : don’t worry.. I’m here na…
U can call from my phn n take his phn…
Abhi : oo.. Its battery is low…just call ur mom n inform about this situation. Aunty can help us…
Pragya tries to call sarala.. But it unreacheable.
Pragya : wo.. Call is not going..
Now how will inform mom …
Abhi : don’t worry.. I will call purab n he will inform ur mom n also help us…
Abhi called purab..
Abhi ; purab .. Don’t talk to me..just listen..the battery is very low.. My phn is going to dead . me n fuggi stuck in her cls room .. Pune just locked it as there is no one.. Pls inform this to pragyas house.. Without completing there convo the phn get off.. Abhi gets angry n throw it..
While purab again called abhi.. But its switch off…
Purab ( itself) how this possible? Abhi n pragya in clg.. Is abhis pln? To know about pragya.. But wht I will do ?
He stuck an idea n goes to pragya ‘s house…
Sarala welcome him.
Prabha : aunty I just come to inform that today pragya is staying in ritika’s house.. Because she want to complete a project n submit tomorrow. She tri to call u but u didnt call . n she already keep her phn here.. So she informed me n told me to inform u..
Sarala : wht? Pragya staying in ritika ‘s house ? I also forgot about my phn..
Purab: don’t worry..she is not alone na.. n she will return tomorrow n goes to clg.. Its important na..n don’t disturb her.. Its very important for her future..
Sarala : she is fine na.. Then ok..pls tell her that if she get tym just call me..
Purab : ok aunty.. I will go there n inform her. Aunty where is tanu.?
Sarala : she is sleeping..
Purab : then ok aunty . I will see her later.. Bye..
Sarala : ok betaji.. Take care.
Purab leave from there…
In clg
Pragya : wht we will do now?
Abhi : don’t worry purab will do something..
Pragya : ok..wht will we do now? Its getting bore na…
An idea stuck in abhi’s mind.
Abhi describe about a game that they r playing in childhood..
Pragya gets emotional n just turn her face…
Tears r falls from her eyes..
Abhi : wht happen ? Just play..
Pragya tri to console her self..n start to play..( imagine any game that u played in childhood)
While playing pragya really feel her childhood days with abhi n she just forgot about the present..
Pragya : abhishek u cheat . I win na.. U always cheat me like this..from childhood u just cheat me n win the game..
Abhi is amzed hearing wht she said..
Pragya also feel embarazed wht she done..
Abhi : wht did u say?
Pragya turn n said: wo..nothing.. I just…
Abhi goes closer to pragya n turn her towards him .n cup her face.. While pragya is worried n close her eyes..
Abhi : open ur eyes.. Lie doesn’t change if u close ur eyes ..
Pragya suddenly open her eyes. .
Pragya just take a back n said.: I didnt lie to anyone..
Abhi : oo.. Then say just look into my eyes..

Pragya look into abhi ‘s eyes n said the same thing.. Its make abhi feel bad.. But abhi think she is lying.
Abhi ( in mind) : I know she is my chashmish. Ur chashma gone not ur character..just wait u will come n tell me that u r my chashmish.. n smile..
Pragya ( in mind) : oh god. Wht I did if he knows about me. . . wht will I do.. I wnt to hide this for my family . for my love.. That never come to me..
(BG hamari aduri kahani plays)

The episode end…

Precap : abhi n pragya hugging to each other… Says sorry to each other…

Sry guyzzz .. I hope u all like this episode .. Soon I will come with next episode. Keep support , just sent ur commentsss.

Credit to: karthu

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