BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 13)

Hiii guysss…I’m really sry I can’t upload … I’m busy with my studies.. I miss u all n ur comments.. Make ur comments.thats really make me happy…thanks for who commenting in my uff… n keep support like this..

Here is the story..
Its night
Pragya narrate the whole story to bulbul
Bulbul : oofoo di.. I think abhi jiju doubt on u.. Coz he wait for u…
Pragya : but thank god.. Suresh comes there. n I escaped..
Bulbul : I didnt think so.. Abhi jiju is not like that… He never accept his defeat… He must try to find about u..
Pragya : oo .. Now wht can I do? ..
Bulbul : u must be more careful.. Don’t make doubts .. Behave as Normal.. That’s mean don’t over act..
n laughed..
Pragya : oo .. I’m over acting…
Bulbul : ya.. If u want to learn acting.. I will teach u..
Pragya : oo drama queen .. Don’t stop blabering . come to the point.. Tell me a way to escape from abhi. ..
Bulbul _: ok listen carefully, u must behave Normal abhi will do anything to find u… U must be care full . if he comes to talk to u..don’t avoid him.. U must talk him.. n Crete the situation like that he thinks that u r not pragya arora.. n also I know that . u didnt like suresh.. If u want to escape from abhi.. Use him . like today..
Pragya hug bulbul ..
Pragya : thanku chottiii.. I will try my level best…

Next day pragya enters to the CLS .. The CLS is full of crowded with seniors.. Pragya doesn’t care about that. She even doesn’t notice abhi..
. She goes to her seat.n start to read something…
After sometimes all students arrived.. Seniors said them to come to seminar hole… n leaves from there…
After some tym all gathered in seminar hole..seniors announced about the seminar n some more details.. They said each job for everyone.. They all start to work.. Pragya is confused that.. No one tells about her schedule.. A sound came from her back.. She turn n see its our abhi..
Abhi : hello.. Miss…. Miss…
Pragya.. : I’m pragya..
Pragya ( in mind) : he is even didnt remember my name.. I think he have no doubt on me.. If he is acting in front of me.. Bulbul is right he will do anything.. U want to be more care full..
Abhi wave his hand.. Pragya comes to sense.
Abhi : ooye.. Wht happen. .? R u sad that I forgot ur name.. I know all girls r mad at me.. n gets sad when I avoid them.. n try to come close to pragya.. But pragya move away from him

Pragya : I’m not sad.. I thinking about my work…
Abhi ( in mind) : I know.. Ur sad that I’m not remembering ur name.. na.. This is the only way I find to know about u.. Just wait n see wht will I do..
Pragya : what’s my role in this seminar ..
Abhi : ur the centre of attraction.. n u r the only one person to win heart..
Pragya : wht .?
Abhi : wo I’m joking.. U r the anchor..
Pragya : wht? Ok.. Wht about my speech..
Abhi : don’t worry about that.. All is well set… U just go n deliver the speech..
Pragya : ok..
Abhi about to leave from there..
Some one comes there n hugs abhi from back.. Its neha abhi’ s CLS mate.. .
Abhi : who is this… ? I don’t understand.. He looks at pragya .. Pragya is full of anger.. She understand that is a girl.. Abhi sees pragya ‘s expression n get happy..
Abhi : ok wait let me guess.. Piya…
Riya.. Naina… Maya.. Megha.. These r not.. I failed . come in front..
Pragya is surprised hearing abhis answers..
Pragya :,how dare he how many girls.. n this girl how she is hugging him.. He is just enjoying..
Pragya is fuming.. While abhi is happy..
Neha comes in front of abhi..
Abhi :,neha .. My sweety… n hug her..
Pragya is fuming…
Pragya : excuse me… I just comeback after completing my work…
Abhi : ok.. Come soon.. n smiled..
Pragya : ok n leaves from there….
Neha : who is that girl? First yr? n wht is she doing here?
Abhi : ooo how many questions.. n u just ask me like that u r my lover..
Neha : wo tho nahi hei.. But I’m ur friend na..
Abhi : hmm.. She is first yr.. Pragya .. n she is the anchor for seminar..
Neha : wht ? Anchor? If sons will know about this she will kill u..
Abhi : she is out of station na.. So I choose her.. n waise bhi.. If she is here. Phir bhi I will choose pragya..
n smiled..
Neha : ohooo romancing..
Abhi : nothing like that.. n where is ur ?
Neha : wo .. He is doesn’t come yet.. I’m waiting for him…
n don’t change the topic.. r u in love..
Abhi : nothing like that.. I just told because pragya is did very well..
Neha : don’t escape from my question.. Just tell me . I won’t tell any one.. I sware ..
Abhi : ooo stop ur drama.. I just like her.. That’s not mean that I love her.. We all attract to anyone in this age na . .
Neha : ooOo if sons know about this she will kill both of u..
Abhi : don’t tell her.. I don’t know how I handle her …
Neha : don’t worry.. I won’t tell.. Go n enjoy with ….
Abhi : pragya…
n they have n HiFi….
Pragya comes to seminar hole.. Now she is practicing her speech.. Abhi is staring at her.. She noticed that n raised her eyebrow n ask him wht? He comes to sense. n tell nothing n leave from there .
Pragya ( in mind) : ooo.. R u mad? Or jealous? Why I’m jealous? Then why u can’t see him with another girl.. Wait.. I’m not jealous . I already know na.. That abhi love tanu.. Its nothing like that.. Just con on ur work n just obey wht bulbul said…

At evening all practice section end.. Now announcing about dress code..
Abhi :boys n girls wear white n black … But the anchor should wear saree , colour can choose with herself..
Pragya is surprised hearing this.. Its the first tym she is going to wear saree.. She leaves from there without saying anything.. Abhi n gang follows her … She didn’t turn but he recognized that abhi in back..she wait near gate for some tym.. Abhi is moving towards her .. But stopped seeing suresh… She goes with him .. This hurt abhi but he is happy that he knows that pragya didn’t like suresh.

Its seminar day…
All r arrived… All looks perfect in black n white.. Abhi is wearing white shirt n black pant.. He looking really handsome… A girl comes to abhi n hug him ..its sona..abhis classmate.. n a crush on abhi.. Abhi knows that n he doesn’t like her.. But didn’t show her… Because he is really consider her as a friend…
Sona : abhi… Baby.. I miss u a lot…
Abhi break the hug..
Abhi : first of all don’t call me.. Baby.. I’m not a small child..
Sona : I know.. I just like u to call like this.. n tell me if u missed me?
Abhi : yaa… Wht about ur journey?
Sona : great.. I know about that u choose another girl for anchor instead of me? U know na… I come today.. If u send me the speech .. I will present it na? Last yr I done na..
Abhi : oo don’t get hyper.. Last yr we r first yrs . so our senior choose u.. So I also follow my seniors..that’s all… I know u r the best..
She again hug him..
Abhi sends her for some work…abhi is still waiting for pragya..
Then a bike comes there.. That’s suresh bike.. Pragya also with him.. She gets down n see abhi.. She thinks something n turn to suresh..
Pragya :,sureah.. Wht a dumb u r.. This is the first day I wear saree n u did nt even tell about this . u think u didn’t notice this.. These days u doesn’t give attention to me.. n she move towards him n gets romantic..
Suresh is really surprised by pragyas behaviour.. He pulled her near him n looks at her . she feel uncomfortable.. But she doesn’t show..
While here..abhi is fuming seeing this… He walks towards them angrily..

Here is suresh is gets romantic. With pragya n tells that beautiful.. Abhi interrupts their talks.. He shouts at pragya for late.. She says sorry n leaves from there.. Suresh also go from there..
Seminar started… Pragya done her portion clearly.. Abhi is impressed. Sona is sitting just behind him n hugging by hand… Pragya notice this n. Gets angry.. .
Abhi ( in mind),really she is so cute.. I can’t take my eyes..
Pragya ( in mind) who is that girl.. Yesterday there is another girl .. Today there is another one.. One min pragya.. Whts ur prblm ..its his choice na.. n tanu is also no prblm…
The seminar get s over….
All r leave from there . pragya is about to leave… Abhi called her..
Abhi come close to her.. She now knows the breath of abhi.. She close her eyes… ( BG bolna plays. )Abhi murmer in her ears.. Looking gorgeous.. n presentation also brilliant.. Hearing this pragya open her eyes.. She notice that abhi is so close to her.. Their lips r so close.. Abhi is about to kiss her… But pragya pulls him back..
Pragya : I’m not such a girl u r thinking.. My name is pragya . don’t try to come near me.. There is lots of girls r wantedly comes near u.. I’m not like that.. Just stay away from me.. Got it.. Don’t do like this next time. She goes from there..
Abhi is very sad ..
Pragya ( itself) : wht happen to u… Why u didnt stop him.. When he comes near u… n why u feel comfortable with abhi n uncomfortable with suresh.. I don’t know..I only know that when abhi comes near me. I forgot about this world . n she smiles…
While abhi..
( in mind) wht happen to u abhi.?,u r doing all these first tymm .. . I can’t stop myself in front of her . I love u pragya.. I really love u.. I will find u soon .. Today u looks so beautiful.. Ur face is just like a rose fugga.. Ya fuggi.. My fuggi.. n smile.. This episode as end here..
Hope u all like this..

Really sry guysss… I cant upload regularly.. Thanks for ur lovely coments … n I want to clear one thing there is one more past of pragya… Soon it will be revealed..
Keep supporting….

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