BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 12)


Hiii guyzzz. Hope u all doing well thanks for ur support.. N keep this support….
Here is the episode…
Pragya pick her phone n called some one… While tanu goes to abhi …
Abhi : why r u so late.. We can’t wait for u like this…
Tanu : who told u to wait for me? U can go… n waise I’m shifting to a home next week… .

Abhi : ooo meri tanu ko guzza agaya.. Come let’s go
Abhi pulled her cheek n blink at purab..
While pragya is seeing all these..
Pragya ( in mind) : cute jodi… Abhi is also look very handsome…..
Pragya moves towards the gate..
Purab : hei pragya…come with us.. We will drop u..
Pragya ..: no thanks.. I go myself .

Abhi gets sad n comes to pragya..
Abhi : purab come na.. Who is this.. Ya I remember … U pragya na selected for anchor of seminar..
Pragya nodes.. She is worried. Her heart beat increases…

Abhi : ok .. Purab come we can leave now..haaaaa . … Pragya , how u goes to home…
Pragya is about to say something . but purab cuts of her….
Purab : haaa.. Abhi yesterday she comes along with us.. I thought today I offer her lift but she didn’t accepect that…

Abhi : oo. Pragya why u behave strange to us.. First accept the reality.. U r tanu’s friend… Tanu is our friend . n indirectly u r our friend na.. Then how u can’t accept our help… n also we r not bad people . if u afraid of us . then u can leave alone…
Pragya : I’m not affraid of anyone..
Abhi : then come na.. Wht to think in that?
Pragya has no way other than accept abhi’ s word… She nodes n move with them

But still pragya has hope .. She look at watch… n move slowly… She is about to open the car door.. A bike comes there… Its non other than suresh… A smile comes in pragya’s face.. She close the door..
Abhi : get in na…
Pragya : sorry , u can leave now…
Abhi : wht?

While suresh park his bike n come towards now..
Suresh : sry pragya.. In the way there is big traffic..
Pragya : its ok suresh… n by the way these r my friends.. Tanu , purab , abhi n he is Mr . Mr..
Sry I don’t know his name. I just meet him…
Tanu : oo his name is nikhil…
Abhi : nice to meet u.. But who is this pragya.
Pragya : wo mere.. Friend..
Suresh : now we r just friend.. In future pragya’ s Hus. n smiled at her .
Actually pragya is my fiancée…
Abhi is stunned hearing this. .
Abhi : oo ur so lucky.. Pragya is a good girl with sad face..
Pragya also get shocked.. n draged him n get in bike.. n wave the Hand to them..
They leave from there.. Abhi is little upset that pragya ‘ s marriage is fixed..
While in bike..
Pragya : why u tell like in front of them.?

Suresh : wht?
Pragya : that I’m ur fiancé..
Suresh : wht happen if I said like that.. Its true na..
Pragya in anger..
Pragya : its true tho u tell all of the people u see .. Then write notice n give to all…. Suresh is surprised…
Suresh : why r u so angry at me… I just tell them na..

Pragya : I tell them na we r friends.. Then why u said like that.. Wht they think about me.. They will think that I’m a lier….

Suresh : not think that much.. They all r good .
Pragya : don’t tell anything .. Stop the bike…
Suresh : now…
Pragya : haaaaa .. Now.. If u won’t stop I will jumb from here.. Better u would stop..
Suresh stop his bike.. n they start argument…

While in car.. Abhi is sad… n thinking something…
Abhi : fiancée… How this possible… She can’t marry anyone other than me… n that boy.. Cheeee… he is just like a monkey… I think she didn’t wear chashma na.. Isliye she didn’t see his face properly…
Purab shook him abhi comes to sense..
Purab : wht r u thinking..
Abhi : wo .. Chashmish..

Purab sign him to low his sound as tanu is present .. Tanu is busy with nikhil.. While nikhil is irritated with her talking..
Abhi ( low voice) : u see na… That monkey?
Purab : monkey? Who is that?
Abhi: haaaa.. Monkey.. Pragya s fiancée.. I think he is the father of monkey.. U see na his face.. Cheer.. He is pragya’ s future wife…
Purab : i didnt think like that… He is perfect.. Good looking… Well dressed .. Perfect match..
Abhi him angrily..
Abhi : kya? Good looking.. He is just like gorilla.. I just sacred when I see him
Purab : I think kisine JAL rahi hei..
Abhi : who?

Purab : u.. U jealous na.. U didnt like that boy because he is pragya s fiance..
Abhi down his head…
Abhi : how she can marry other guy…
Purab :oo Mr. Abhi fells jealous..
Abhi : nothing like that.. I want her.. She is my chashmish..
Purab : I told u before.. Don’t over expect.. We r not sure that she is our pragya..
Abhi : my heart is telling she is my chashmish.. n papa told me that in confusion ..we should follow our heart.. It will show us right way..
Abhi smile n thinks about pragya n childhood pragya.. n look out through the window..
While pragya shouts at suresh n she start walking.. .. Suresh walk back with her.. But she doesn’t allow him to come with her..

While abhis car pass that way.. Abhi see that n told to stop.. He sent tanu with nikhil.. Purab n abhi gets down .. Tanu didnt see pragya n thinks that abhi did this for her that she can spend some private tym with nikhil.. While nikhil is annoyed with abhis decision.. He is already bored with tanu ‘ s bak bak .. .
Pragya leaves suresh n she leaves in a bus..
Suresh come back to take bike. Abhi n purab comes to suresh …
Suresh : hiiii… Mr…mr..
Abhi : oo I’m abhi n he is purab..
Suresh : hhhhh.. n why r u here?,
Abhi : first u tel l wht happen b/w u?

Suresh : wht?
Abhi : don’t hide from us.. We see that pragya shouts at u.. Don’t hide tell me.. We r friend na.. n blinks at purab..
Purab : haaaaa… Abhi is right.. We r friend tell us.. We will find a soln .. n also abhi is known as love guru in clg.. He will find a solution.. Abhi is stunned hearing this ..
Purab blinks at abhi…
Suresh : ok I will tell.. Pragya’ s n my family decided our marriage .. But she never give me that rights.. Every girl giving to his fiancée.. She never get in my bike.. If I insist she will accept.. She never call me.. I always call her.. But today a miracle happen at evening she called me n tell that pick her from clg.. But suddenly she behavior changes.. I can’t understand..
Abhi smiled.. n

Abhi : don’t worry.. I’m with u .. I will help u ..ok meet u later..
Suresh leave from there..
Purab : why r u laughing…
Abhi : now I’m sure she is my chashmish.. She knows that I’m abhi..
Purab ; wht r u telling..
Abhi : I’m telling the truth.. U hear na .wht suresh said.. From this I feel that she is hiding from me.. But I didnt leave her..

I will prove that she is chashmish.. n I also have doubt on tanu… She is supporting pragya.. Never tell our pln to her . from today chashmish mission started… .
They have a HiFi..
While pragya thinks about abhi
Pragya ( in mind) u escape for today. U must alert..from today… But abhi changed a lot.. Now he is just look like a rockstar.. Haaa… Like as his wish.. Mr. Rock star n smile..
n thinks about abhi..

While abhi also thinks about pragya ..
Abhi ( in mind) she is thinking that I can’t find her.. Now wait n watch how I find chashmish.. I will find that.. She will tell me that she is my chashmish.. Wait abhi.. Now she is not wearing chashma.. Now how I called her chashmish.. She changed a lot.. Her face is just as fugga.. Haaa.. This name is perfect.. Fuggi.. My fuggi.. Fuggii.. . I will soon reach near u.. n smile.. ( BG bolna plays..)
Episode end..
Hope u all like it .

Precap ; seminar arrangements…

Sry guyzz for the short update.. Tomorrow my clg is going reopn.. I told u before na… So I can’t give a short update..I will try to give next episode as soon as possible.. N thanku all who commenting on my uff.. n hope that silent readers also like my story.. Keep support me…

Credit to: karthu

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