BACHPAN KA PYAR – (Episode 10)

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In mehra mansion…
Tanu’s parents comes to the study room… There is prem busy with his some project.. When he see them..he greetes them n offer to sit..
Prem : u know menon.. Today I’m really happy.. My dream project come true… But raghu doesn’t pick my call.. I think he decided to tell face to face.. n smile..
Menon :oo project.. That’s pleasure..
Menon ( in mind) : smile for last tym.. The smile going to end soon n also ur friendship..
While rahul ( employ of prem) comes to the study room..
Rahul : sir . we lost the pune project .
( he is Menon side… Menon give money to him for give proof against raghu. )
Prem ( shockingly) : wht?
Menon : wht r u telling?
Rahul : yes…sir we lost it..
Menon : how u know.. ? Is raghu called u ?
Rahul : no sir.. I know about through one of my friend…

Prem is still in shock… He comes near rahul n shouts at him..
Prem : wht did u say ? This is not possible… My raghu… Doesn’t happen like this…
He called raghu.. But raghu doesn’t attend the call…
Rahul : sir, I’m telling the truth pls understand .. I have proof..
Menon : wht proof?
Rahul : sir this information get from one of my friend . I will call him n talk to him in front of u sir .
Menon : ok .. Then call him..
Rahul called his friend..n he also said that.. Prem is in shock.. Prem also check this in business site… He is stunned seeing that they lose that project…
Rahul : sir.. Raghav sir didn’t attend a call from our office.. I get the news that he intentionally loose this project..
Hearing this prem shout on rahul

Prem : shut up.. Don’t talk bad about my raghu.. He never allow to bad happen to me.. Better u stay away from this matters…
Rahul : sir.. Wo mein…
Prem stare at rahul..
Menon : prem why r u showing ur angry on him… If he want to say anything allow him na.. We want to know the truth na?
Prem : but , he is talking bad about raghu na..
Menon : wait first allow him to talk.. Don’t get hyper.. We know na raghu can’t do anything that harm u.. He knows that this is ur dream project..
Rahul : sorry sir .. If u didn’t want to know the truth.. Then I will be remain silent. But I know one day the truth will come out..
Prem : ( in angry) tell me wht u want to say…
Rahul : sir my friend also represent another company.. He said that. Raghav sir never attempt to get the project in the meeting….
Menon : wht?
Rahul : haaa sir… n my friend also see raghav sir with the winning company in a night club.. n they sharing the victory…
Prem : wht a rubbish u r talking.. Never ever happen this… My raghu ..
Rahul : no Sir I have proof..n show some photos in mobile that prove that raghav with the winning company..
Prem is stunned seeing the pic..

n murmured..
Prem : this is not possible .
Rahul : sir n also there some more proof I have that proves raghav intentionally loose this contract..
Menon : wht? Proof…
Rahul : haaa.. Sir when I search some important file in raghav sir cabin. While I get this file..I’m also stunned seeing this..
He give the file to prem..
Prem : this is property paper ..
Rahul : yes sir…the chopra company owner mr. Ravi Shankar ki ek flat n estates r registered to the raghav ‘ s name..

Sir u can check that.. Chopra company get the deal na.. Because I have the doubt on raghav sir .
Prem called his advocate.. He check the paper n said that .. ” it’s all correct n legal ”
Prem stunned… He like to unbelive all these but all r true.. It hurts him very much .. He start to cry..
Prem : work is more important for me..more than anything… n i also belive him.. The trust is gone.. So i dismissed him n inform him.. n also tell him that i never want to see him..
Menon gets happy…n winks at rahul.. Rahul also feel happy. They about to leave… Raghav comes there..
Raghav : im really sorry prem.. I cant get the deal… Some one steal…
Prem : just shut up..
I didnt want hear anything about this from u.. Just leave from here..n never return to us… All ended here. Trust, friendship, love.. I really didnt want to see ur face ..
Raghav : trust me prem. I didnt do anything intentionaly.. Im really confused how this happen? .

Prem : oo. Now u r confused.. U cheat me for someone else. U not only cheat me.. U destroy my trust..
Raghav : wht r u saying? I’m did it intentionally.. U know na…I work hard for this project.. This is not only ur dream project n my also..
Prem : now I know why u work hard.. Its only for ur needs.. Now u get all needs that u wanted..
Raghav : no prem trust me .. I did nt know how this happen? n I never do anything that harm u trust me…
Prem gets angry n throw the property paper on raghu… He reads it n stunned seeing the paper .
Raghu : what’s this ? I don’t know anything..
Prem : ooo u don’t know anything..
U cheat me n give the project to another company n they give u money… Its very cheap… Now u telling that u didn’t do anything..
Raghav about tell something. He gets a call.. But prem attend the call.. The caller thanks raghu for his help to get the project…
Hearing this prem throw the phn…
Prem : now wht u want to tell… I’m now clear that u cheated me .. I’m really hurt that u never think about our friend ship…

n raghav try to speek but prem doesn’t ready to hear anything n about leave from there..
While sarala comes to mehra mansion to call bubul n hear all this…
n tears rool from her cheeks.
She comes to raghav n about to speek.
Prem : now u… I did nt want hear anything from u…
Sarala gets angry. .
Sarala : stop ur nonsense. Now u disbelieving ur friend.. U believe more thing than him.. He always do good for u.. He work hard for this project without sleeping n having food. When I insist to have food… He said that.. Its ur dream project.. n now u believe in other man… He is so idiot always take care ur business n waited for u more than 10 yrs .. Now u feel that he cheated u.. He not need friend like u… Why u stop this friendship.. We didn’t need ur friendship.. n never comes back ur this house n in front of u..
Prem leaves from there angrily..
Sarala comes to raghu …
Sarala : come let’s go.. We never return to here…
Raghu : but he…
Sarala : don’t worry… I know u didn’t do anything that bad for prem . then why u get worry n wipe his tears…
Raghav n sarala leaves from there..
Menon n rahul laugh n have a HiFi…

After some hours…
At MM..
Some other employ cones to prem tell the truth to prem. That he heared from rahul who talk with some one in mobile.. Prem fully broke down n tears r rolled down through his cheek… Amitha tells to go n apologise to raghu n his family…
Prem leaves from there…
At arora family ..
Sarala is crying… Raghu leaves to Mumbai to pragyas mamas house. But he is not arrive her . she is praying for raghu…
While prem comes there .. n apologise to sarala .
Sarala : now only u said Sry… U did nt have trust him na.. He leaves from here.. n he is missing now… n we never want to see ur face… Just get lost from here .. teared n leave from there..
While pragya is hearing all these .. But she is still confused ..
She comes to sarala n ask about that..
Sarala : beta… Don’t ask anything… I will tell u at right tym… n u understand that… Because of prem uncle ur papa leaves from here… That’s only misunderstanding… He will return soon.. n also better u stay away from that family.. Don’t insist to go to that family anytime…
Pragya shook her head..

Pragya ( in mind) : wht happen to papa n mamma… n she is right now I also wanted to keep distance from there…
Next morning..
Abhi is waiting for pragya in the gate.. But she didnt arrived.. The bell rang.. He gets sad n leaves from there.. He is sitting in CLS but he always staring at the entrance…
Abhi ( in mind ) why she didn’t come? Is she have fever.. n yesterday he behave rude to me.. But she tell na she is not well.. I think she is not well.. Ohh ! How I tell my feelings.. Wait for some more days.. .
Abi’ s thoughts broken by pragya..she is very hurrily coming to the CLS . teacher allow her to get in because always she is punctual…
While abhi gets happy n smile at pragya.. She see that n avoid him n just sit n act that she did nt look him..
He is waiting for when she look back.. But she never look back.. But she look at shikhar.. Who sit n first bench..n smile at him. He also smile back.. Abhi see this n it hurts him.. He thinks to sleek pragya in interval
But teacher called her for some work.. At lunch tym she comes to CLS n pack her bag.. While her mamaji also comes there.. Pragya said tanu bye n leaves from there without say anything to abhi.. This really hurt abhi.. He sits bad . n decides to go to pragyas house after skl got over..

Pragya n her family leaves to Mumbai with mamaji… When he reach there. She knows that her papa is no more.. Its really shocking for arora family.. n later they know that raghav committed suicide… Its really a shock to arora family n they settle down there.n never want to return to Punjab n see mehra family.. But pragya is unaware about the exact reason.. Sarala never tells to them….
In Punjab abhi comes daily to pragyas house n go back sadly.. But prem know s about that raghav committed suicide . it hurt him badly.. n she become a drunken.. While amitha gets a serious disease n die because of that. .. Its really make mehra family in shock.. n also prem always drunk.. The business r take care by tanus parents.. One day prem gets accident n hospitalized.
Abhi : papa … He is crying..
Prem : beta. Don’t cry.. This is ur papa deserve it… n give me promise. .that u will take care ur chotti sister . n also u want to find arora family n my .. .. Last ….wish… Is .. Pragya…. As our bahu…
Abhi promise him . prem looses abhis hand.. n his breath also stoped.
After prem death…dadi take care of abhi n aliya..he always wish to fulfil prem’ s wish..
FB end….
Pragya n abhi r still awake.

abhi ( itself) : I need u pragya… For complete my promis to papa.. I’m coming my bachpan ka pyar keliya..

Pragya ( itself) : I didnt want see u abhishek prem mehra… I hide myself from u forever.. To complete my promise to my maa.. I did nt need my bachapan ka pyar..
( BG bolna plays..)
The episode end with abhigays face..

Precap : meeting of abhigaya ..

Hope u all like it..
Thanks for who commenting on my uff.. n I’m really glad that some people like my uff.. n I can’t upload regularly.. Because there is only two more days to reopen my clg.. n I know all waiting for abhigays union.. Its will happen soon from next episode. The tashan vala pyar u get to see. Hope all also like that.. Keep supporting like this.. Its give energy yo me. n also wish some comments from silent readers….

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