baby daddy shot -2


Pragya :Oh.( she goes near the baby )Hey. (taking the seat bealt as she was in the cradle )Hey, it’s okay, princess.
abhi :Aren’t you gonna pick her up?

Pragya : Me? What, you guys see a girl and instantly think mommy?(they all look pleadingly) Okay, fine
(she took the baby and comforted her).

pragya :Hi.Okay.
Come here, angel.
(she told the baby patting her back).
Believe me, I know how scary it is to wake up in a strange place.
(all the guys looks at her strangely)

Pragya :I’m just making conversation. Are you hungry? I bet you’re hungry, (checking the bay bag but pragya found s nothing in the bag so she said to the guys)

Pragya :huh? Let’s see what you got– Is this all you brought with you? Oh, well, that’s okay.
We’ll just send one of these boys out for provisions and– Oh I think somebody needs to bath

( abhi after hearing this said immediately)
Abhi :I’ll go to the store.
Ronnie also ran after him saying :Yeah, I’m going, too.
purab who was scared that he needs to do all this ran after them but they closed the door and locked it

Purab :No.
pragya : Boys are so stupid, aren’t they? Yes, they are.
They’re so stupid.
Yes, they are.

After making her bath pragya old to purab to hold the baby.
pragya :Oh. Hold her while I get her bottle ready, – would you? –

Purab :Uh, me? I’m not really a baby person.

Pragya(sternly) :Hold her.

While purab holded ria a feet away pragya pushed the baby to him

pragya : Whee! Isn’t this fun? There you go.
purab was so scared that he will put the baby down so he was still holding her carefully not moving at all just like a statue

pragya :All right. (she asked purab to take a seat near the kitchen counter)
Want to maybe, uh, take a step over here?

Purab :Is she okay?
Pragya :Uh-huh. Have a seat. Nice and easy.
purab asked assuringly

purab :Is she having fun?
Pragya : Yeah. You guys look comfy.

Abhi and Ronnie was at the story buying provisions for the new comer in their bachelor life.

Abhi :I can’t believe this is happening.
I’m not ready to be a dad.
What if Angela never comes back?

Ronnie who was foodie as always started to taste the baby food kept in the store and told abhi
Ronnie :Oh, my God, taste this.. Chicken, carrots, and pasta. Okay? All in this little jar.
It’s like, gross, yet oddly delicious.

Abhi :Come on, man.
noticing abhis reaction

Ronnie :It’s gonna be okay.
abhi:How do you know?

Ronnie :I don’t, but it’s all I got.
a lady who was hearing their conversation came to them.

Lady :Excuse me, how old is your baby?

Abhi : Oh, um That’s a good question.
I met tanu at that party in the village

Ronnie was making accordingly to abhi still with the spoon in his mouth

abhi :And we dated for maybe six weeks before we were Intimate.
And she broke up with me pretty much right after that.
I’m sure there was no correlation.
Ronnie nodded no and they started to count the months while abhi is counting Ronnie is counting with the spoon even now tasting tha baby food

abhi :So, we’re into August now, and they take, like, nine months once they’re up and running.
I think so.
Ronnie who had now finished counting

Ronnie :So Three months.
abhi :Three months! My baby’s three months old.
lady :Mm-mm.

Saw all those bought by abhi which was not at all coinciding with the age she told

lady : Put this back.
abhi : What?

Lady :She ain’t got no teeth.
Put it back.

Here in the apartment,

Pragya was telling to purab and purab was listening to her feeding the bay looks like he have strted feeling comfy with the baby.

Pragya :So, the first thing abhi has to do is take a paternity test.
I mean, though it’s pretty obvious she’s his.
Same smile, same ears, same little sparkly fleck of yellow in the iris.

Purab was looking at her in awe while pragya went to keep the bottle in the counter

purab said amusingly :You like abhi.

Pragya:What? No, that’s insane.
I’ve tormented the guy every day of my life.

Purab now said assuringly :Holy crap! You really do like abhi.
pragya was nodding negatively

By this time abhi and Ronnie were back with the provisions
Abhi shouted:We’re back.
pragya :Hey.
purab who was feeling to tell this to abhi :abhi, you’re not gonna believe what pragya was just
Pragya started pinching him in his neck

Purab shouted:Aah! –

Pragya deciding to cover it said

Pragya : How’d it go? You guys left and I realized I should have given you a list.

Ronnie who was irritated by the ladys talks said in a fast manner without a breath.

Ronnie :Why? I mean, everyone knows you’re not supposed to give a baby solid food until it’s at least four months old and sitting up on its own.
That woman was mean.

Purab:I think we’re all done here.

Pragya taking the baby :Oh, all right.
Just one good belch and she’s done.
I think you can handle this part.
pragya gave the baby to abhi

Abhi :What, me? Right now? Are you sure? Hey, ronnie?

Pragya gave the baby to ronie and moved fastly

Pragya :Oh, okay bye.
purab – You’re in charge.

Purab said scaring;u: Wait. You’re not leaving, are you?

Pragya :Yes.
purab : No, I’ll be good.
I promise.

Pragya ;I showed you how to do everything.

Purab :Yeah, but I wasn’t paying attention.
You can’t go.

Precap: sorry no precap

Thank u guys for the support I didn’t expected this love u guys fr that and yeah its from babby daddy I love that one I just got a thought what if abhi was in bens place. And many of u asking or abhis union but I will try to do it. Thank fr the support and narendran bhai it was crazy abt abhigya, fan of all ff, no one can replce my craziness on abhigya I think u understood but bhai I must say I really really love ur writings keep rocking and thank to prabhi, cutiepie achu, riyadcruz,rosy,angita, narendran bhai, reshma pradeep, adhya(hope u r fine dii and taking care of u or else u know na … yes that only) ,sharaya, monesha,maahi,saranya.

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