The baby cupid two shot (shot-1)

Hi guys I am back with neither a ff not an os but an two shot so lets see how it goes and happy Diwali and guys look this shot is after two years of there marriage and nanu is dead after shravan sent Suman back insulting her in front of media nanu got heart attack and died Suman holds shravan responsible for this

The bright rays of sun pass through the window pains disturbing her beauty sleep’
She twists and twirls on her bed’
She felt as is she hadn’t slept so peacefully for ages’.
She feels something move next to her’
She gets up lazily rubbing her eyes’
And looking at her side her eyes shot open’
Fuming in anger’
What the F*** is he doing here’in my bed, she thought..
Trying to remember what happened last night’
Her so called husband was sleeping with her’
Husband my foot, she thought’.
They were married for the world but inside the walls of their room’
They were enemies’at least she considered him to be’
She never considered this marriage’.
Never wore her mangalsutra nor did put any sindoor’
He never objected’
Nor did she consider him to be his husband’
He was guilty’

Guilty of making her love die’
Killing the person she loved the most’
Though by mistake but he died because of him’
She used to be rude to him’
Sometimes even slapped him’
But he dared not utter a word’
Allowing her to torture him as much as she wants’
She had made his life a living hell’
He loved her with the core of his heart’
But she thought she was forced in this marriage’
She got of the bed’
Gathered her clothes scattered on the floor’
Stormed out of the room’
Ran straight to her room closing the door and falling on her knees crying’
She remembered that they had drunk too much last night in party’
She was shattered..
While he was sleeping peacefully as it was his best night with his wife’
He loved her a lot’.
Always hoped that some day he would win her heart’
Someday will accept his love’
Someday will forgive him’
Someday will love him back as much he loved him..
But the only answer his mind gave was’
A big NO’
That hope too was disappearing as days passed’
He thought he was fighting a battle he had already lost’
Days passed’
He used to leave for office early’..
Before she woke up’
Though he could do his work from her’
He used to avoid her’
His strength to handle her blame was over’
He was weak’
Not physically but morally’
He came home late’

After she slept..
Sometimes heavily drunk’
Sometimes partially’
Sometimes they would end up together’
At dinner or breakfast’
But he was never ever able to finish his food’
As mo re than food he had to gulp down her blames’
She used to say him’that
How can a person eat after taking somebody’s life’
Hurt by her accuses he usually leaved half his food’
But today, today it was different’
He was late for office’
They ended up together after many days’
It was silent’peaceful..
She finished her breakfast silently’
And got up’
She was about to move but feels dizzy and falls’
He was shocked’
Ran towards her’.
Pats her cheek’
Takes her head on his lap’
He says: princess kya hua??suman get up..wake up plz’
She was in no state to reply’
He rushed her to the room’

The doctor came’
Examined her’
She had gained back her consciousness’.
He was standing out of her room’
Doctor came out..
He asks him: doctr kya suman thik hai??
Use kya hua??
Doctor: dekhiye mujhe lagta hai ki ye baat agar who khud apko bata de to acha hoga’
He gets more worried’.
Rushed inside room’
Saw his wifey resting her head on the edge of bed’
Looking tired’
He whispers: princess’

Listening that word after 2 years of marriage made her heart skip a beat’
She opened her eyes and smiled’
Maybe in 2 years this was the first time she had smiled at him’
He goes near her and is about to touch her cheek but stops’
He was about to move his hand away but she caught his hand’
He was stunned’
He thought maybe he was dreaming’.
Then he word three words which gave him a big shock and the biggest happiness in world’
“Shravan I’m pregnant..”
Shravan at first wasn’t able to believe it’but it was true’
God gave him a new hope’
A hope that could bring his princess close to him’
A hope that could make his living hell a beautiful heaven’
A hope which was the last thing he could have expected GOD to give him’.

So how was it hope you like it I’ll post part 2 on netu’s birthday please do comment

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  1. Oh my goodness!! This was so so soooooo amazing and too cute. I loved it so much. You wrote amazingly well. Waiting anxiously for the next part. Much love.
    Take care ?

  2. Diya

    It’s awesome..!!! Very nice story !!

  3. This was superb….. really loved it a lot !!! Please post the next part soon…

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks Cristie

  4. Prettypreeti

    Tujhe pta riyo jab upar shadi wali line padhi mai samaj gyi yeh meri riyo hai
    Girl it was tooooo good so small and so big mind my choti is superb.
    Can’t wait.
    Jldi post krna.
    Hope u r better.
    Love my riyooo only myyy.
    Take care

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thank you thank you thank you Di and yes I am very much better love from yours and only yours riyo

  5. Beas

    Great job!! Post soon this one as well as Shravan suman ka bequbaan isq? I m eagerly waiting for that ?

  6. Neeti

    Aaawwwwww, it was shhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuutttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love it! That three words brought a smile on my face. Sorry for the late cmnt, actually my model tests are starting frm tomorrow (even my b’day is tomorrow;-(;-(;-() so couldnt cmnt.
    Agar ap log asehi mere b’day par kuch post karenge to jaldi hi me famous ho jayungi:-P. Ap meri taraf se ek Cadbury Dairy Milk kha lijiye, mera b’day treat:-P.
    Sorry ha me bara cmnt nai kar payungi, Ammu dat rahi hai.
    Bye, tc, luv u- Neeti.

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks neetu happy you liked it and happy birthday

  7. WeirdSister

    Hey it was so damn awesome..
    Post soon..
    Love ya..

  8. elegant writing yr

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks devgyani

  9. Ariana

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww……. Dark shaded happy story. It was so sweet. Even the title itself sounded so adorable. U always make me go awestruck. Love u sweeto. Sry for a very late comment.

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks Ariana and no need to apologize

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