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The next day morning sanskaar wakes up and finds himself sleeping on floor itself. He recollects ragini’s words about her love. His heart ached a lot thinking about it. But then he decided that his happiness is in ragini’s happiness so he’ll not tell about his love to her…..

That side ragini was sitting on her rocking chair, smiling and thinking about laksh..

There shomi was calling her name from downstairs but no noise was getting registered in her ears… Therefore shomi came in her room and came in front of her.

Shomi: ginni… Where are u lost???

Ragini ( coming out of her thoughts): haan. .. Nhi… Nothing maa.. U say na…

Shomi: there is a call for u from maheshwari industries… I’m calling from past 10 minutes… God knows in whose thoughts u r lost…

Ragini blushes.

Shomi.: now stop blushing, here take the phone…

She passes her the phone and Ragini talks for few minutes while Shomi rearranges her bed.

After keeping the phone down Ragini hugs Shomi from behind and then spins her in excitement.. Shomi shouts and hearing her shout shekhar also comes there.

Shekhar: what’s happening here??

Shomi: ask ur daughter… She’s getting mad day by day….

Ragini releases Shomi and now spins shekhar as Shomi takes a sigh of relief.

Shekhar: ginni beta stop it… at least tell us what happened??

Ragini stops.

Ragini ( jumping): ma papa… They have selected my paintings.. U know na how hard work I have done on those paintings…. Finally they are selected…. I’m so happy….

She hugs both of them.. They both also smiles and blesses her …

Ragini breaks the hug .

Ragini : okay now i’ll go to give the paintings ….

She runs to washroom and gets ready in jeans and top , small earings and scarf !!

Before she leaves she comes to kitchen to bid her bye …

Ragini : bye maa …

Shomi : ginni .. ruk ( wait )

Ragini : haan maa …..

Shomi : what’s the name ??

Ragini ( avoiding eye contact ) : who’s name ??

Shomi turns her towards herself ..

Ragini : vohi jiske sapno mein khoyi rehti hai hamesha … ( in whose dreams u r always lost )

Ragini blushes and hugs shomi. Shomi caresses her back and smiles .

Ragini : lucky ….. ok maa bye ….

She kisses shomi’s cheeks and runs from there blushing while shomi smiles ………………..


Ragini ( to receptionist ): hi can i meet Miss Rhea ( interior designer of the mm industries ) i need to give these paintings …

Receptionist : i’m sorry mam but rhea mam is not there rightnow … u can meet our MD mr. Laksh …

Ragini : okay fine …

She smiles .

Receptionist tells a peon to take her to laksh .

Ragini thanks the receptionist and follows the peon to laksh’s cabin unaware that laksh is her lucky only ….

That side laksh is doing some work .

Peon knocks the door and comes inside and says some mam came to meet u .. laksh without looking up says send her in ….

Ragini enters and is surprised to see laksh aka lucky .

Ragini : lucky u here ??

Laksh stands in shock .

Laksh : ginni u here ?? is there any work ??

Ragini : yeah i came here to give these paintings and collect my cheque ….

Laksh ( slowly pushing her to get out ): cheques ?? no worries ginni i’ll send u the cheques na .. in fact i’ll personally give them to u …

Ragini : arre wait na lucky .. whts the hurry ?? n y r u pushing me ….

Laksh : pushing ?? haha ( he laughs sarcastically ) i’m not pushing u dear .. its just that its so suffocating here …………..

Before ragini could reply , dp enters there with some files ..

Dp : arre beta listen …..

Laksh hits his forehead with his palm and ragini looks towards dp , who is already surprised to see her there …..

Ragini : beta ??

Dp : yeah he’s my son so now i cant call him son also ??

Ragini looks at laksh with teary eyes …and leaves from there ….

Laksh: ginni pls listen to me once ….

Ragini : now wht else is left to listen lucky … ahh no laksh .. the laksh maheshwari …. ( she said throwing her hands up in air )

Laksh : but ginni …

Ragini : no laksh .. u hv lost that right … nthe person who can say ill things abt his own father for his interest then he can do anything …………….

Saying so she leaves from there …………… crying ..

Meanwhile ..

Dp : wht happened buddy ?? she’s that same painting girl na …

Laksh : yes dad she’s the same but wht happened to u ?? in my entire life u didn’t called me beta , always buddy …. now suddenly where u got this love man ???? Now wht will i do ….

Dp looks on confused as laksh goes back n sits on his chair …

Dp goes behind ragini n finds her walking on the road , crying ..

He comes to her running .

Dp : arre beta wait pls …

Ragini : now wht do you want ??

Dp : beta i know my son has lied to u but there must be some reason behind it na ..

Ragini wipes her tears .

Dp : look beta ik i did mistake .. i hurted u .. my son also hurted u n i’m really sorry for that.. pls forgive us … my son really likes u …. if u hv ever loved him then pls come to our new year party please I’ll send the car ………………

Ragini looks at him .. she could clearly see that he was feeling sorry and guilty …

Dp left from there .

Ragini is seen walking on the road crying .

Ragini’s pov ..

How can lucky .. no mr laksh maheshwari do this with me ?? n i too believed him ……… huh .. n now his papa …..

Unaware of a car approaching her she turned to cross the road but at a nick of time she was pulled by someone to the other side ……

Ragini gets scared by this sudden pull ..

She looks up through her teary eyes only to find sanskaar holding her hands tightly …

Sanskaar : ginni .. wht are u doing ?? where are u lost ??

Ragini just stares at him .

Sanskaar : now tell me wht happened ?? if i was a bit late then god knows wht would have happened ??

Seeing no response from her , he shook her bringing her out of thoughts .

Sanskaar : ginni i’m talking to u r u even listening ???

Ragini just hugs him, crying…

Sanskaar , first shocked but then slowly too hugs her . he pats her head to calm her down .

Sanskaar : ginni wht has happened tell me .. may be i can help u …

Ragini breaks the hug and sobs .

Sanskaar takes her to near by cafe and orders tea for them .

Sanskaar : drink this water and first stop crying .. look ur nose has becom red like a tomato and u r looking like a joker with that big red nose ……….

He does some silly actions and laughs . ragini too laughs with him and hit him on his shoulder for making fun of her …

Sanskaar adores her .

Sanskaar : ginni .. always keep smiling coz u look so beautiful while smiling and laughing …..

Ragini stops laughing and blushes a lil .

Their tea arrives ..

Sanskaar ( sipping his tea): now tell me …..

Ragini narrated him everything from beginning till the last ……… sobbing in between .

Sanskaar clenched his fist in anger as someone has hurted his ginni and made her cry .. he didn’t knew how to react whether to be sad for her as a friend or be happy as now his way was clear ……….


Sanskaar : llook ginni … don’t take the decision of heart from ur mind … take it from here ( points her heart ) it’ll never disappoint u ……..


Ragini looks on ….


Sanskaar : and  ginni …if u want i’ll talk to that man ,,.. how can he hurt u …. ..

Ragini : let it be sankyy .. i don’t care ..


Sanskaar : n always remember one thing that i’m always with you …. hmm ??


Ragini nods .


Ragini : i think i should go home as its already late n ma papa might be waiting ………..

Saying so she went from thee without turning back leaving sanskaar there alone .

After a while he also left from there .

Laksh and dp were in car n were going to home .

Laksh was quite upset .

Dp : do u love her ??

Laksh ( surprised ): umm .. yeah ..

Dp : she also loves u ??

Laksh : i guess she loved me .. now i don’t know ..

He shrugged .

Dp : propose her ..

Laksh ( shocked ): wht ??

Dp : yeah .. propose her ,… u will not get a girl like her again ….

Laksh : how n when ??

Dp tells him a plan ( muted )…

Laksh jumps in joy and gets hits by the roof of the car .

Laksh ( rubbing his head ): owwww………………

Dp : u haven’t proposed her till now .. so be patient okay ??

Laksh : yeah .. thanks dad …

He said hugging him .

Dp : dad haan ??( smirks ) not bad …

Laksh : im ur son only buddy ,…..

N both share a hearty laugh . they reach their home and doze off after having dinner …

The episode ends with laksh’s happy n excited face ,, ragini’s sad and crying face and sanskaar’s confused and sad face ……………………………………………

So how was the chapter?? Do tell me if u want to me to continue this through ur comments… I would be waiting dearies!!!! ???

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