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Recap ; ragini knows the truth…




Today is the last day of the year … n this day can make my life or …… or i don’t know .. his dad has invited me .. should i go or not ?? sanskyy says take decision from heart .. n my heart says that i should go ………  okay fine i’ll go n see wht he wants to say final time …………………


She got up from bed and went down to her parents after getting fresh ..


Ragini ( hugging shomi from back ): good morning maa …..

Shomi ( patting her cheeks ): good morning ginni ……….

Ragini : wht is there for breakfast ??

Shomi : ur favourite poha …

Ragini ( kissing her cheeks ): i love u ma ..

Shomi : acha now tell whts the plan …..

Ragini : lets see …….. well now i need to go…

Shomi ( holding  her hand ): first hv breakfast ..

Ragini : k .. but fast haan


Shekhar also comes there and she wishes him good morning too ….


After having breakfast she went to meet her clients for paintings and then for shopping …





Sanskaar was in their house , playing chess with shekhar when he excused herself from him and went towards ragini’s room ..


He knocked the door .

Sanskaar : may i come in ginni ??

Ragini : of course sanskyy .. from when did u need permission to enter my room haan ??

Sanskaar: jab se tum kisi aur ki ho gayi ho…. ( from the time u hv become someone else’s..)

Sanskaar opened the door and was mesmerized to see ragini in a beautifull off shoulder beautiful gown.!!!

He comes behind her, in front of mirror..

Ragini ; how am I looking??

Sanskaar: should I say the truth or lie??

Ragini: u always lie so this time at least say the truth….

Sanskaar: u r looking so beautiful but something is missing…

Their eyes are locked.. They were seeing each other from mirror…

Ragini: missing.. What is missing???

She asked confused..

Sanskaar ( putting a beautiful diamond. Necklace on her neck…) ; now its perfect!!!

Ragini ( touching the neck piece): sanskyy it’s so pretty…..

Sanskaar: just like you……

Ragini: toh main jaun abb?? ( should I leave now??)

Sanskaar moves away and gives her way to go…

She goes after bidding bye to all. Mercedes-Benz was already waiting for her, she sat and went….

Sanskaar, shekhar and shomi continued their talking n eating!!

Ragini reached the venue after half an hour and came outside the door.

Ragini: oh god… Bhagwan ji please save me…

She opens the door and comes inside in darkness.. There is slight light there…

Ragini: lucky… Lucky r u there?

She moves a Lil ahead when a voice is heard..

Voice: thank god ginni u came otherwise our story would hv remained incomplete….. ….

Ragini: lucky…

She moves ahead..

Laksh: ginni I called u here in this deserted place in between these rocks bcoz they have seen many incomplete stories n never saw any story Completed n today I want them to listen that which they hv never heard ever…..

She is moving here n there trying to find him..

Laksh ; I didn’t know when I began to love you n I want to keep u happy… All my life I want to be with you.. I don’t want that smile on ur face to fade away….

Ragini smiles finally and laksh comes there from back.

Laksh ( bending on his knee): ginni I know I hv done many mistakes but now I promise that I’ll let u cry…. So please will u marry me??

Ragini looks on, happily…

Laksh: say yes please.. Say yes…

Ragini ( nods): yes….

Laksh: yeyyy….

He jumps and hugs her…

Laksh: hey buddy u can come now she has said yes….

Ap and dp comes there. They break the hug.

Dp: beta u hv taken the best decision… I promise that now there will not be a single tear in ur eyes…

Ragini smiles.

Ap: bete… These both baap bete ( father son) are lost case … He ( dp) also proposesd me here only after hurting me……

Dp side hugs her while raglak smiles.

Ragini smiles and take blessings from ap and dp but dp stops her..

Dp: betiyan pair nhi chuti… Voh gale milti hain…. ( daughters don’t touch feet they just hug….)

Ragini smiles as dp hugs her…

Then they go to hotel where the party is going on…

Dp and ap talk with their friends and relatives and clients while ragini n laksh steal glances and smile…

Ap comes to laksh and dp brings ragini with him to laksh..

Dp: ik u both might be getting bored here right??

Ragini smiles lowering her gaze while laksh rubs his hair, smiling sheepishly!!!

Dp chuckles while ap hits him for teasing his son.

Dp: so what r u waiting for go n enjoy buddy!!

Laksh looks at him, surprised.

Dp: what?? U won’t get this chance to romance again.. Go n enjoy..

Laksh: but here…

Dp ( keeping his hand on his shoulder): when I’m here have no fear….. Go!!

Laksh hugs him and ap, holds ragini’s hand and goes from there smiling ☺… Ragini looks back at them and thank them through eyes. Dp and ap blesses them.

Somewhere at a park ⛲, ragini n laksh were enjoying pizza ? sitting on the bench and sipping their cold drink!!

Ragini: it’s so amazing na lucky… Sitting here under the moon n having the most delicious pizza…..

Laksh: of course…. N in this cold weather… U forgot that ginni….

He said rubbing his palms.

Ragini: I should say this.. U r still wearing this jacket look at me….

Laksh looked at her.

Laksh: beautiful!!!

Ragini blushed.

Laksh: if buddy had told me earlier that this party wasn’t that important than we could hv gone to some restaurant before only… See at this time there was no vacant seat ? at any restaurant..

Ragini: oh common lucky.. Its okay… Jo hota hai ache k liye hota hai…… So just chill………

She said sipping her drink..

Now the last slice of pizza was left.. Both looked at each other and then at Pizza..

Ragini looks at him and pleads through eyes to let her eat… Laksh smiles her and signs her to eat. Ragini happily eats the last slice with some cheese still left on her lips….

Laksh signs her that sometimes there on her lips but she doesn’t understand.

Laksh comes close to her n she slides back on the bench… He comes more near to her…

Ragini: lucky…

Laksh ; shssss….

Laksh wipes the cheese from her lips.. Ragini shivers and closes her eyes feeling his touch. Laksh smiles and moves away.

Laksh: chale??

Ragini opens her eyes and nods, Blushing…

They go from there…


In the car outside her house…

Laksh: so miss ginni… Urf ragini gadodia… Soon you’ll be ragini laksh maheshwari how r u feeling??

Ragini ( blushing): I’m feeling….. Feeling very good lucky… I never thought that I’ll get such a loving partner…

Laksh smiles and side hugs her..

Ragini: chalo now I should go ma papa might be waiting…

Laksh: okay…

As she’s abt to leave laksh pulls her back and kiss her on her cheeks.. Ragini’s face turned red and she hurriedly got out of the car bidding him bye while laksh smiled and drove away…..

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