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Chapter 15

Recap: months are passing after laksh’s death…

Today was again karwa chauth after laksh’s death…. Both ap and dp were tensed….

Ap: I hv always celebrated this day as a festival… N today also i’ll perform every ritual by my heart but….. But wht will I say to ginni…

Dp signs her to stop… They look at the dining table where ragini is eating heR sargi….

Dp: wht is she doing???

Dp moves forward.

Dp: ginni beta wht r u doing??

Ragini ( teary eyed but still smiling…): papa… Today is karwa chauth na so I’ll keep this vrat to get lucky in all my births. ….. U only told na that by keeping this fast i’ll get lucky in all my births….. So wht if he left me In first birth itself ?? I’ll keep this fast till my last breath so that I get him in my every birth…..

Ap and dp looks on teary eyed…

…. Say na papa.. I’ll get him na?? Lucky always used to say that his buddy never lies. …. Say na papa. …. Say na…

N she burst out crying….. Ap goes n hugs her…. Dp stands there still looking at the broken state of his daughter… He goes from there while ap consoles her.. ….

Dp comes in the balcony of laksh’s room…. He looks above at the shining stars….. A layer of tears forms in his eyes…..

Dp: when I was a kid I used to search my mom dad in these stars and today I’m searching u my son…… ( pause ) where ever u r….. Ginni’s questions… Ginni’s tears… . R troubling u also like me….. When I lost u I thought that I hv got the biggest pain of my life…. But seeing ginni I realised my pain was nothing in front of her’s……… Nothing……. After loosing u she has forgot to smile…… With each passing day she’s getting away from life…. N I don’t want to lose her………. That day… ( he closes his eyes recalling the deadliest day of his life…) that u wanted….. Ur eyes wanted to say something to me….. But I couldn’t understand due to the pain n fear of losing u……. But….. But now I hv understood wht u wanted to say………….. ( he looks up..) u r happy na buddy????? U r happy na???????

He looks at the stars for sometime as the tears in his eyes dried…….

After few days Dp came to gadodias house…. He looks at the photoframes kept on the chest of drawers…. He picks up the frame of sanskaar’s pic’s ….. Shomi comes there….

Shomi: arre bhaisaab when did u came?,

Dp: yeah just now…..

Shomi: How’s ginni,,,????

Dp sighs.): she’s not the same girl now whom we took from this house…….

He looks at the frames….

Dp: this….. This boys whts his name?? Ginni’s friend??

Shomi: sanskaar…

Dp: hmm…. Sanskaar….. Where is he now a days??

Shomi: after ginni’s marriage he shifted to London so may be he’s there only….

Dp: London……..

Dp’s pov!

I knew beta u were in London as u hv told me but I wanted to see whether u hv told abt ur whereabouts to anyone or not??? Beta I’m coming…….. Ur love was true…… Very true………………

After few days in London!!!!!

Dp comes in an auditorium where it was all dark….. Music starts playing in….. He sits on the chair……

(((( on the stage a person’s back is shown as he comes down from above with the help of wires……… He turns around and starts singing…… Dp looks on….))))

Har Manzar Har Lamhaa, Ye Paagal Dil Tanhaa – 2
Betaab Rehataa Hai Ye Kehataa Hai Ha Kaheta Hai
Mahafil Main, Akele Main – 2 Tujhe Yaad Karta Hai, (Ha Karta Hai) – 2
Har Manzar Har Lamhaa

(((((( sanskaar sings as everyone hoots for him…….. Pain, loneliness, anxiety everything can be clearly seen on his face in his eyes………. ))))))

Tu Door Rehake Bhi Paas Rehati Hai
Tu Bin Kahe Bhi Kuch Kehati Hai
Main Bite Khawbo Main Doob Jata Hun
Main Har Jagah Bus Tujhako Pata Hun
Har Khushbu Har Mausam, Har Saayaa Har Aalam
Betaab Rehataa Hai, Ye Kahata Hai, Ha Kahata Hai
Mahafil Main, Akele Main – 2 Tujhe Yaad Karta Hai, (Ha Karta Hai) – 2
Har Manzar Har Lamhaa

#(((((( the girls dance around him as he continues to sing. . . Dp looks on at the rockstar!!!)))))))

Ye Keh Rahi Hai Ab Wafaa Meri, Naa Bewafaa Tu Naa Khataa Meri
Hai Rahen Mujhase Ab Judaa Teri, Tu Khush Rahe, Hai Duaa Meri
Har Dhadakan, Har Sapnaa, Har Chaahat, Har Aarmaa
Betab Rehataa Hai, Ye Kaheta Hai, Ha Kaheta Hai
Mahafil Main, Akele Main – 2 Tujhe Yaad Karta Hai, (Ha Karta Hai) – 2

(((((( sanskaar sings and dance like a star and at the end sees dp sitting there…. He wonders what he is doing there….))))))))

He’s giving autographs to his fans when dp waves his hand towards him. Sanskaar excuses himself and comes to dp…

Sanskaar ; hey uncle…

Dp: So u recognised me??

Sanskaar: of course u r laksh’s dad….

Dp smiles.

Sanskaar: So u here coz of some business or wht??

Dp: no.. For some personal work…… From u…

Sanskaar: oh… So yeah tell me….

Dp: I don’t think it’s the right place to talk

Sanskaar: o yeah… Come….


Dp and sanskaar are walking ? on the streets of London covered with jackets…
Dp: So How’s u??

Sanskaar: bas uncle life is going on…..

Dp: n ur family….

Sanskaar: yeah they r also good…..

Dp: y didn’t u marry till now???

Sanskaar ( chuckles ): someone said that I don’t have marriage in my fate so……. Btw How’s my best friend ginni???

Dp: after so many years u remember her finally??

Sanskaar just smiles sadly.

Dp: she’s very sad…. She’s has forgot to live.. forgot to smile…. Lucky has given her the pain of lifetime……

Sanskaar ( angry ): I hv told him if he made ginni cry then I’ll kill him….

Dp: no… Now u can’t do that also….. ( he looks on confused ) lucky is no more. …

Sanskaar ( shocked ): wht?????

Dp nods….


Dp and sanskaar are sitting on the pavement… Its night already….. Dp has told him everything how they all were living happily, birth of ansh, raglak’s silly fights.. Everything….. How after laksh’s death the environment of their house changed… How ragini and ansh were affected after the huge loss in their lives….

Sanskaar: ginni was so happy with laksh….. After loosing her love she won’t be able to live……..

Dp looks on…

…… She loved him very much. .

Dp: and you??? How much you love her???

Sanskaar: more than life….. But wht was love for me it was never beyond friendship for ginni……. N my love… My love wanted to see her happy n her happiness was laksh … So after giving her responsibility to laksh I came here.. Very far from her…… But now?? How will she live?? How????

Dp: of course she can live again… If she gets new breath… New direction to her life…. With whom she started her journey of love left her in between from where all the ways have closed and now only sadness, suffocation, suffering is only left…. But I… I hv to find a way for my daughter amd I’ll find one….. And in that I need ur help…….. If u want u can bring back the lost colors of ginni’s life…. If u want u can take lucky’s place……..

Dp looks at him but he remained mum…

…… I know it’s not easy to accept a woman who’s someone’s wife… Who’s mother of someone’s child….

Sanskaar: no uncle… Thas not the thing… ginni is my love… She is my happiness…. But I know she won’t agree…. She will not give laksh’s place to anyone…. Anyone……. N uncle ansh… How can he just give his father’s place to anyone. . He don’t even know me……

Dp: its difficult sanskaar… But not impossible… N abt ansh… Beta he needs his buddy back…. N I’m sure u’ll be his buddy no matter wht….. It can happen if u’ll support me…… So say will u help me in bringing the old ginni back????

He looks at sanskaar with his hand forward… Sanskaar looks at him and then at his hand…. He smiles a bit and then places his hand on his……..

They both hug each other and then leave for the airport to reach their destination….


In plane…….

Dp’s pov!

Buddy.. I hv cleared one step for ur wish…. I know it’ll be difficult but for my buddy I can do anything… I know only sanskaar can bring back colours to ginni’s life and I’m proud that u r my son…. My buddy who thought abt ginni even while going… ( his eyes becomes moist ) no buddy I won’t cry coz u always wanted me to stay happy.. …… Buddy I hope now everything will be alright.. Haina?????

Sanskaar’s pov!

Ginni after five years I’ll see you… I don’t know how u will react?? I know ginni u r broken but distancing urself from life will not solve ur problem…. I can’t even imagine how u might be feeling but I assure u that I’ll bring happiness to ur life again….. I know u’ll not give laksh’s place to anyone n I also promise u that ginni i’ll never try to take his place but yes I’ll make a different place in ur heart which won’t affect laksh’s place…… I just want to see u happy n as uncle said that only I can bring that smile back on ur face that’s y i’ll put my life also in bringing back the lost spring of ur life……….. I promise u all that I’ll bring back the old ginni……….


First of all Thank you everyone for your comments and best wishes.. It really means a lot!! ? ? ? and

Finally sanskaar is here guys… Ur wait is over….. Pls do comment and tell me how was it….. Ur comments really do matter…..

Ik I’m very late but wht all happened in last few days has totally screwed me up…. I was so frustrated that how our teja’s award was given to someone else who don’t even deserve it… I’m feeling so angry…… n how happily that woman is flaunting the award which she didn’t won but was given as charity… I’m so sorry if there are any die hard HELLY SHAH fans here but I couldn’t stop myself….. I even dont want her in my ffs but u guys know she’s there so we hv to bear it… But I promise she won’t be there in any of my new ffs……… ?????????????? I’m just so fed up with her and her so called dumb fans who don’t leave any chance to degrade teja… ??????? gosh….

Well leaving that matter.. I just wanna say keep loving teja ( ik u already do but still ) and also you all too keep smiling and rocking!!!!

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    1. Richa19

      Thank you vani!! ?

  1. AMkideewani

    Superb dear??? and yeah you are absolutely right that Teja deserves the award and not someone else

    1. Richa19

      Thank you dear!!! ? ik… Hope that girl will understand this sooner or later….

      1. AMkideewani

        Yeah even I will stop including Helly Shah in my stories and for the Teja fans, you can imagine someone else as Swara in my story: Loving you was a mistake, but in Sun saathiya she will be one of the?

    2. Richa19

      Mee too yaar.. I’ll never include her in my upcoming ffs.. But in sangini she’ll be there coz it’s related to the serial… But i’ll make sure even her name is also not there…. I’m so angry on her….. ????

      1. AMkideewani

        Me too yaar

  2. Amazing

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      Thank you dear!! ?

  3. Amazing yeah our teju onjy deserves that award. Even i can’t image that mahan swara in our RAGSAN FFS

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    2. Richa19

      Thank you mahi!!! ?

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      Seriously mahi… Just fed up of them. ..

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  8. Asra

    awesome update dear…loved it alot…finally Sanky re entry superbbb dear….eagerly waiting for nxt one….
    ya richu am also hell angry in thz award matters….helly didn’t deserve that award but she show off that award like she win that…and her fans say she deserve…i don’t know onething dear it’s a pointed nose award na where thz talent come from i don’t know richu her fans say bcz of her talent she got thz award so funny na…teju gave her award to helly after thz happen also they are bashing teju that only hurt us dear…if helly won thz both award if Antv give one award to teju na if helly fans keep their mouth shut no na….Thn y should we….anyways dear whatever we speak helly fans didn’t understand that…They bash more us….enjoy our temish moments dear….tkcr dear….

    1. Richa19

      Thank you so much asra di!!! ? ?

      Ik di… These ppl are getting on my nerves…. Befaltu ki baatein karwa lo inse…. Stupid jerks.. They don’t know wht to say n to whom…. Faltu mein de r bashing TEJU even after snatching her award… I just want to break their bones. And ego as well…. Teju is such a sweetheart.. Politely gave away her award to that bikhari……. I’m so proud of her.. N finally she unfollowed that fake belly…….

      Well just want her out of my sight and life… But I’m feeling so sorry for me n my readers that they hv to tolerate that girl in my two ffs… ?????

  9. OUTSTANDING don’t think about that helly silly fans

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      Thank you maha!!! ?

      Who wants to think yaar but can’t even get rid of them… ????

  10. Finally sanky is here… Superb update richa…. Post soon..

    I totally agree with u.. Helly just don’t deserve to win that award.. Feeling so bad for teju… Such a pure soul is cheated….

    1. Richa19

      Thank you sanam!! ?

      Ik yaar.. But they’ll never understand… Well I too feel really sorry for teju! ?

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    I just hate this helly belly thin…. Such a coward she’s.. Showing off as if she has won .. .. blo*dy loser. . .. N just look at her stupid fans bashing teja like anything… I’m proud to be teja fan that after so much also she has stayed quiet…. Love u teja… N I hate u helly belly….

    1. Richa19

      Thank you chahat!!! ? ?

      I totally agree with u dear b! Just hate her… N I’m so proud of my teja!!!! ? will love her forever!!!!

    1. Richa19

      Thank you onny!! ?

  12. Lovely7


    1. Richa19

      Thank you dear!!! ?

  13. please any one could tell what’s this award I realm don’t understand, Temish went to Indonesia are you guys talking about the awards in Indonesia, please tell me if anyone knows about this because as teja fan I have seen injustice towards to teja , but it still contuing shit when its going to stop yaar.

    1. Richa19

      Dear temish went to Indonesia and antv conducted polls on twitter for pointed nose n shining eyes in which teju won in both the polls…. But antv gave the pointed nose award to helly saying they want every actor shld feel special….. N that is y all teju fans are agitated… And hell fans are bashing TEJU for no reason……. N then hell liked one offensive comment against teja and now there’s almost a world war going on….. N everywhere on twitter teju is being bashed and her new show is being reported by hell fans……..

  14. Awesome sissy yeah they snatched teju’s award but this award is very smallest for teju helly can’t win over teju’s talents dear

    1. Richa19

      Thank you nive.. ?

      I know helly is nothing compared to our teju!! She’s outstanding in all aspects…..

  15. Awesome sissy yeah than helly don’t deserve but this award is very smallest for teju in real life helly can’t win over teju so don’t be sad

    1. Richa19

      Yeah I won’t be sad… Teju always comes first for me n it doesn’t matter whether she got the award she won coz she has already won our hearts….

  16. Asw

    Amazing yaar richa hope sanskar will bring smile on ragini & don’t worry for that award in upcoming teju will have award for another serial ??? keep going ?

    1. Richa19

      Thank you asw!!! ?

      Ik there are many awards coming up for teju!! Ik she’ll beat all others with her show!! N she’s looking stunning in the promo as well.. All eyes are glued on our queen’s show…

  17. mind blowing epi. … n u r right dear helly neither deserve. that. award nor. anyones love. .. shes a selfish bi**h. ….

    1. Richa19

      Thank you spark!! ? m control urself.. No bad words on my ff…. Ik she don’t deserve but we shldnt fall on their level so calm down….

      1. I’m. so sorry for using. that word. dear but i couldn’t stop myself.. that woman is just a silly selfish kickass! !!!!!

  18. Lahari

    Im the one who hate helly so also frustrated after knowing about that award…ns her fans r really im die hard hater of her..

    1. Richa19

      Same pinch Lahari di ”!!!! ? hate is also the word which is not enough for that dumb n her dumb fans…. Disgusting ppl….. Duniya ki sari negativity inhi logo mein se aati hai…….. ?????

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      Thank you Khushi!!! ? Keep loving teju n ragu too!!! ?

      1. teju is life. … how come i not love her,!??? love her so much. …

  21. Follybraverl

    Yeah teju won both beautiful eyes and nose award..
    .We have proof when we climbed the antv they said they want every actor to feel special……There is his gia,Mrunal Thakur…..
    Our doll give up her award such a pure soul……. Love you teju…

    1. Richa19

      Thank you Folly di!!! ? ?

      Ik di.. N those creeps are saying we hv hacked the sight n made our queen win… How silly of them. . …. Exactly if they wanted everyone to feel special then y did tey even conducted the poll n wasted our efforts…. Huh…. ..

      Our teju is the best di!!! No one can beat her!!! I’m so proud to be her fan!!! ??????

  22. Jayanti

    finally richa…our sanskaar is back….damn happy with this episode…finally our ragu will finaaly be haapy after months of sadness and pain…it is awesome episode dear…just loved it to the core

    1. Richa19

      Thank you so much jayu di!!!! ? ? ? I’m happy u liked it!!! ?

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      Just read the diets part of ur os… Lovely!!! ? N pls tell me will u be continuing kabhi alvida na kehna???

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  28. I was also very sad bcoz of that award thing.But i proud of my Teja who gave up for the award which she won.Helly agar uske jagah hoti toh wo apna award kavi nahi chhorti.But let that shurpnaaka be happy with that stupid Poking Nose Award which she got as a Consolation prize.Our Teju got Shining Eyes Award which is much more special but she still didnt posted her pic award.Such a simple hearted person she is.I have decided i’ll stop reading those Ragini ffs where Swara is there.Cant tollerate Swa____Ragini,Swa____Lak or Swa____San scenes.So pahle se hi tumhe sorry bol rahi hu sis 🙁
    Finally Sanku is back here i’m very happy

    1. Richa19

      I’m also feeling really sad for teju.. But I’m happy she didn’t run behind the award and gave wht that bikhari wanted… Sorry for my language…. well… Dear I too don’t want that supranakha in my ffs…. But I’m so sorry sangini will hv that but I’ll see something abt that… N no need to say sorry ani I can understand…….. We all r feeling the same only……

      N thank u for commenting!!! ? ?

      1. Anu

        Bikhari supranakha..?? Waah re!! Uh proved urself richa…

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    Nd even I m not fake like uh richa in one post abuse helly nd say uh hate her
    Nd another post uh love her..

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