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Recap: mehndi and sangeet….

Today in the evening it was the D-DAY! THE WEDDING ? of RAGLAK… N before that it was haldi ceremony..


Laksh: ma.. What is this yaar??? I don’t want to do all this….

Said an irritated laksh to ap who was dragging him downstairs where ladies were waiting for him to apply haldi..

Ap: lucky… Its a rasam beta… U hv to sit for it…

Laksh: arre what rasam mom… Look at that fat aunty ( said he pointing towards a fat lady who was looking at him) she’s looking at me like she’ll eat me raw…

He said in a scaring tone. Ap nodded her head in disbelief.

Ap: grow up lucky…. Now come..

Laksh: y is to so important??

Ap: to make u more handsome so that u can stand in front of ragini with a bright face…. N u’ll look more fair after applying it like ragini!?

She said explaining him.

Laksh ( excited): really???

He asked sitting down on a stool kept in the middle of the hall. Ap nodded her head in yes and she applied haldi on his face, arms and legs.

Laksh: then apply it here also na….

He said removing his kurta and vest. All ladies laughed at his innocence and cuteness. Laksh too smiled and dreamt abt ragini in a bridal lehnga and blushed. …..

The ladies applied him the haldi while he kept dreaming abt his marriage…. Later he went to bath and ap with the shagun ki haldi went to gadodia house ….

Ap ; kya hum andar aa sakte hai??? ( can I come in??)

Asked ap as she knocked the open door of the gadodia house where haldi preparations were going on. Shomi looked back and smiled asking her to come in.

Shomi: come ap ji.. Have a seat i’ll get tea for u….

Ap: no no its okay.. I just came to give this shagun ki haldi…

She said handing over the bowl to shomi…

Ap: btw where is our to be dil?

Shomi: she’s in her room getting ready….

Scene shifts to ragini’s room where ragini is sitting in front of the mirror doing some make up while sanskaar is standing behind her with his hand under his chin with a pout.

Sanskaar: common ginni…. I don’t know y u r putting this make up when u hv to take bath after applying haldi…..

Ragini: arre sanskyy this is not make up.. I’m just applying kajal that’s it..

Sanskaar: hey bhagwaan kahan fass gaya main….. First u take one hour to get ready in this simple lehnga n then now u r applying make up…. ( she glares at him) ya ya.. Kajal..

Ragini( standing n coming towards him): so u r stuck with me haan????

She picks up a pillow.. He knew what was coming up. He took a deep breath.

Sanskaar: haan…. Bhaaagooo….

He ran shouting and threw a pillow on her face and ran outside the room. She stood there shocked ? as to what just happened???? N then she too ran behind him throwing pillows on him.

Ragini: stop u sanskyy… Otherwise it’ll b very bad for u…

Sanskaar.: what will b more bad than having u ginni…

He looked back and came in the living room shouting where ap and shomi were sitting. Both stood there looking at them. He didn’t saw ap there. Ragini came running in the room and threw the pillow at him. He reacted quickly and bent down and the pillow straight away went on Ap’s face who stumbled due to this unwanted attack.

Sanskaar ( laughing): u again missed it ginni….

He still didn’t notice ap.

Ragini ( who saw ap said under her breath): oh my holy god what hv I done. Sh*t.. This sanskyy has to pay for this..

She kept her hands on her mouth while he kept laughing. Shomi kept her hand on his shoulder to turn him back and as soon as he turned, he was shocked to see ap there.

Sanskaar: voh. Voh.. Aunty I’m so sorry actually ginni. . .

He stopped and looked towards ginni who was controlling her laugh. He got really angry and went from there annoyed after saying sorry again to ap.

Ragini came and took Ap’s blessings.

Ragini: I’m so sorry aunty actually sanskyy was teasing me so… I didn’t knew u were here… I’m really sorry…

Ap: no I won’t forgive u….

Shomi: ap ji… Bachi hai… Please forgive her I’m sure she’ll not repeat her mistake….

She signs ragini to speak something.

Ragini ; haan aunty I promise i’ll never do that again. I’m sorry please forgive me…

She pleaded.

Ap: I’m not angry on u coz u throwed pillow at me….

Ragini and shomi looked at her confused.

Shomi: then??

Ap: after engagement also she’s calling me aunty…..

She said turning her face annoyed. Shomi n rags sighed in relief ….

Ragini: oh god. .. U scared me aunty…. I mean ma….

She hugged ap while shomi looks on teary eyed. Ap left after a while and ragini’s haldi rasam started. Her eyes were looking for her best friend but he was no where to be seen.

Ragini ( stopping sujata): arre aunty… Where is sanksyy????

Sujata: beta he has gone out for some work… Now u should not bother abt him. . ..

Ragini: common aunty he’s my best friend n I can’t stop bothering him until I’m alive. ….

Shomi: ginniii….

Shomi shouted scaring Ragini.

Shomi: think before you speak beta.. Today is such an auspicious day….. N u r talking abt these stuff….

Ragini ( pouts): sorry ma.. Voh toh bas flow mein nikal gaya….

Sujata: beta b careful hereafter….

Ragini nodded.

The rasam continued for some more time then Ragini went to have bath.


Today is ur marriage ginni.. N I’m very happy for you…. So what if my love story will remain incomplete forever but I’m glad that u r getting the love of ur life… N I hope I don’t hv to cross ur way again after this night…….. ( he thinks sitting on his favourite place, beach) I hope that u n laksh always stay happy…. N if possible u forget me also….. I want u to make new memories with laksh … Ik he’ll give u so much love that not even once I’ll come in ur thoughts also…..

Voice: that’s impossible sanskyy…

Said a voice from behind breaking his thoughts. He looked behind to find ragini in a beautiful pink saree. He was mesmerised to see her. She came n sat beside him.

Sanskaar: ginni u here??

She nodded.

Sanskaar: but coming out of home after haldi is not good ginni…

Ragini: I know stupid thats y I hv came here, to u from jumping out of the window….

Sanskaar: what.?????

Ragini: yeah….. But what were u thinking haan that I’ll forget u?? Really,?? ……..

He bows down his head.

….. Common sanskyy I can never forget u coz u r here in my heart… ( she said pointing towards her heart making his eyes moist…) …. Oh common sanskyy now don’t b a emotional fool and cry….

She laughs and throws a big ball ( with which children play on the beach) at him and he closed his eyes catching the ball in his hands before it hit him.

Sanskaar: ginni ki bachii…

He’s about to throw the ball in her direction but stops as a cute girl comes running there asking for her ball.

Girl: uncle can I get my ball please… ??

She asked cutely. He looked around and found no one. Tear drop escaped his eye as he passed the ball to the girl.

Sanskaar ( laughs at his stupidity): how can I even think that you’ll come here….. Ginni… I’m going to miss u alot. A lot…. . .

He kept his head on his knees and cried until when someone came and kept his hand on his shoulder. Sanskaar wiped his tears and looked behind to find Dp standing there.

Sanskaar ( standing): arre uncle aap?? was there some work?? U should hv called me na??

Dp ( cutting him and observing his tears): do u love ginni??

Sanskaar ( ignoring his question and controlling his emotions): uncle tell na what do u need?? I think we should go to shekhar uncle and talk…..

He started moving but Dp held his wrist to stop him. Sanskaar closed his eyes and let the tears flow from his eyes. Dp came in front of him and was devastated to look at his state coz for him it was just a doubt that snaksaar loves ragini but after seeing him anyone could say that how much he loves her. He immediately hugged him tightly. He too hugged back finding some peace in his hug.

Dp: beta y r you doing this???

Sanskaar: uncle laksh loves ginni.

Dp: but u too love her. …

Sanskaar: but she doesn’t love me…. She loves laksh .. n she’s happy … very happy

They break the hug.

Dp: but what abt u??? U r not happy!

Sanskaar: uncle I’m happy…. I’m happy coz my ginni is happy.. N the life which laksh can give her I can’t even imagine to give her….

Dp: but beta u r hurting urself. N I can’t see anyone hurt bcoz of my son…..

Sanskaar ( holding his shoulder): no uncle… What r u even saying?? No one is hurt uncle at least not me…. ( he controlled his tears)) uncle it’s all destiny n we can’t change it… So please let it be coz I just want ginni’s happiness which is only with laksh not with me…..

Dp: ginni knows this???

Sanskaar: of course not uncle.. N if she comes to know abt this then she’ll b broken uncle. .. N u hv to promise me that you… U will never ever tell this to anyone. …… Uncle agar ginni meri kismat mein hoti toh mujhe mil jati but god has written something else which we can’t change…. So please promise… No swear on me that you won’t tell this to anyone…. Please uncle….

N he breaks down in his arms. Dp too had tears in his eyes and he took in his embrace and promise that he won’t tell the to anyone.

They both sat on the. Beach for some more time taking time to calm down their running hearts and minds. .

Sanskaar: uncle… Now I think I should leave it’s already late n there r many preparations to do…….

Dp kept his hand on his head and nodded.

Dp : I hv never seen any person so selfless like u. … I’m very proud of u beta n I hope u get a very good girl who will love u till infinity and make a special place in ur life and heart.. …

Sanskaar chuckled through his tears.

Sanskaar: uncle no one can take place in my heart now.. …. Well leave all this.. Will meet u in the evening n yeah remember ut promise……

Dp nodded at him… He smiled and went away while Dp kept looking at this selfless man who’s carrying so much load on his heart. he blessed his soul went to his home. ……..

So now its evening and ragini has got dressed in her lehnga to go to the parlour for getting ready…

Ragini: hmm ho gaya…

She said tucking her hair behind in a simple bun… Though she hasn’t worn any jewellery and make up still she was looking pretty.

As soon as she was abt to go out she hears some knocking sound on the window. She looks there confused and holds a vase in her hand and opens the window. She was abt to hit the person when he jumps in and pins her to the wall with her mouth open with his hand.
He took the vase from her hand and kept it on the table without making nay noise. She slowly opened her eyes and was shocked to see Laksh there smiling romantically.

Laksh: so.. How was my surprise??

Ragini signs him to remove his hand but he doesn’t understand and bring his ear ahead but she bites his hand and breathed heavily while he jumps holding his hand.

Laksh: ginni r u mad??

Ragini: exactly.. Lucky r u mad who comes like this yaar????

Laksh ( coming close to her): every romantic person who loves his hone wali biwi very much…..

He kept his hands on herbare waist and pulled her closer. She shivered with his touch…

Ragini: lucky.. What r u doing?? Someone will come…… U go from here….

Laksh: what’s so hurry darling??? I wanted to b the first one to see u in ur bridal outfit….

He winks at her n she blushes.

Ragini: lucky go yaar….. Abb toh u hv seen na now go please.. Look I hv to also go.. U too go n get ready….

Laksh: pehle ek kiss….

Ragini: arre take as many kisses as u want ( his face lightens up) but after marriage….. ( he pouts)

She smiles and pushes him out of the window. He waves bye to her and goes.. She too comes to shomi and they leave for the parlour.


Laksh came inside like a thief praying that no one should see him but then someone keeps a hand on his shoulder. He murmurs ” marr gaye….”

He turns around to find ap there with a questioning look. He smiled sheepishly.

Laksh: arre ma aap!?

Ap: haan main?? Where were u??

Laksh: I was just. …… Just….

Ap ; just went ro see ur would b wife… Haina???

She said crossing her hands. … Laksh blushed and rubs his hair.

Ap: ya ya. Vaise bhi now who cares abt me??

She shrugged and turned other side.

Laksh: lucky cares for u.. Buddy cares for u.. N now ginni will also care for u….

He said keeping his hands on her shoulders. She smiled and told him to go to his room to change….

He kisses her cheek and wen mt ot change……

Precap: shaadi mubarak!!


Hey guys that was it for today…… Do comment if u liked it…. I hope u r still interested in this ff ( coz may b many of u hv seen this film so may not be interested but I hv to complete as I hv started this……) .. I’m trying to add my own masala to make it somewhat interesting…. In previous chapter also I got very less comments…. I would love to know how many of u r liking my writings so pls do comment guys…..


I know many of u want me to post sangini.. N don’t worry I’ll post it on Wednesday…… still there are few places where I need to workout in the upcoming epi so it’s taking time I’m sure u all will love it…….

N I’m sorry I’m not regular as I promised coz of my entrance classes and exams but I’ll surely try to upload once in a week at least……

Thank u all for reading!!!

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