Hii guys ,,, this is richa … i hope u know me well…

I am writing new short story …. basically the story is based on a film ,a bollywood film ..

It stars …..

Ragini will be the lead and sanskaar and laksh will be the heroes ..

Its a love story + family drama …with some fun elements …

There will be two pairs RAGSAN and RAGLAK !!! but at last only sanskaar or laksh will be alive whom do you want to be …

Its a story of a girl Ragini,ginni …who falls in love with a guy who has hide his identity from her … they meet and fall in love ? also about her friend who sacrifices his love for her happiness …….

So do tell me whom do you want to be ragini’s love interest and friend …according to your selection i will give the introduction of characters and their family background ..

Tell me through your comments whom do u want as final pair n do u want me to continue or not …

Thank you ………

I will be uploading the next part of SANGINI-A NEW BEGINNING! Soon …till then tell me how is this ?????????????????
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With love


  1. sanchami

    I want ragsan as intial pair nd raglak as final pair it will be really awesome richa dr plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Fairy

    Hey dear… πŸ™‚ glad dat u r writtng another story..superbbb intro dear n i suggest laksh would suite d charecter of salman khan n sanskaar wl suite john’s charecter…
    So raglak love story n den final pair ragsan!! Keep rockng dear πŸ˜‰

  3. Nisha Malik

    RagSan initial pair and RagLak final pair 😁😁 nice prologue 😍😁 as you already have a RagSan fan fiction but whatever you like 😁😁😍

  4. Richa19



    the score is 14 ragsan and 9 raglak as final airs ……..keep voting dears …………. let see

    btw thank you all for reading………………

    I want to say one thing ………both the pairs will get equal importance but only after one hero dies …………………………………………………………….

  5. Sss


    |Registered Member

    awesome prologue but I didn’t saw the movie I think so can’t decided whom to chose I mean I want ragsan bond most if its initial or final though I want ragsan final I am really confused do maybe I would just go with the story..update new beginning soon waiting

  6. Anjali

    Awesome dear. It’s very interesting . Sorry for late reply . I was busy with my exams. I love both raglak and ragsan . But still I want ragsan in final .😚😚😚 update soon. And yes I won’t be able to comment in all your ep. If I get time I will comment but I will read it. I’m eagerly waiting dear. And yes your previous ff sangini was superb and sorry for not commenting on your previous ff. But I have read All ep. 😍😍😍😍😍 it was just wow.

  7. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    wow amazing i m a ragsan fan but i dont mind either but do send me ur ff link as there are too many ffs on sr and i dont read sr ffs much but i found ur intro interesting

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  9. Richa19



    This is for chapter 1….

    If you’ll Search ‘ sangini ‘ in the search option you’ll get my ff there…

    From page no. 4 you’ll get all the chapters..

    Here are the links where you’ll find all the chapters. ….

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