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Chapter 1

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The party is still going on……

Ap and dp are attending the guests while Laksh is lost in some thoughts.

* flashback *

Laksh is coming from airport when he gets slightly hit by a beautiful girl. He sees her and thinks she’s really pretty but by then his friend, who also works as a house keeping in his house comes to pick him…. He’s Omi…. And then he leaves…

* flashback ends *

An old man, somewhat elder than dp comes to them and says….

Man: chote…. Laksh has came back after 7 years but still u didn’t inform me…. Luckily Adarsh was here for some work so he informed me…. And bahu Rani u also……
Dp: arre bhaisaab… actually….

Yes he’s dp’s elder brother Suryaprasad Maheshwari ( sp) . He livea in village and is vary narrow minded just like any other village man.

Ap: sorry bhaisaab.. Actually everything happened so fast that we didn’t got the time… Sorry…

She said while taking his blessings…

Sp: its okay… Btw where is our hero?
Laksh: I’m here tauji!!
He takes his blessings.
Sp: god bless you beta….
And they talk for sometime…….
Omi comes there with drinks.

Sp: I hope food and drinks are properly organised.
Omi: sirji. Food is good enough.. For drinks you yourself drink and check….
Sp: i’ll give u tight slap…. We don’t drink ourselves.. We serve drinks… Stupid creature now go…
Omi: yess…..

Everyone is sitting talking drinking eating.. There is no fun…. So.. Our lucky started singing…

Laksh :Mitra De Naal Tu Bhangra Pa De -2

Dp: [Mere Naal Bhangra Pa De Mere Naal
Mere Naal Gidha Pa De Mere Naal]2
Aaja Soniye Ni Hereeye

( laksh dances on these lines.. He does some s*xy moves and all girls present there comes to him…. Dp gets jealous seeing this.. And he also pushes laksh a bit and starts dancing himself…. now seeing this laksh gives an ” now wait and watch expression “… And goes to ap..)

Laksh :Mere Naal Ankh Tu Lagale
Mere Naal Lakh To Hila De
Aaja Soniye Ni Hereeye
(Come Up -2)
[[Chalo Jasn Banaye (Come Up -2)
Chalo Nache Gaye (Come Up -2)
Oh Be Yeah (Come Up 2)
Come Up -2
Chalo Pelo Paaji (Come Up -2)
O Jeelo Paaji (Come Up -2)
Oh Yeah (Come Up 2)]]-2

Mitra De Naal Tu Bhangra Pa De -3

( laksh goes to ap and starts dancing with her beautiful.. She also takes part.. Dp comes behind laksh and tries to dance with ap but always laksh comes in between…..)

Dp :Main Hoon Botlaa Di Kahani
Utni Tazaa Jitni Purani
Koi Bhi Na Mujsha Hai Yahan
I M Telling You Man U Got Sumthing

( dp ask omi to go in between laksh’s dance and try to ruin it….)

Laksh: Musjhe Mein Bhi Hai Josh-E-Jawani
Koi Bhi Na Mera Sani
Mere Jaise Koi Hai Kahan

( Dp and laksh have a jugal bandi…)

Dp: Oye Oye Oye
Chadi Kaman Hoon
Oye Oye Oyee
Mehfil Di Jaan Hoon
Oye Oye Oyee
Abhi Mein Jawan Hoon

( dp dances with some girls…. Laksh shows this to ap and she makes annoying face…. Laksh smirks at dp….)

Balle Balle Balle Balle

Laksh: Oye Oye Oyee
Chata Shabah Hoon
Kudiyo Ka Khawab Hoon
Mein Lawaab Hoon

Balle Balle Balle Balle

(Come Up -2)
[[Chalo Jasn Banaye (Come Up -2)
Chalo Nache Gaye (Come Up -2)
Oh Be Yeah (Come Up 2)
Come Up -2
Chalo Pelo Paaji (Come Up -2)
O Jeelo Paaji (Come Up -2)
Oh Yeah (Come Up 2)]]-2

( laksh and Dp then dance together.. Ap joins them… Sp and other guests are seeing them and clapping…..)

Dp :Ishq Visk Bhi Karti Hai
Mujhpe Aaj Bhi Marti Hai
Tujhe Jayada Kudiyan Mere Jaan
Aaa..? Haaan

Laksh: Aao Aao Hosh Mein Aao
Umr Pe Tarsh Aab Kaho
Aise Bhi Karona Mastiyan

Dp: Idhar Aa Oye

Oye Oye Oye
Mere Munne Raja
Oye Oye Oye
Meri Umar Pe Na Jaa
Oye Oye Oye
Mere Samne Aaja
Balle -5

( Dp ask laksh to come to him… And them moves his hand on his head and says the above lines…)

Laksh: Oye Oye Oye
Nach Ke Dikha Doo Mein
Oye Oye Oye
Teri Lay Bhulla Doo Mein
Oye Oye Oye
Teri Hosh Uda Do Main
Balle -N

( laksh goes back and dances…)

Laksh: Oye Oye Oye
Mein Sher Badr Hoon
Oye Oye Oye
Mein Tera Puttar Hoon
Oye Oye Oye
Lambi Aalap Hoon

Dp: Oye Oye Oye
Har Dil Ki Chaap Hoon
Oye Oye Oye
Main Tere Baap Hoon

Bhen De Takke Mein Tera Baap Hoon

The song finishes… Everyone claps for them and then the trio hugs…….

Then after sometime the party gets over…….


Its Sunday morning … birds are chirping and flowers are blooming ………



Ragini : mummy papa im going to golf course for painting …… ill be late so have your breakfast ……. okay ??

Shekhar : okay beta … but have u taken the permission note ??

Ragini : yes papa i hv taken see you ………..

She hugs shomi and shekhar and leaves for the golf course with her canvas and painting kit .


All are having breakfast.

Dp: hey buddy… Lets have golf match today.. What say??
Laksh: not again buddy.. U know I don’t know how to play…
Ap: duggu… Leave it na….
Laksh: thanks mom..
He kisses her hands.
Dp: till when will u hide behind your mom….???
Laksh: okay dad.. Fine… Come lets go. . first car race and then…
Dp: done buddy….
Then shake hands… And then dp sits in his Audi and laksh sits in his Mercedes-Benz…..

Ap: all the best dears…..
Dp: thanks annu…
Laksh: thanks mom.. Love you…

They bring the cars on road and then dp signs. 4..3…2…1… And they both starts their car and move towards golf course…..

They are racing in between the other cars… Sometimes dp is ahead and sometimes laksh….

Then a red light comes.
Dp sees a constable there. He smirks.

Dp calls laksh.

Dp: hello buddy…. Look now also u have time.. Back off…..
Laksh: no ways dad ______

He goes on speaking. Dp calls the constable from actions.

Dp: look there in the car that red one ( laksh’s car) .. The boy is talking on phone while driving…..
Constable: thank you sir.. Let me see him……

Constable goes towards laksh’s car and ask him to open the window. Laksh does the same…

Laksh: ji.. What happened??
Constable: don’t u know that u should not talk on phone while driving….

Laksh looks at dp who winks at him and then moves away with the car waving laksh bye…. As the light was now green. Laksh frowned.


Laksh reached the golf course and saw dp already standing there with the car supporting him.

Laksh: I didn’t knew cheaters live here….. If u can’t win then y did u cheat??
Dp: what could I do buddy?? U know I don’t like to lose and I’m ur father… Itna haq toh hai na……
Laksh: ya ya y not……??? Once I became dad know I’ll take full revenge from them… Huh…
Dp: hey calm down dude….
Laksh takes long breath and then they go for playing golf.

Golf course .

Turn by turn they both were trying to reach the goal.

Laksh hits the ball but again it doesn’t go in the hole.

He turns the other side.

Laksh: I don’t want to play this stupid game…..
Meanwhile dp takes the ball and keeps it near the whole.

Dp: chill yaar… Now its my turn…

Laksh turns and sees dp so close.

Laksh: how did the ball reached here??
Dp: common.. U only hit it here know, u forgot??
Dp hits the ball and it goes in the hole…
Dp: look this is how it has to be played……..

Laksh: now i’ll show u how to play.

He takes the ball and throws it high in the air.

Dp: arre my ball…

Dp goes in the direction of the ball laksh goes behind him but at a distance.

Ragini is painting beautifully on her canvas and humming some songs . cool breeze is blowing making her hair fly in the air when suddenly a ball comes and hits the water bowl kept near the canvas destroying the whole painting .

Ragini gets super angry on the person who did this………… she looks here and there and then finds a man of around 50 years with the golf stick….. the man comes near her .


He sees the painting and laughs uncontrollably …. ragini gets more angry ..

Actually the man is dp only.

Ragini : you don’t have manners na …. how could you ?? first u destroyed my painting and then u r laughing like  a mad person …

Dp : hey u r misunderstanding me ………… actually my son……..

Ragini : now u will put all the blame on your son …. huh …

Dp : hey listen girl … this is not a place to do painting and this is golf course and generally peple play golf here ..

Ragini : o hello mister  i  hv taken the permission from the owner f this club so o one can stop me ……………. i only know with how much difficulty i got the permission but thanks to u that all my hard work is gone ……………..

She makes a cute crying face .

Dp: do u call this a painting?? there just some black spots here and there… U should be thankful to me as I have made this painting ? more colourful…

Laksh comes there and sees ragini. He remembers she was the only girl with whom he got hit..

Laksh: no dad… Not with her….

Ragini gets super angry with this….

She leaves from there .

Dp: arre suniye…. U r taking me wrong..

Dp stands their still .. and then comes Laksh …


Laksh : hey dad .. Y did u argued with that beautiful girl ??

Dp: lucky .. Y do u care so much…
Laksh: u wont understand……

Before dp could say something laksh leaves from there…….

Episode ends.

Precap: Raglak first meet.

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