Babasa and maasa talks in heaven- Episode 2

Later, babasa thought to see what’s happening down at earth in his family. He looked down and saw it was night time there and, aryan and Sanchi were in the kitchen. Sanchi was doing some work and aryan was standing there admiring her. “What are u looking at? Tell me also”, screamed masa. “I’m looking at what your son and daughter in law did in kitchen at late night when we all went to sleep and she insisted on cleaning up.””What are they doing?”, asked masa. “Something we never did because you’re not Sanchi and I’m not aryan”, said babasa.He sees aryan holding onto Sanchi from her waist and pulling her closer to him whilst helping her clean the kitchen table. “U never told me you taught aryan how to clean”, said babasa. “I never taught him.

Infact, until he got married, I used to clean his room. Why are you saying that though?”, masa asked. “Because he’s really good at romancing and helping clean at the same time.”Babasa then saw aryan kiss Sanchi on her neck and said to masa, “you gave birth to such a romantic son. Couldn’t you’ve been somewhat romantic like him yourself?””Didn’t u say before than I’m not Sanchi and you’re not aryan? Stop speaking such rubbish about my romance”, said masa.He then saw Aryan pick Sanchi up and go up the stairs. “You know, now I know why we could never get romantic. You’re fat as hell and no matter how hard I would’ve tried, I could’ve never picked u up or would have been rather picked up by god forever”, said babasa.”Let me come there once, I’ll show u whose gonna pick uh up.””I’m not following kids anymore as it’s night time. I’ve seen what aryan was doing, not going to see any further”, said babasa. “You shouldn’t anyways. You showed yourself as really sanskari whilst u were on earth, what happened to u here huh?”, said masa. “Here, you’re not with me na. I’m free here”, he said.Do u know there is not a single photo of urs with the garland on it as if know one wants to remember you for the deeds you did” maasa- ” oh common just look at your deeds because of you my aryan had to suffer a lot. At aryan’s wedding time if you would have asked the baraat to return my aryan wouldn’t have fallen in saanchis trap but why do you care you just care if your poorvaj’s pratishtha. If that time the marriage would have been cancelled we would have found some khandaani girl for our aryan.

Babasa- but for me saanchi was khandaani as at initial days u were khandani maasa- what do you mean by at initial days i was khandani till my last breath and i still a khandani spirit.. babasa- but what you did with my khandaan uh destroyed it all people taunted me beacuse of your deeds. From sethia i turned to pethia. Tumne to diwakar ka D see lekar R tak sab mitti mei mila diya..What i never destroyed your khandaan it was all because of saanchi she snatched my doodh peeta baccha from me but still u r criticising me. Huhh…babasa- lol! Why should i not critise you what you did for me nevertheless you ate all the food of the house Do uh remember that one day u hold my hand and it got fractured because u were just like a pehlwaaan and i dont wanna continue arguing with uh or would get a heart attack even i m dead Ok! I’m going to rest for sometime. Enjoy your time in hell”, saying this, babasa went to sleep.”WAKE UP!! U HAVE TO SAVE US! SHE WILL KILL US ALL IF U DONT HELP US”, screamed the demons to babasa’s shock, waking him up.”What happened? What are u all doing here?”, asked babasa.They told him what hell of trouble masa has caused in hell that everyone’s struggling there. Even the god of death. Babasa went upto masa and said, “you don’t have chill here also?

Taking everyone’s breath away here aswell.””Let me break out of these chains once, I’ll show u what I can do. Chilling in heaven yourself with beers and letting me suffer in hell. I’ll show u what hell is like once I get free.”Just then, the god of death came and opened the chains of masa. “We can’t take care of her anymore. I’m sending her with u”, he said to babasa’s surprise.Babasa was out of words now as masa was lose and in front from him. She made him drink the milk saying how dare he didn’t drink it before and asked the demons to get 100 more glasses. Without protesting they all did so. She made him drink all the glasses and then squeezed babasa’s neck to how dare he not free her before.Seeing all this, babasa woke up to a shock and saw masa laying next to him. “It was a dream? Hell shes scary in dreams aswell”, he thought.He held his heart and wondered what the hell was that. He went out to get some fresh air and saw 2 bottles of sanskari beer on the table. It then hit him that him and prabhat had it for fun last night as they said it wasn’t alcoholic.He then went back to their room and wondered how this lady can be scary enough in his dreams and how she can bring an earthquake even in hell. Being restless with these thought, he went to sleep.

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