Babasa and maasa talks in heaven- Episode 1

Babasa woke up when he heard masa screaming at him for not having his milk. He looked around to where the voice was coming around and questioned where is she. She said to look down in boiling oil. Babasa was surprised to see her there. “If you drink your milk, I’ll be out of hell and in heaven with u”, said masa. This shook babasa and he ran away.Masa started to scream even louder and tried to emotionally blackmail him.”I gave u 2 handsome sons and u can’t take me out of hell by drinking milk?”babasa-“I like beer. Not milk.” Maasa-“Then think of it as a beer and drink it right now.” Babasa-“Aye! I don’t compromise with my beer.

U never let me have it when I was alive, why would I spoil my fun now.” Maasa-“I’m here in hell, boiling in oil, and you’re there having beer in heaven. Let me come there, I’ll show u what it’s like to have beer.”What will you do earlier you had the power to kill me but now we r already dead. I won’t drink this milk as Am i not mad enough that ask the bull itself to hit me Maasa: you mean u r not mad enough but uh agree that u r mad babasa-“Yeah I admit I was mad. Mad enough to marry you and then even worse to not divorce you thinking I shouldn’t break any family traditions.maasa:”You would’ve thought to divorce me and you’d have slept in the balcony for the rest of your life.babasa-“”That’s why I never thought of it. But now! There’s no stopping me as I’m in heaven and you’re in hell.”Saying this, babasa went to get more beer.Babasa saw a demon of death coming to get beer and questioned what is he doing in hell.The demon told him that there’s a lady in hell who’s annoyed the shit out of everyone by continuously screaming to her husband to drink milk. He mentions that he feels sad for her husband and happy now as he’s finally free of her.”But why are u taking this beer?”, babasa asked.

“There’s no other way I can tolerate her.”babasa:”Oh I get u. That was me my entire life since I married her. U know you’re lucky you’re getting this beer. I had to use milk to get myself out of that sorrow.demon:””Wait.. you’re her husband? Why don’t u drink the milk so she can spare us all?”babasa:”I spent 55 years of my life with her. Can’t u spend 55 hours even?”babasa: Oh yes ofcourse how can she change her mental mentallity “I can understand your feelings very well u knw just because of the habbit of her screaming i m here otherwise i would be on the earth” demon-“how come” babasa- one day i suffered from a gas attack but she screamed so much to gather the house members that it converted to a heart attack Demon- “now I get it! I was wondering how other demons who had gas problems are getting heart attacks.”
Babasa:”See, that’s why I’m not drinking the milk.””Let’s share a beer in our sorrow and your happiness”, said the demon.Later, babasa thought to see what’s happening down at earth in his family.

Precap: archi were romancing in the sethia house and babasa saw alll that just wait to know his reaction. ??

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  1. Vishakha

    Sari bhadas nikal li musu tune to ??? you must be feeling better ????

    1. Muskan2002

      True dii saari nikaal li lekin unki aatma mere andar se bahar nhi aa rhi kya karun????? yeh sab humari uss din ki chat ke wajah se hua hai…?????

      1. Vishakha

        Haan maine socha nai tha ki Tu sach me us chat Ka ff bana degi..and that too much better than what we discussed ????????

  2. Christie123

    awesome yaar!!!

    1. Muskan2002

      I luv uh meher and waiting for your ff eagerly…???

  3. Great Muskaan and as I said that you are just marvellous!?

    1. Muskan2002

      thanks a ton anshika you praised me so much thanks a lot dear…???

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