Baazigar Review: Holds potential to raise an ‘OMG’ reaction


Life Ok’s Baazigar started on 20th June 2016. It was expected to be a surprise as per the promos seen. Vatsal Seth and Ishita Dutta play the leads Aarav and Arundhati in the show. Vatsal looked rocking in the promos, and his chemistry with Ishita also struck the right chord. There was a mystery seen, while Aarav wears a mask and is shown a deceptive person. On the other hand, Arundhati is shown as a simple and innocent girl.


Aarav plays with Arundhati’s life by cheating her big time. He wins her love and trust, and promises to marry her. Later, Aarav ditches her at the marriage mandap and gives her a lifetime shock. Aarav calls himself a man of full surprises. There is much more to reveal about him in the upcoming episodes.

Main Characters:

aaravAarav is rich, handsome, and a charming guy. He is very romantic and does lots of things for Arundhati. He is extreme in every emotion. He is perfect guy for Arundhati, but he does not wish to make Arundhati a part of his life so easily. Aarav seems to have a serious OCD problem. Aarav is not an evil guy, but has his own reasons behind his every decision. He is a perfectionist and has many shades to his persona.

arundhatiShe is a simple and sweet girl. She is completely in love with Aarav. She has blind belief on Aarav. Arundhati is much loved by her family, but she is often cursed to have misfortune by her jealous aunt Tanvi. Arundhati’s grandfather is a temple’s priest, who gets spiritual remedies to end her Kundli dosh. She is supported and safeguarded by her family. Arundhati reaches a point, where understanding Aarav becomes impossible for her.


Vatsal Seth as Aarav Trivedi
Ishita Dutta as Arundhati Trivedi
Lalit Parimoo as Ashwin
Pankaj Dheer as Kailash Nath
Sheetal Thakkar as Aarav’s stepmum
Pyumori Mehta Ghosh as Arundhati’s mum
Jyoti Gauba as Tanvi
Ekta Mukherjee as Nikki

Story So Far:

baazigar7Aarav’s rich and flamboyant style is shown. Its Aarav’s haldi day and he leaves from home to arrange a super surprise for his love Arundhati. Aarav has his unique style of giving surprise to Arundhati. He makes a temple for her and places her idol, giving the statement to the media that Arundhati is his Goddess of love. Aarav is always in news for something or the other. Arundhati and her family sees Aarav’s great deed on the tv news. Everyone call Arundhati very lucky to get a life partner like Aarav. They feel Arundhati has hit the jackpot to get a rich family and a handsome life partner. Everything seems to be perfect for Arundhati. Aarav’s family too is happy seeing Aarav’s special special for his would be wife.

baazigar23Arundhati’s complete family is introduced then. They are simple people, and have some homely problems. Arundhati’s aunt Tanvi lost her husband and blames Arundhati’s parents for it. She threatens them to make Arundhati’s life hell. Tanvi is very revengeful. She curses Arundhati and often creates hurdles for her. Arundhati is not affected by Tanvi’s bitterness and is good towards her. Dadi makes Arundhati ready for the haldi. Aarav’s perfection is shown, wherein he can’t bear anything that irks him a bit. Aarav’s family too has a vamp, his Bua Padma. Padma is after the riches of the Trivedi family. Both Padma and Tanvi try to stop Aarav and Arundhati’s marriage.

baazigar9Tanvi’s daughter Nikki steals the much expensive ring Aarav gifted to Arundhati. Arundhati spots Nikki with the ring and confronts her. Tanvi and Nikki openly insult Arundhati. Aarav’s Dadi gives him an ancestral necklace for Arundhati. Padma gets after the necklace. Aarav cleverly makes Padma guard the necklace from other greedy people. Padma fails to get necklace. She sends some goons to kill Arundhati. The goons inform her that Arundhati’s Dada ji Manjunath has gone to Kali Temple to get spiritual pure water to wash off Arundhati’s misfortune.

baazigar12Padma asks them to add poison in the water. Manjunath with much difficulty manages the get the water, but is unaware of the poison in it. Tanvi replaces the water so that Arundhati should stay cursed. Arundhati gets saved by Tanvi’s move working in her favor. Aarav meets Arundhati by surprising her, and takes her out on a romantic date after their haldi. Arundhati tells him that she is ready to lie for his sake, just to keep his name good in her family. Tanvi creates a scene as Arundhati is not at home post haldi. Arundhati manages to reach to her room by a ladder, and acts as if she was present at home. Tanvi doubts that Arundhati went to meet Aarav at night.

baazigar25Arundhati’s gets ready as the bride. Manjunath makes her drink the kalash water, and she faints getting dizzy. She gets fine in some time, and Padma gets the news of Arundhati going ahead to the mandap. Padma turns out to be dangerous and kills her goon for failing to do her work. Aarav makes his family drink some special juice. Padma gets thinking that Aarav is upto something again. The family faints after consuming the juice. Aarav reaches the venue alone. Aarav does Naagin dance and brings his own baraat all alone. Arundhati reaches the mandap.

baazigar28Everyone find Aarav’s behavior strange and question him about it. Aarav then does the cremation of the marriage, by doing all the wrong rituals done at someone’s death. He breaks off the marriage with Arundhati, shocking her and everyone present there. Arundhati tries to stop him, but in vain. Aarav blames Arundhati to be responsible for the marriage cancellation. Aarav smilingly leaves his would be bride in tears.

Our Take:

baazigar312The show’s concept did not raise high interest in the first week. Just the bad-intention relatives, hero’s over the top attitude, heroine’s bubbly behavior and some mystery around the hero’s extreme and sudden behavior changes is all that occupied the show till now. There are unnecessary dreamy dance sequences in the middle of the scenes. It seems like the makers want to showcase the leads’ chemistry by those dance scenes. Some scenes seemed very dull and dragging, and some went like the old Bollywood movies adaptation.

aarav16Nevertheless, Vatsel and Ishita have a sparkling chemistry. There is mystery behind Aarav’s behavior, which would be revealed in few episodes. The supporting cast is okay. Pankaj Dheer did not have much to do till now. Vatsel Seth shines in his portrayal of Aarav. He sweeps his performance cleanly and effortlessly. Ishita Dutta is a talented actress, but more of her is still to come. Baazigar will surely be called a Vatsel Seth’s show, as he plays the versatile role of perfectionist Aarav with many shades, with conviction.


baazigar1Baazigar brings a thought of getting a perfect life partner is not everyone’s cup of tea. When someone’s life is filled by love, even then developing a relation is not an easy task. Arundhati has to work hard to get Aarav’s true love. The show has a good beginning, and hope to see it getting better and better. There is lot of excitement buildup to see the truth behind’s Aarav’s revengeful side.

Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5

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  1. Well, the show piqued interest due to vatsal seth and the mystery surrounding his behaviour- “the surprises he likes to give”
    Hero’s over the top acting- Maybe at one or 2 place but he is really a great actor and am an admirer of his acting skills. And personally, I didn’t find and scene dull or dragging. In fact, they completed the wedding rituals in just 4- 5 episodes. Otherwise, some serials take weeks to get the leads married.

  2. Pooja26

    aree!!!!!!! mine is 5 out of 5 😉 😉
    love vatsal seth a lot 😉 😉

  3. this show is quite interesting rather than other show and the mysterious character of vatsal Seth is the mein reason behind it..his acting is just wow..loved vatsal a lot..i will give 5 out 5…

  4. Nishaanth Nishu

    The show is really interesting
    Vatsal seth u r acting s really awesome
    Unrelieved suspense in fri epics

  5. the show is nice,i agree to the point. but i expected something new frm vatsal’s new show.hoping it turns out to be a path breaking show

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