Baazigar- The game that changed my world One Shot


Hi all. Fatarajo here. I have decided to write this one shot on Baazigar. And as I have promised you all that on 11 Aug I will publish an os on Baazigar so here it is. I hope you all will like it.

It was a beautiful day. The weather was just perfect. A perfect day for outing or whatsoever. But for me, it was just a normal day. A normal day. The guy who was saying all this in his mind was none other than Arav Trivedi.
Arav’s eyes went towards some group of kids who were playing and enjoying their life. Arav who was sitting in the bench looked at them and he is gloomy face turned into a smile.
“These kids are really very innocent. They are enjoying life so much who would say that they are orphans.” Arav said to himself in his mind as he looked at the kids.
Arav looks around him and he sees that many people are enjoying their life. Some having ice-cream, some exercising and then there was two person which caught his view. It was a couple, who were romancing regardless of their surroundings. This made Arav’s expression change and he gets into a flashback.
It seemed that it was the same place just that the time was different. Maybe a few months or even few years ago. And the scene was the same just that they were some other kids who may now grown up to be teenagers. And with them was a beautiful woman who was also enjoying with them. She was happy her smile and eyes said it all.
Just then Arav comes to her, who was younger than what he looked like currently.
“Arundhati!” Arav said out to call her out.
As she was none other than Arundhati, as Arav’s voice reached to Arundhati’s ear her smile became broader and she looked at Arav. Music plays. Her eyes and smile are shown.
“Finally you are here!” Arundhati says this and hugs Arav.
“How can I be not here?” Arav said.
After bringing back the kids to the orphanage, Arav and Arundhati shared a conversation with each other. It seemed that they both enjoyed each other’s company a lot, why won’t they? After all they loved each other a lot. They were so free they didn’t even have the time in mind. Later, Arundhati finally realized the time.
“Arav, it’s late I should leave now. After all our marriage is tomorrow.” Arundhati said to Arav.
Yes, they were getting married. Arundhati was about to return home.
“I love you!” Arav said this to Arundhati to just catch a sweet glimpse of her.
Arundhati replied to Arav firstly with a smile, and then
“I love you too!” Arundhati said this before leaving.
They both leave even if they didn’t want to. But this time they didn’t mind after all they were going to get married. And after that they will belong to each other forever.
Wedding day,
It was the wedding day. Arav and Arundhati were taking rounds. All were happy with this. And then while, Arav and Arundhati taking rounds suddenly Arav stopped. Arundhati was surprised and tell him to continue.

“I won’t marry you!” Arav suddenly said this which just changed the atmosphere of the place.
Initially Arundhati thought that Arav was kidding and later she found out that it was something more than that. She confirmed herself as she saw Arav’s innocent faced turned into an evil one with a smirk. Arundhati was stunned. Arav revealed that he did this for revenge and he never loved her. He avenged her for that one slap she gave me in their first encounter. This was how Arav won his so called game. But who knew that this game will change his and Arundhati’s world. Arundhati couldn’t believe it and she tried to convince Arav, and finally the point when she gave up was when
“Girls are useless. They are so emotional. They are just nothing only to use them and then they are good for nothing.”
Those few words literally broke Arundhati’s heart into pieces like when a fragile glass drops into pieces. Arav left Arundhati alone and went away. His family and also Arundhanti’s family tried to convince him but it was of no use. He was too happy over his so called victory in his own imaginary game.
Arundhati was telling herself that no it must be a mere nightmare. This can’t happen. Arav loves her this is not possible. As Arav’s distance went further from her, she started believing the fact, until when Arav completely left that shocked her to an extent and she fainted. All her family members rushed to her.
The doctor comes and checks Arundhati, and she calls Arundhati’s mom in private. She passed her mom a report which stated something which shocked her. It must be something which made Arundhati’s mom worried and more than that depressed. Arundhati’s mom had no other option but to show this to Arundhati who as expected had the same reaction and this broke her even more,
“I have to do this before this happens.I have limited time.” Arundhati wiped her tears and she gets determined.
Later, the next day Arav wakes up who was too busy and engrossed over his victory on his game was happy to see his opponent in his house, but he becomes shocked as he sees a suitcase in Arundhati’s hand.
” I have came to take my rights.” Arundhati who was now a more confident and independent individual or ‘player’ said. Arav realized that the game was still on and he haven’t even win the game yet. But still he didnt give up and he was sure that he will definately defeat Arundhati this time.
The game between Arav and Arundhati began with the move where it was assumed to be ended. Yes marriage. Arav and Arundhati got married just to make themselves more powerful and boost themselves up to defeat the opponent. Arav’s love he had for Arundhati was fake, but Arundhati truly loved him. But Arundhati knew that her aim is to defeat Arav in his game and that his love had no space for her as that will only bring her disappointment.

Both Arav and Arundhati played their move very well. Both did very well in terms, Arav was so called experienced in this, but Arundhati being a newbie still proved dangerous to Arav as she taught him a good lesson with his own game and she knew that she was very close to her goal. Despite the problems she encountered with Arav’s ploy she managed to overcome them and teach that Arav a lesson. But she knew that she still have to finish off the game as the time was going to be over soon.
One fine day, Arav was so busy in figuring how to defeat Arundhati he didn’t realize that he was in love with Arundhati. This time he was truly in love with her. But Arav didn’t accept it as he knew that this will cost his game very dearly and he will lose in this game very badly. Actually Arav lost his game very badly but he didn’t admit it and still had hopes.
And gradually, this reflected on him which Arav himself didn’t realize. He used to enjoy a lot whenever he used to see Arundhati in trouble or defeated but here the scenario was different this time. It seemed that he enjoys seeing Arundhati hurt but now from inside he himself feels bad and hurt to see her like that. Suddenly, he couldn’t tolerate anything bad against her. He know this may cause a problem in his game, but there was no way he could get over it. And Arundhati continued to cause problems for Arav though she still loved him. Arav hated the fc t Arundhati always caused problem for him but what he hated more is why is he helping Arundhati instead of causing problems?
One day, Arundhati suddenly sees this side of Arav and she herself got confused.
“Did Arav really change? Or is this still his game?” Questions continued to arise in her mind, and she remembered how Arav played with her feelings and she continued with her game. Even though she continued she could clearly see the changes in Arav despite the fact Arav didn’t want to show his change at all. How could he? After all he himself is not admitting the fact that he really changed.
Days passed by, Arundhati became stronger and Arav became weaker. But this time instead of making him angry, this made him more confused. He really had no idea what was going on, after sitting down relaxed and thinking a lot, and a huge debate between his mind and heart, Arav came to a conclusion that this time he was truly in love with Arundhati. And finally this time he admitted.
“Yes, I am in love with Arundhati.” Arav said to himself in a relaxed and confident manner.
He wasn’t confused anymore. And he didn’t care about his game he was playing with Arundhati. Now the only thing he wanted was Arundhati’s love. But it was not at all an easy thing. It was an impossible thing for him. He remembered how much he hurt Arundhati after cheating her. He regretted a lot this time and this killed him. And before dying out of regretting, he finally decided that he will forget about his game and confess his love to Arundhati and start a new fresh life with her.
Arav finally bend down and apologized to Arundhati. He begged for his forgiveness. And this time it was truly from his heart which can be clearly seen in his eyes. He was too sorry for his deeds, he knew that there is no punishment for him as his deed was too bad for it. He wanted to cry his heart out as he really felt bad the way he cheated Arundhati. And he finally confessed his true love to Arundhati.

But her comes the bigger twist. Arundhati actually did all this for revenge only, she wanted to show Arav how much it hurts when one deceive the other, Arundhati cleared to Arav that she is not in love with him anymore and now that her revenge is complete she wants an divorce from him. This makes Arav stunned, he still couldn’t believe that Arundhati was playing a game.
Before Arav divorced Arundhati, the game between the two continued just that this time Arundhati was the front runner who tortured Arav like anything like insulting him and all that and Arav was just like a statue looking at what Arundhati is doing to him. It was not the same Arundhati he knew. He was not the same Arav either who knew that his Arundhati is special she cannot change like this. Arav still couldn’t believe what was happening. Despite the fact Arundhati continued to torture him, he stayed mum as he still dearly loved Arundhati and infact his love for her increased even more over the time. Arav changed himself and was transformed into a good guy who respected his family and others. Suddenly a role swap happened between Arav and Arundhati, Arav is the good one from villian and Arundhati is the villian from good one.
Just then the day before divorce comes and Arav knew that this was his one last chance he can win his love and get his Arundhati back. Arav knew in heart that this was not the same Arundhati he knew, so he went to confront Arundhati. There the usual talks about their game went on until Arav tried to make Arundhati admit that he did change and she still loved him. But Arundhati denied until Arav lose his temper that why is he losing in his own game and why he did so. Arundhati like a feelingless person ignored him, and as she was going back suddenly she faints. Arav got stunned as if he was the one, and he quickly rushed Arundhati to the hospital.
Just then the doctor comes and says.
“Your wife is in very critical condition!” The doctor tells Arav.
Arav who was cluless that how fainting could make Arundhati’s condition critical and he asked the doctor what happened to her.
“Your wife is suffering from leukemia(blood cancer) and you have no idea about it? And this is the last stage!”
Those few words from the doctor made Arav stunned and he didn’t feel so bad when he was cheated, he couldn’t believe that his Arundhati, his love was going to die.
“And she can die anytime!” The doctor continued,
Arav lost his temper and pull the doctor’s collar and later he apologizes and requests to him to save Arundhati. The doctor didn’t want to make fake promises and he told Arav to meet Arundhati one more time.
Arav while walking to meet Arundhati remembers how Arundhati misbehaved with him and he realized that his Arundhati changed only for him and she did so as she was dying. Arav couldn’t believe that Arundhati was going to die.
Later he comes to Arundhati and hugs her. He hugs her so tightly as he didn’t want her to leave him at all and he totally broke down. Even Arundhati hugged him back this time and cried and she gets back to the flashback.
Arundhati’s mom shows Arundhati’s report to her where it stated that Arundhati was suffering from leukemia. The doctor said that there was no treatment for it as it was too late. Arundhati was already shattered with Arav’s betrayal that time, and that too on this. Arundhati returned to Arav’s life as her only intention was to change Arav. Her last wish was this to change Arav and make him a better human and if possible maybe Arav will also love her but she thought was impossible.
And then, after coming out of flashback’
“Finally my last wish is completed, so now I can die peacefully.” Arundhati continued as she knew it was time for her to go forever.
Arav didn’t listen to her and he requested Arundhati that he was really very sorry for his deeds and he will never do so to anyone. It was revealed that after Arav confessed love to her Arundhati pretended to take revenge, as she wanted Arav to forget her after all her last wish to change Arav was already a success.
“Please don’t leave me, please! Arundhati!” Arav requested so that she could listen to him. Arundhati wanted to listen to him but she couldn’t.
“Arav, I have to go now. It’s time.” Arundhati said.
“You have won the game Arundhati, I lost I admit it now please don’t leave me.” Arav said.
“I love you, Arundhati!” Arav continued as he truly meant so this time. And it was no flaw play.
“I love you too Arav!” Arundhati finally confessed her love to Arav too.
Arav and Arundhati looked at each other and then Arundhati dies in Arav’s lap.
“Arundhati” Arav screamed and broke down as this time his Arundhati left him forever and never returned.

This whole incident in the flashback flashed in front of Arav’s eyes and a tear drops from his eye,
“I still love you a lot, Arundhati!” Arav said so missing his Arundhati very badly.
“I love you too Arav.” A voice echoes through Arav’s ear,
Arav looked around and its his Arundhati.
“I told you I will win this game.” Arundhati smiled and continued,
Arav also smiles her.
“Yes, I admit yes you won and I lost Aru.” Arav continued.
“Okay, okay fine now let’s go Aru.” Just then a girl comes and holds Arav’s hand.
“Arushi?” Arav said.
And he looks around and finds Arundhati missing and he got it was his imagination, and he also realized it was not his imagination really it was his Arundhati just that this time she is an angel who came to meet him for a while.
Some girl named Arushi comes to Arav and takes her to her place,
“So Mr. Arav Trivedi here is the place, the thing you have been working so hard for.” Arushi said.
It was an N.G.O which Arav built in the name of Arundhati who always had this dream to make an NGO for orphan kids, and after Arundhati’s death Arav worked hard just to fulfill this dream of Arundhati. The inauguration of the orphanage is done as Arav cuts the ribbon of the place and all claps.
As Arav comes, the N.G.O some kids come to him and surround around him saying,
“Bhaia, let’s play a game.” The kids requested Arav.
Arav listens to the word game and smile and he looks and again angel Arundhati comes and smiles and wishes him luck. This makes Arav smile and he goes to play games with the kids. and Arushi lovingly eyes Arav. And Arav comes to Arushi later on.
“so, Miss Arushi would you love to try this game?” Arav forwards his hand to Arushi.
Arushi takes his hand and smiles and they both play the game. Arundhati sees this and smiles and disappears from there.

———THE END———-

Here is the end of the os. I hope you all liked it. Well, yes I have written ffs before but on other shows and I currently write 3. As I watch baazigar regularly and I like it, I had this os for Baazigar on mind for a long time so I decided to write it. I know there are not much people who watches this show don’t know why, but I like it as I find this show quite different from other shows for various reasons. And it takes me a long time to write this os, so please do me a favour by dropping your valuable comments and feel free to express your opinions and criticism is opened here. Even if you don’t like that u can say so. Thank you 🙂

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  1. Kristen

    Awesome n very emotional its me priya tripathi i changed my name n i write 3 shots on qubool hai i hope u read

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey priya thanks for commenting and yes I remember u oh so u r the one who wrote the 3 shots on qh well I saw but I couldnt read it as I was busy last week will read it once I m free dear 🙂

  2. Hey Jo!
    Beautiful yaar! Once again u left me spellbound and m going all gaga over ur work. Stupendous piece of work I must say, beautifully scripted. Do come up with more.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey laddoo thanks for commenting yaar and happy u liked the one shot well I m slightly free now so I can publish my ffs more frquently but after 24 aug I am completely free may come with new ffs that time

  3. Wow… Awesome dear..too good I just loved it to core…plx come soon with another Rocking ff

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey adhya thanks for commenting and well will come back with one when I m free but on baazigar if I get any new story for baazigar on mind that time I will write

  4. Rasha Mossarraf

    I felt bad for aarav . I can’t see anyone losing his / her loved ones

  5. Rasha Mossarraf

    In the main show they have spoiled the character of aarav , most of the viewers is not liking this in my opinion . The writers should change the plot . Because maximum viewers of Indian drama serials are women & they want to see the male lead as their dream man . In this serial the writers gave aarav , such a negative character , I also started hating this show , whereas I’m a great fan of Vatsal . If u have any connection to the channel , please request them to put a change in the story & aarav’ character . Finally u have done a great job , thanks .

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey rasha thanks for commenting and dont worry its just a story and yeah in all these days i thought maybe this is something diff but arav killing his parents is way too much well its not necessary in all drama there should be a dream man but someone shouldnt be so dreadful like arav either and hahah no I have no connection with the channel I was free yesterday thats why decided to write this one shot thats it

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