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The Episode starts with Badri asking Aarav to think what did he do and why. Kailash breaks the door and gets in. He drags Aarav out and slaps him. Aru smiles. Kailash calls Aarav mad to shoot Badri. He says you came out from jail, you feel you will be freed from all the blames, you know what did you do, you ruined our family name, we can’t meet anyone’s eyes in the society, you ruined my respect. He asks Aarav to just shut up, you are Aru’s husband, so I m bearing you, else I would have kicked you out. He says you don’t have to do anything to my business now, you are officially fired. Aarav gets shocked.

Kailash says I disown you from my property. They all get shocked. Kailash says Aru is the heir of my property now. Aarav says this plan was of Badri and Aru, Bua tell them. Padma recalls

Badri’s warning and says I don’t know anything. Aru smiles. Kailash says what will she say, you feel we will find you innocent if you blame Aru, when there is any challenge, you get ready to do anything to win, you have mental problem. Aarav says you are stepping towards your destruction, if you want to believe Aru, fine, this girl will ruin you, when you beg on the road, you will recall me, remember this. He asks Aru to get afraid of his shadow, I will make your life so troublesome that you will feel scared to breath, I have two faces, one face is seen by entire world, now its time to show the second face, all of you beware of Aarav, now I have come in my real color. He leaves.

Aru goes to Kailash and asks how will I manage all this, I did not come to take your business, I just came to settle scores with Aarav. Kailash says but I need you, I trust your capabilities. He asks her to remember that he is with you, courage and honesty makes person win. I will explain you how to test world, but you have to test Aarav, keep an eye on him, I know he won’t be quiet, he will do something, you promise me, you will always support me and not leave this house. Aru promises him.

Aarav recalls Kailash’s words and is on phone. He scares Aru by his words. She gets shocked hearing he is planning to kill someone. Aarav tells her about his new job. Aru says its good, you found a new job, you will earn something, worst death is to get humiliated in other’s sight, and taunts him for facing insult. She goes. He gets angry.

Its morning, Aarav books a car and gives cheque to manager. He says my friends are coming today, do arrangements. Aru gets the sword under the bed and says why is this hiding here. He keeps sword at her neck, and says wife knows husband’s qualities slowly, I will tell you, I hate weak people and weaknesses. She says you can’t scare me talking like this. He holds her and says what I have done, you will run away seeing that, good bye and rest in peace, remember my left hand does not know what my right hand is going to do, so you better be careful.

Kailash tells everyone that Aru will do the puja, I will declare to media that Aru is my new heir. Everyone smile. Aarav looks on and goes. Aarav meets his friends. The manager says sorry, you can’t get that car, your cheque bounced, Aru’s sign will be needed from now on. Aarav slaps him and asks what nonsense. Aru asks why are you beating him, he is saying true.

Aru says you won’t get car till I sign on the cheque, before buying anything, you have to ask me. She says you have sent me to jail, see where are you today. His friends look on. Aru says I feel bad seeing you like this, but I m not so bad, if you beg me and then maybe I will sign on your cheque. Aarav says I will die, but not beg to you. She says fine, I will buy the car, it will suit new CEO right, but I m not like that to waste money on cars and parties. She tells his friends to ask anything they need, this party is also from her side. She goes. His friends ask him does he need to beg to Aru now. Aarav throws the glass angrily. At night, Aru reads book. She does not drink water thinking of Aarav’s words. She falls asleep. Aarav comes there and sees her.

Aarav sprays on Aru and puts some water. He uses the lighter to ignite fire. She wakes up and asks what are you doing. He says preparing to kill you. She gets shocked.

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