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Baazigar 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav getting shocked seeing Aru. The lady asks did the car hit her. Another lady says no, this man applied brakes on time, else she would have died. Aarav’s friends asks him to come. Aarav sees Aru and his pics fallen there. Aru’s mum looks for Aru and worries on not finding her in room. Aarav’s friend says come before crowd gathers. Aarav leaves. His passport falls there. Aru’s mum Sanjeevani tells Ashwin that Aru is not at home. He asks her not to worry.

Aarav gets Kailash’s call and does not answer, as his mood got spoiled. His friends say we think Aru won’t leave you. Aarav says she was lucky that I did not see her face. The lady knocks the car window glass and says you did not save her, you saved your relation, this is strong relation, separation is not possible

now, there is nothing bigger than destiny. He gets angry and drives.

Kailash says Aarav is not taking my call, he is going on holiday, why did Rishi not stop him. He asks Rishi to call airport authorities and stop Aarav. Parul says maybe Aarav wants to be away from us for some time. Padma says it will be good if Aarav is away, maybe situation will get fine. Kailash says Aarav has to heal the wounds he gave to Aru. Rishi says its no use to go airport now, and that officer is on leave. Ashwin says I will go and find Aru.

A lady gets Aru home and says a good man has saved her life, anyone else would have hit her by the car, she was lost and walking on road. They thank the lady and take her to room. Aarav and his friends come back to that spot to find Aarav’s passport. Everyone say we did not see the passport. Aarav leaves with his friends. Doctor checks Aru. Tanvi asks her to check well, maybe its heart fracture. Doctor asks them to go out. Ashwin asks Sanjeevani to sit there.

Parul, Dadi and everyone see the flight crash news and get shocked. Padma smiles. Aarav says I missed flight because of Aru, she is bad luck for me. He gets a call from Padma. Padma says I know you will answer my call, are you fine, we are worried. Aarav asks what is the matter. Padma tells everyone that Aarav is alive, and asks Aarav about his flight. Aarav says I missed flight, an unlucky cat has cut my way. Padma says that flight crashed, none of the passenger got saved, that cat is lucky, you got saved because of that cat. Aarav gets shocked.

Doctor checks Aru and tells Aru’s mum that I have doubts seeing her symptoms, I know she is going through tension, you have to become her strength, do this tests soon. Aru’s mum gets shocked and cries. She asks about the pregnancy tests suggested. Doctor says Aru maybe pregnant. Sanjeevani says this can’t happen. Doctor leaves. Sanjeevani hides this from Ashwin. He says I m worried for Aru. Sanjeevani says this can’t be true with my Aru.

Aarav goes home and recalls Aru. Rishi comes there and says whatever happened was good, you are lucky, something has stopped you. Aarav recalls the lady’s words and throws his guitar. He drinks wine and thinks of Aru. FB shows Aru telling Aarav not to go, its arts and craft exhibition, I really want you to see it. He says even I want to stay, but I promised my friends, I will come back. The kids give their wishes. Aarav asks why are you giving wrong hopes to them. She says hopes are never wrong. He says you hope that this wishing tree will fulfill wish. She writes her wish and does not show him. He gets a call and asks what, are you serious, fine. He tells Aru that our match cancelled due to technical problem. She says but wishing tree fulfilled my wish. He checks her wish, that she wanted Aarav to stay with her. She says our destiny does not want us to get separated. He looks at her. FB ends.

Rishi asks Aarav what happened. Rishi shouts leave me alone. Rishi goes. Everyone wish happy anniversary to Kailash and Parul and congratulate them. Parul says if Aru was here, it would be great. Kailash says true.

Sanjeevani calls doctor and says I could not ask Aru, she did not get conscious, samples are sent, this can’t happen. Doctor says tests will be done, we have to be mentally prepared, all symptoms are signing that, we will see after reports come. Tanvi comes there and tells Sanjeevani that she knows what happened to Aru. Sanjeevani gets shocked.

Padma and Dadi have an argument. Aarav comes there and says great, look at this. He sings and says I did not forget dad’s anniversary, I got special gift for you, look at my choice, its so special, come on see the gift. Kailash and Parul get shocked seeing the photo. Kailash, Parul and everyone get shocked seeing Kailash, his wife and Parul’s pic.

Aarav taunts Parul for becoming his stepmom from being his Maasi. Parul cries. Aarav’s sister Ahana takes revenge for Parul’s tears and locks Aarav in his room. She switches off the lights. He shouts asking Ahana to open the door and falls down. Aarav calls out Maa and crawls.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    Slowly slowly Arav is becoming positive. I think he is like that due to his father marrying again to someone else. Arav seems to be someone who loves his mom a lot. I think this time Arav will fall for Aru for real 🙂 I love this pair a lot n show too . And vatsal I better in a positive role I feel. Am I the only one who likes Aru’s acting more than Arav?

    1. nop.i lyk Arav to.n u r ryt.Arav became lyk ds bcz of his mom.his mom will be a possessive woman,who keeps suspecting her hubby!dats why she left n left a negative impact on Aravs mind!she’ll make her entry very soon.maybe she’ll try to break Arav-Aru relationship??

  2. mary christodoulou

    i like a lot this serial

  3. Kathy

    Y no update for 7th….

    1. Kathy

      Pls update this regularly tnx….

  4. Kathy

    Is really aru pregnant with arav child…???

    1. Yes She is pregnant & now kailash will get her to his home.

      1. but when did smthing happened between aarav & aru after which she became pregnant…….. it is really confusing

  5. r a it’ll be great to see dat Arav=obsessed for Aru??
    bcz Arav is half mental.. uff can’t wait. lokin forward.. i wonder whn Arav will fall for Aru.i love vatsals acting. awesome?
    n aravs mom is about to come..whn will she make her entry!i got to know she is also possessive about her hubby n son.meams Aru ki to bajne wali hai??

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