Baazigar 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Baazigar 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav getting shocked seeing the papers. Aru and Badri smile. Inspector arrests Aarav. Aarav gets angry on Aru. Kailash asks Aarav why did he do this. Aarav says it’s a trap against me. He recalls Aru’s word and fumes. Inspector takes him. Officers interrogate Aarav and ask him how did he plan this fraud, who is Samaira. Aarav says I won’t answer till my lawyer comes. Officer says you won’t even get a phone here. Aarav says I did not do any crime. Officer says talk slowly, I made all criminals accept their crime.

Aru tears Aarva’s pic and says this is just first step towards the deep valley, you made me cry blood tears, I don’t regret to do anything, whatever I did is right. Aarav says Aru, you did not do this right, you have seen Aarav’s one face, if you know

what I did in past, you will beg for life.

Aru says I m ready for your every attack, I know you won’t be quiet after all this. Padma comes home. Radheshyam asks her why did she go to friend’s house, she missed much drama. She asks what drama happened here. Aru thinks where did life get her, Aarav changed my life.

Badri comes and asks whats the matter Aru, why are you sad, you have failed Aarav and won, you should be happy. She says I m happy to take revenge from Aarav, but my pain won’t get less by hurting someone else. He says this pain won’t end so soon, but you have answered evil well. Padma comes and says you both did this right, you trapped Aarav, you have fainted me, I heard and saw you there, I will tell truth to everyone. Aru asks what proof do you have.

Padma says I will find proof. Badri says you can’t show face to anyone if I expose your secrets, I know many things, you mixed poison in Manjunath’s kalash to kill Aru. Aru gets shocked. He says don’t know what miracle happened that Aru got saved, else Padmini tried to kill you before Aarav took revenge, I will tell everyone. Padma says I won’t tell anyone, promise. He asks her to remember, those who throw dirt on others get their face black too. Padma goes. Badri tells Aru that there are many secrets in this house walls, every person has dual faces, one true and one lie, its all deceive.

He says we can’t say who will break our trust, everyone is each other’s enemy, so you have to be careful, keep eyes and ears open, you will see everything. He goes. Aru gets shocked. She goes out and sees family. She recalls Badri’s words. Aarav shouts on the man and asks for standard food. Aru thinks of Badri’s words and worries seeing the window shutting. She says maybe the window shut by air. He gets a gun in book shelf and gets shocked. Aarav is troubled in cell.

Its morning, Aru goes to free Aarav and gives bail papers. Aarav comes out and warns Aru. She shows his bail papers and says I have done this, I proved you did not sign in property papers, you will think how I did this, I managed well, some credit goes to you also, you are my husband and I learnt all this cleverness and tricks from you, Mr. Manipulator. He asks why did you frame me if you had to free me. She shows the newspaper and reads his arrest news.

She says your name got ruined, I was behind bars because of you, I lost my child, time changes soon, I pity seeing you, but you deserve this and much more, we will take a selfie to celebrate my victory, we will meet at home. She leaves.

Aarav comes home angrily. Everyone get glad seeing him. Aarav gets his gun and asks where is that old man, I will not leave him. Parul asks what is he doing. He shoots in air and rushes. Kailash asks from where did bullet sound come. Padma falls and gets wounded. Parul says Aarav went to Badri’s room with pistol. Aarav asks Badri to open eyes and answer him, why did he do this, I m going to kill you. Kailash asks Aarav to open the door. Badri says you are trying to scare me with this gun, maybe you don’t know about me, ask this question to yourself, face yourself and think why did you do this, you think you are clever, you are just smart, think what did you do.

Kailash slaps Aarav and disowns him. He gives all her property to Aru. Aarav gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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