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Baazigar 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru recalling the slap incident. FB shows Aarav talking to some businessmen. He tells the man that I missed award function, you can give me award here too, you can get publicity. Aarav’s friends talk to him. Aarav sees Aru with an award. He says such a bahenji in upmarket party. His friend says she got an award for educating handicapped children, she exposed exam paper leaking racket. Aarav says she ruined our best friend’s career, you all did not do anything. They ask Aarav to try her. Aarav says she does not match to me, see what to do, my charms won’t go waste, this girl and her challenge is very low to my status, but challenge is accepted.

Aarav goes to Aru and flirts with her. He asks her to spend some time with him and stops her way. She asks him not to misbehave.

He says my name is Aarav Trivedi, the business tycoon, I have Midas touch, if I touch stone, it becomes gold, my time is valuable, but I choose you, its profitable proposal, it has fun and money too. Aru gets shocked. Aarav says everything has a price, tell me your price. Aru says I m from a respected family.

The man says this party is given to celebrate your success, I want to call Aarav and given him the award as he was absent in the award function. Aarav tells Aru that’s me, you can get the price, just tell me, let me make it short and sweet, your one night and my blank cheque. The man praises Aarav for giving honor to the award by accepting it. Aru stops Aarav and says here is your answer. She slaps him infront of everyone. Aarav gets angry. She tells everyone why she has slapped Aarav, the reason is business tycoon has tried to buy me, he priced for one night with me, I know the man who can’t respect women can’t deserve any award, if he gets award for money and power, I don’t want such award. She says to hell with you and your money.

She returns award to minister and says sorry, where characterless people are awarded, its insult to accept award from that platform. FB ends. Aarav says that slap was on my heart, I have captured that slap, I have spent lakhs and stopped media, you could have refused, why did you slap me, you insulyted me, my ego was hurt, you have hurt me a lot, so I had to hurt you back. He says you are dying infront of me and begging me to accept you, I m loving it, how do you feel to get insulted, I took revenge for the slap, what will you do now.

She says you did all this for one slap. He says not a slap, it was one slap. She says I forgot that, I have forgiven you. He asks what nonsense, you will forgive me when I did not do any mistake. She says I can’t believe your love and care were fake drama. He calls her a fool and says I never change, I will always be a bad boy, this was just an acting, I hate every moment when I had to turn good for you. He gives her some surprise and reminds the stupid gifts she gave him. He says I don’t need all this now. He stops her and says I m not finished yet, you said you can’t be bought, let me tell you, everyone has a price. He shows the sindoor and says this was your price. He throws that on her face and everyone laugh. He says I have filled happiness color, tell everyone that its color of love. Aarav takes selfie with Aru and asks her to get out now.

Aarav and his friends laugh. Aru gets shocked and goes out. Chann se jo tuta ek sapna………..plays…………… She cries recalling Aarav and walks in rain. She goes to the temple and sees the idol made on her name fallen there. She recalls Aarav and cries. Someone comes there and says you have come. Aru turns to see her.

The lady says Aarav will come, the one who ruined you will give you happiness. Aarav hits Aru by his car unknowingly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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