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Baazigar 5th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Padma coming to Aru’s house. Ashwin gets angry seeing her and asks her to get lost. Padma asks does anyone shout on guest like this, do you treat neighbors like this, did he get mad. Ashwin asks why did you come. She apologizes and says I have done big mistake by leaving dog on you, it does not mean you turn into a dog and get after me, I have come to repent for my mistake, I got something special. She shows money in the big plate and says this is for Aru from Aarav with love.

She says Aarav has soft heart, when he got to know you got poor, he has sent me with money, he did not come knowing your self esteem and thinking. She shows the rate card. Manjunath says we don’t want your money, go. Padma says this is not charity, this is Aru’s earnings, this is price of every

moment Aru spent with Aarav. Aru cries.

Padma says you used to hold Aarav’s hand, he is giving you 50000rs, and he gave 2 lakhs when you went on date with him. She says Aru went to dance with Aarav, he has given 7 lakhs for him. Aru cries. Padma asks why are you crying. Your smile got 2 lakhs for you, total 20 lakhs earned by you. She asks Ashwin to enjoy Aru’s earnings. She asks Aru to check once, if Aru wants more money, then tell me, I will come again. She says I know when youngsters go out, they kiss and enjoy, if Aru wants money for that, she can ask. Ashwin asks what nonsense is this and throws money. He asks how can you say this about Aru. Padma says your acting got high. She insults Aru. Aru says Aarav does not value love, he is unlucky, he is poor at heart, you are elder so I m silent, else I can teach how to insult and misbehave. Padma asks will you insult me, you have no status, you are not married and still a Jhutan, I will see who will marry you. Ashwin asks Padma to just leave. Padma asks the women to pick money and come.

Aarav calls Aru and asks why did you refuse for money, I have sent that for you. She asks why did you refuse for marriage, you ruined my life and parents’ respect. He says stop this melodrama, come and meet me if you want to know, beg here, maybe I can do some good. She asks why can’t you answer on phone. He says I have to return all gifts and our pics, if media gets the pic, they will make you overnight celebrity. She asks why are you doing this. He asks her to come and meet him where they met for the first time. He ends call. She cries thinking about him.

Kailash asks Padma what did you do by going to Aru’s house. She says Aarav was going there, and I just stopped him and managed situation. Aarav comes and argues with Kailash. Kailash says if I give that land to Aru now, they will feel I m giving them a price, not her rights, they will feel I m humiliating them. Aarav says that’s what I planned. You snatched the land and dreams from me, you lost, check and mate, game over. Kailash says not so soon my son, you say that winning man’s chances get high when he faces failure, so I feel my chances to win is slightly better than you, I won’t lose, my way or the high way. Rishi smiles. Kailash tells Aarav that Aru has become this house’s bahu now, her grahpravesh is pending now, check and mate, game over. Aarav laughs and leaves.

Aru comes to meet Aarav and calls him out. He shows the video of their love moments and says we created history. Naina milgaye piya se………….plays……….. Aarav comes and says if love disease happens, it never goes. Aru cries and asks why are you doing this, what are you getting. He says peace. She asks what about your feelings. He says I still have feelings for you. She says it means you still…. He says I just hate you. She asks why, why do you hate me, you are punishing me. He says no, this is just a trailer, you have to watch the movie of your insult, I want to show the world that you are a cheap girl. She raises hand to slap him. He holds and twists her hand. He tells her that her slap is the reason of all this punishment. He reminds her that slap and lights come. She gets shocked seeing his friends there. He asks her does she remember that slap.

Aarav’s friend tells him that Aru got award for educating handicapped kids. Aarav sees Aru in a party and tells his friends to see what he does with her. He asks Aru to spend some time with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I somehow knew that Aarav’s revenge was due to a slap.
    I really want to see him in a positive role. If not positive, then atleast the makers should make his character as grey rather than completely portraying him as negative (which Aarav is coming across as). Till now they have not shown his positive side except in flashbacks and the pretense that he did.
    please show his both sides- positive and negative

  2. Not so interesting.

  3. Mona146

    Disgusting. This is what you guys show to people? Abusive relationships and bullshit in the name of love and twist? I just hate it. These kind of things are inspiring people to attacking ladies for petty reasons in outside/real world.

  4. typical character of aarav , i didnt find anything new in this serial.
    yeh formula toh 10 saal se chal rahi hai movies mai.

  5. No interesting revenge reason.

  6. Waiting to see positive side of vatsal

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