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The Episode starts with Aarav asking Aru to celebrate his victory and drink wine. She says you know I don’t drink. He forces her to have wine. He makes her admit that she lost and he won. She says fine, I lost and you won. He laughs and says I won. He drinks. Aru thinks you have lost, your courage will break down, I told Samaira to sell land to you, the day you know my plan, you can’t even see yourself in mirror. She leaves.

He breaks glass and says Aru will be out of my life soon. Badri tells Aru that Aarav’s pride will end when he knows we failed him. She says there is one more step, you have to take his sign on these papers, the challenge is you don’t have to let him see the papers, then we will win. Aru hears Dadi crying and goes to her. Parul asks Dadi to go home. Dadi refuses and

says I will stay with Aarav. Aru asks Parul not to worry, I will stay with Dadi.

Dadi meets Aarav and worries for him. He asks him to have food. She asks Aru to feed khichdi to Aarav. Aru says I will call nurse. Aarav asks did you not hear what Dadi said, serve your husband. Aru feeds khichdi to Aarav.

Padma gets conscious and tries to free herself. Aarav does exercise and is fit. He asks doctor not to permit relatives to stay here, I had to act all night. Doctor says your Dadi scolded the staff. Kailash, Badri and lawyer come. Kailash asks Aarav how is he feeling. Aarav says better. Doctor says he is recovering. Badi asks Aarav to sign on papers, its same papers which Samaira gave for selling her land. Aarav says this work should be done infront of Samaira, she is not here. Badri says she has to leave for Canada tonight, so she has sent her lawyer Suri, he will see all work. Suri asks Aarav to sign on papers, he has to give this to Samaira, she is about to leave.

Aarav says fine, I will read it. Badri gets tensed. Aru comes there with doctor Sharma, and says I don’t think Aarav is getting treated well here, Aarav was in pain all night, so I got Dr. Sharma here. Aarav says I know Aru is acting smart and wants to expose my truth, that I did not get shot. Aarav says actually, I feel better now. Aru asks Badri to see Aarav’s face, it fell pale, I m tensed. Kailash says Aarav, let doctor check, if Aru is saying. Badri says wait, let Aarav sign. Aru says but health is more important, papers can get signed later.

Aarav thinks she does not want me to sign on papers. Badri says Samaira is waiting at airport. Aarav signs on papers without reading. Aru smiles. She congratulates Aarav and tells Badi that he can start project soon now. Badri asks Kailash to come with him. They leave.

Aarav says I signed on the papers, I won and you lost, we will celebrate by one minute silence. Aru thinks you will get silent when you know I did this to make you sign papers without reading. He asks are you cursing me in heart, I know you. She says you and your misunderstandings. He calls manager and asks him to invite media at home, I want to celebrate. Aru thinks your baraat will leave, see who is waiting for your welcome. She smiles. Padma says leave me, and opens the ropes herself. She says I have to tell everything to Aarav.

Aarav meets the media at home. He thanks reporters for coming. He tells about his food processing plant happening in interesting way. He says Badri challenged me and Aru to get land and investment, if ordinary school teacher competes with American graduate, she will fail.

Officers come and Aarav asks who called them. The man says I m Pavan Yadav from crime branch, you are arrested for grabbing govt land by illegal way. Aarav says mind your tongue, you are mistaken. Pavan says the papers by which you took investment was fake. Aarav asks Badri to tell them. Badri says what shall I do, I should accept truth now, I came here on Aarav’s saying, Aarav told me to come here and set up fake business. Aarav gets shocked.

Badri says I did what Aarav told me. Kailash asks what are you saying, Aarav has land papers, Aarav show them. Badri says I m saying truth and shows evidence to officer. Pavan says that land is govt land. Aarav says its impossible, that land was of Samaira, we convinced her, tell him. Badri says I don’t know what Aarav is saying, he got Samaira here. Aarav shouts you are a liar, and asks Aru to tell them. Aru says you got fake girl to take the land. Aarav shouts. Pavan shows the official confession on which Aarav signed. Aarav gets shocked. He recalls how Badri and Aru trapped him.

Kailash asks Aarav why did you do this. Aarav says they are lying and trying to frame me. Aru smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. RANdomfANCreationz

    I just loved the way aru is dealing with arav. And reason why the show is not doing well in terms of trp is because they dont show romance much. But despite that arav-aru share great chemistry. I dont know about the upcoming story but I m loving this show as it is something diff everytime love story or hate-love story is boring this show is full of suspense everyday there is suspense I m loving this show ishita n vatsal both r doing a gr8 job, and after many days I found another underated show that is baazigar yeah in beginning it was overated due to the leads and too high expectations from viewers, but aft a month I m loving this show as I love suspense

    1. I agree with your views nd this show is so different nd its one of my favourite show

  2. Loved aru … she’s just rocking. Loved her ways

  3. Good episode finally without much melodramatic dialogues

  4. This should not happen with arav?
    Bt he I wrong, he murdered his own baby bt I m feeling bad for him?

  5. Definitely, what a magnificent site and informative posts, I surely will bookmark your site.Have an awsome day!

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