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The Episode starts with moneylenders coming to Ashwin’s house. They ask Ashwin why did he not give them money. Aru says no, we were paying money, but money got stolen when Papa was taking money to pay you. The man asks them to think good reason. Aru says we have filed police complaint too. The man says our money is stolen, we will drag you to police station. Aru says have manners, we are not thief. The man taunts her on marriage breaking. Ashwin says enough, its true we took money, we will return it. The man says we know to recover it. Ashwin asks for some time.

Rishi comes there and sees the men warning Aru’s family. Rishi calls out Choudhary and says you will get your money, you don’t have right to talk to them like this, please leave, I will talk later. The men leave. Rishi tells Ashwin

that I will manage Choudhary. Ashwin says please go, I don’t want to keep relation with anyone. Rishi says you are mistaken.

Ashwin says someone breaks marriage, someone leaves dog, someone comes to help, everyone has own way to insult us, who knows maybe you have sent these men. Rishi promises Aru that Aarav has to apologize to you, I regarded you my friend and I will do this. Aru thinks one day Aarav stood for Papa’s respect and today he ruined Papa’s respect. A student tries to bribe Ashwin to get marks. Ashwin scolds him and throws money. The student asks him to pass them, else they will beat him. Aru asks him to talk with manners. The student flirts with her and raises hand on Ashwin. Aarav comes there and holds the man. He defends Ashwin and beats up the goons.

Ashwin and Aru get glad. Aarav says I had some work at college, I could not see that guy misbehaving with you, I will leave. Aru smiles seeing Aarav. FB ends.

Aarav makes Padma stand far and keeps apple on her head. He aims at her. She asks him not to shoot. He says dear Bua, don’t be scared, nothing will happen, I m thinking how to take revenge from Aru and Kailash. He shoots the apple. Padma screams. She stays fine. She asks him to leave thinking of that land, I will buy a land for you. Rishi comes there and Aarav did not do right, Aru’s family is sinking in loans. Aarav asks really. Rishi asks are you not ashamed, if you were not my elder brother then….. Aarav asks what then….. Padma scolds Rishi and says Aarav is your elder brother, don’t teach him, Aarav is very clever.

Rishi says one day this will create trouble for us, Kailash decided to repay that burden. Aarav says you would be feeling hurt, I have an idea, you marry Aru. Rishi says I regarded you my hero, today I feel shame to regard you elder brother. He goes. Padma says don’t feel bad of Rishi, he is Kailash’s assistant, Kailash is doing this to show you down, Kailash can adopt them, then you can cry for money. Aarav says Bua, you listen to me carefully now, you have to do my imp work. She asks what. He says when family gets termites, house is broken to kill the termites, I will make Kailash curse the time when I m was born. She asks the plan.

Aru’s parents have a talk about getting money. Aru comes there and gives her jewelry. She says relation broke, heart broke, but I won’t let your self respect break, baraat went back, you return this now and repay the loan. She says I can’t make you lose name, because of my bad fate. Ashwin says this jewelry has our love and blessings, and it can’t be priced.

Aru thinks how Aarav used to do anything for her in her love. FB shows Aru getting cards from Aarav. Aarav calls her and surprises her asking how many times will she disconnect his calls. She says you gave me cards and did not write name, you will forget me. He says this is my peon’s mistake, I told him to buy gifts and cards, I will take his class. She asks what, he got all this, I will marry him. he says sorry, I was busy, I admit I did mistake, punish me. She says yes. He says punishment should be of my level. She says let me think. He says you make students write sorry when they do mistake, shall I write your name. she says yes, nice idea, write my name 100 times. He says just 100 times. She asks him to write name 500times, its not easy. He says punishment should be really big. She asks why are you opening shirt buttons. He says card name will fade with time, that’s why I got your name on my heart. He shows her name’s tattoo made on his heart.

She asks is it aching. He asks her to see by his eyes, its his love for her. She kisses on the tattoo and they hug. Naina jab mile piya se…..plays……… fb ends. Aarav shows the tattoo to the doctor and asks him to remove it. doctor says it will need two sittings, and anesthesia. Aarav says I don’t want anesthesia, it will make me feel my victory, I was waiting for it. He bears the pain and gets the tattoo removed.

Padma humiliates Aru at her family. Aru asks Aarav why did he do this with her. He asks her to come and meet him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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