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The Episode starts with Aarav asking Samaira to fill any amount in cheque. She returns cheque and says this land is precious to me, stop dreaming about this land, you will never get this. She stops servant and asks him to serve wine to Aarav. She leaves. Aarav tears the cheque and gets angry. Samaira tells Aru that she did as Aru said, and what does she have to say now. Aru says something by which Aarav gets restless to get it, he gets mad to get things which he does not get easily, his ego is his weakness, I will tell you what to say. Aarav sees them together.

Aru gets shocked seeing Aarav. He asks do you know each other. Aru tells Samaira that Aarav is my hands. She says we are competing in business. Samaira says my meeting with Aarav did not go well, anyways thanks, see you soon.


and Aarav come home. Aru asks Aarav how does she know Samaira. Aru asks did Samaira refuse to you. He says you would have said something to her. She says no, its sad I did not say anything and rejected you. He says rejection letter is not there in Aarav’s dictionary. He reminds what he did when she rejected him, now its Samaira’s turn. Aru smiles.

Aarav goes to Padma. He gives Samaira’s pic and asks her to find out, who is Samaira, what does she do, I want to know everything about her, her weakness, by which she gets helpless to sell land. Padma goes.

Padma sits in Samaira’s car dicky and follows her. Samaira talks on phone and says yes, Arundhati Tridevi hired me to do Samaira’s acting. Padma gets shocked and says Aru is smart, I have to inform Aarav. Aarav waits for Padma’s call. Aru thinks Aarav has something in his mind, I have to keep an eye on him. Dadi asks Parul why did they not inform her. Parul says we could not contact you. Dadi says its good Aarav got Aru home.

Padma calls Aarav to inform him. Aarav goes to washroom. Aru takes his phone and answers. Padma tells Aarav that this girl is not Samaira, Aru gave her money and made her Samaira. Aru gets shocked and ends call.

Padma worries whether Aru answered the call. Aru messages Padma. Padma reads there is no network, I m coming there to catch that girl red handed, stay there. She says it will be fun and waits. Aru deletes call log and keeps his phone back. Aarav comes back and checks his phone. He says how did water fall on it, phone got damaged. He calls servant.

Padma says where did Aarav go. Aru comes there with Badri. Badri makes Padma faint by using chloroform. Aarav asks servant to get his phone repaired. He calls Padma and thinks where is she, I think I have to do something. Badri ties Padma and says she always created troubles for you, we have to keep Padma here. Aru says if Padma can reach there, then anyone can reach.

Aru gives money to a goon and asks him to do the work, don’t miss the aim. He gives a pic and says tomorrow should be last day for her.

Radheshyam tells Dadi that Padmini did not come till now, I m having tension. Dadi says she will come. She asks Aarav about Padma. Aarav says she went out for some work, did she not come. Aru gets tensed. Aru thinks Aarav should not doubt on me about Bua, else everyone will find her and my secret will be out. Aru goes and calls from Padma’s phone. She messages Radheshyam that she went to her friend’s house, she will come in couple of days. Aarav says Padma is really useless. He asks servant to make special lunch tomorrow. Badri asks who is coming.


Aarav serves food to Samaira. The goon shoots and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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