Baazigar 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Baazigar 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aru recalling Aarav. Aarav says I think I forgot my wallet. She says its fine, I will pay. He says its good I think second meet chance will come soon. He pays the bill by giving his car to the boy. She asks will you give your car for two cups of tea. He says this moment is special, car is nothing infront of this moment. He flirts with her. Naina milgaye piya se…………..plays………… he says I think we should meet daily, I want to have tea with you every day. He holds her hand and asks do you accept my proposal. FB ends. Aru cries.

Aarav eats food and talks to his client, confirming the deal. The girl Naina wakes up and asks Aarav do you know Tamil. He calls manager and says cancel my meeting today. The manager says fine, Kailash is finding you, he just left. Aarav

says what, you are telling this to me now. Manager says sorry. He tells Naina that Kailash does not let him get peace. He hears Kailash’s car horn and says I have to run from back door. She says I heard hero does not run from back door. He says even James bond runs from back door. She asks how will you run. He says ladder is not needed, just a smart mind is needed. He goes out and sees Kailash asking the men to break the door. Aarav sits in Kailash’s car and calls out saying I don’t like to go for work late. He leaves. Kailash thinks you will come to me begging in just two hours.

Aarav is on the way and messages Aru. Aru smiles reading his good morning message. She runs outside and shows Aarav’s message to Ashwin. She says I knew Aarav can’t forget me, he loves me , Dada ji, Maa see his message, he maybe annoyed, I will convince him. Bua Dadi says Aru got mad. Ashwin asks Aru to listen. Aru says I won’t listen, I will just talk to Aarav. She calls Aarav. Aarav disconnects. Aru says I will convince him, I m his wife, I will call him again, he will come to meet me. She says Aarav is careless, maybe he forgot phone. Ashwin throws her phone and asks her to come to sense. She asks how will Aarav call me now. Ashwin says Aarav left you in mandap, he cheated you, person can break heart in anger, not relation, he played with your heart and our respect, now not anymore, you have to erase him from your heart. Aru says you can never erase him from my heart, I have his memories, can you erase it. She cries and says girl just loves once and marries once, I m colored in Aarav’s love, I love him a lot. She cries and says I can’t erase him from me.

Tanvi and Nikki come there and get media reporters. They ask reporters to record this, Aarav asked Aru’s hand here, he was bonding as if he is part of our family. Ashwin asks Tanvi what is she doing. Tanvi says they want to know what happened, so I m saying. Ashwin asks her to stop it. He requests media reporters to go.

Tanvi argues with Ashwin. She says Ashwin was my would be husband but did not become my husband, did anyone not pity me when Ashwin left me in mandap and went to marry someone else. She argues with Aru’s mum and says I was also crying like Aru, this is beginning of Aru’s troubles.

Aarav and Padma attend an auction. She says many people have come here. He says I will make a seven star hotel on this land, people will know Lucknow by my hotel. The man announces the initial bidding price of 20 crores. Aarav bids high than others. Padma looks on. She worries and asks Aarav to leave this land, there is no treasure here. Aarav reaches high big of 55 crores. He waits to win the bid, and gets shocked seeing a man bidding for 70 crores. Aarav loses the land and gets angry. The smiles seeing Aarav.

Padma says its fine, we will buy two lands in this rate. Aarav thinks its first time I lost a land. Aarav hears people saying about Kailash buying the land. Aarav comes home and sees Kailash. Aarav confronts Kailash and asks why did you do this, I was getting land for low rate. Kailash says I did not wish you to get that land for seven star hotel. Aarav asks what will you do of that land. Kailash says I will gift it to Arundhati, she can open a school for handicapped children, she is my bahu. Aarav says I did not marry her. Kailash says we did not say yes for Aru as she was your choice, we said yes as she was our choice, we did not take any wrong decision, like Parul and I are keeping our relation, you can’t marry any other girl, no girl can come as our bahu.

Aarav says your wife is saying this, not you, where did you your traditions go when you got Parul for yourself. Kailash calls him and asks him to stay in limits, even if you hate me, there is no need to punish Aru. Aarav says its not about you, I took revenge from that girl. They all get shocked. Aarav says she is herself responsible for her destruction.

Aru cries seeing her bridal wear. Aarav shows divorce agreement and asks Parul to sign on it if she wants him to marry Aru.

Update Credit to: Amena

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